Reasons your ex won’t talk to you?

Reasons your ex won’t talk to you can vary. How long has it been since both of you came to the decision not to be together anymore? When was the last time you’ve reached out to him or her? Why is it you feel the need to reach out now? What is the reason why you’re trying to get a hold of him or her? Is it cause you’re missing him/her?

There are some questions you need to answer first to help figure out what to do. You’ll need to identify the intention or the reason why you want to make contact again with him/her & there are different factors that can affect that and these factors will also result in explanations why he/she probably isn’t responding to any of your messages and that can be also reasons your ex won’t talk to you?

So, to answer the questions:

You contact him or her out of habit.

When you’ve been regularly sending him a message or calling him as part of your routine for the day, that probably make him/her feel annoyed, it doesn’t help to do this after the break up cause you’ll both be needing space and time. If you have him or her on daily updates of your life because you got used to it, he will not see any point of responding, you might as well be expecting you’ve been blocked on his or her phone already as reasons your ex won’t talk to you.

Bombing his phone with messages and calls.

You just don’t know when to stop bombing and spamming his or her phone with messages or calls. This makes them really get annoyed and insulted that you don’t provide enough space or time for thinking clearly. Aside from that, it’s just plain annoying and gives you lesser chances to ever talk with them again. I recommend avoiding this at all costs cause it’ll definitely make you look like a fool or desperate looking for reasons your ex won’t talk to you.

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Your ex is mad at you.

Probably it is because you did something wrong in the relationship? Did you cheat? Did you create a very big problem that made him/her get mad at you? If so, this is one of the biggest factors they’re not responding because they’re done with you and do not have anything to say to you anymore. If they do have the right to get mad at what you did, please give respect about what they’re feeling because it might be better for you to accept your wrongdoings then learn from them too.

Needing some time and space.

Your ex got sick or full of the relationship. He/she needs time to think about how things have been and to carefully meditate on what process to do next to be able to heal and have his or her inner peace again. He/she needs space to be able to breathe amidst all chaos the two of you has been experiencing and just needs to have more time and space for himself or herself. If this is the case, it would be nice to let them take their time and have it their way for now. Let him/her be. Maybe after he/she has relaxed and calmed down, he/she might talk to you and realize some things. It’s better to support them while they are at this phase instead thinking of reasons your ex won’t talk to you.

Executing the no communication rule.

In trying to move on, you must apply the no contact rule because maintaining communication with somebody you’re trying to forget is pointless. He/she  is trying to delete you off his or her mind, trying to forget everything about you & is in the process of moving on. 

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You may have been blocked in all forms of contact.

Your ex is not responding to any of your calls or messages because he or she has actually already blocked any form of communication from different applications or messaging platforms. He/she can’t respond to any calls & texts you sent cause he/she was not even able to read it on the first place.

Is he or she guilty? 

If he or she has done stuff that probably has caused both to end, then he/she probably is guilty. No replies to your messages or answering your calls might trigger his or her guilt more and he/she might believe that you’re actually better off without him/her in your life as reasons your ex won’t talk to you.

They don’t see the need to.

In their perspective, they do not feel the need to reply or reach out to your cause for them, you have no value. He/she might consider it’s a waste of time to try & prolong the talk or have something cleared for no purpose. If he or she does not have the intention of going back with each other, he or she won’t even bother, right? Also, this can mean that he/she probably didn’t love or cared and that's reasons your ex won’t talk to you.

When he/she isn’t replying, you can send him messages that can maybe spark up some of his curiosity like you’re texting him that you’re confessing stuff. Anything that can spike up interest than making him or her response is actually okay and any form of response from him/her can already be a good sign that you got his/her attention.

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If he/she really needs time & space to think, please comply with his or her wishes at the moment. Sometimes, there might be nothing you can do but to wait for him/her to be the one who’ll reach out to you then when they do, it means that they’re ready to, they’ll have a clearer mind & judgment. Be patient and be strong. Instead of consistently trying or worrying about reasons your ex won’t talk to you.

Also, you should learn to recognize and avoid toxic relationships. You can read more about it here.

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