Telling if a guy actually likes you

It can be very confusing when you’re not sure whether a guy likes you or not.  Especially if you like him, and you want him to be interested in you too.  You want to make sure about his feelings, because you don’t want to make a fool of yourself.  You also don’t want to waste your time or thoughts on someone who isn’t genuinely interested.

Men are generally not good at expressing their feelings.  They might be hiding the fact that they are interested.  This might be due to the fear of rejection, or a lack of experience, or maybe you are throwing him off balance and he simply can’t think straight.

Men can also play hard to get when they’re hiding the fact that they like you.  Or they can lack self-confidence at times.  Maybe his previous relationship didn’t end well, and his ego got a knock.

Another option is that he wants to make you jealous, and now he’s sending mixed signals.

As you can see it is difficult to know exactly what is going on in a man’s heart, but here are some sure signs he might be interested in you:

  • Look at his body language.  He will try to come closer to you physically.  Or he will be turned towards you.  Look at his feet, is it pointing in your direction when he is talking to you?  When a guy is turning his body in your direction you when talking to you it might be a sign that he’s interested.  Even when he is across the room, but his body is turned towards you, it might be a sign of interest.

On the other side, if his back is turning towards you it might be a sign that he’s not interested.  Or if his arms are folded over his chest when talking to you, it’s not a good sign.  Move on quickly!    

  • He doesn’t talk too much about other women.  He will also try to make sure you know that he is single and available.  Then again, some men might want to make you jealous or see how you react.  So you have to keep an open mind.  He might be hiding his true feelings.
  • He will definitely show at least some interest in you.  He will ask open-ended questions in order to keep the conversation going.

A guy who is only answering “yes” or “no” back, isn’t interested.

  • He might get quiet as soon as you talk to (or about) other guys; and he will be offended if you give another guy too much attention in front of him.  Be aware; if you like a guy, don’t talk about how great another one is.  This can damage a man’s ego.
  • The guy who is interested in you will look into your eyes a bit longer.  Or maybe smile when he’s looking into your eyes.  Pay attention to the way he’s looking at you.  Sometimes you can feel something magical, and then you know this is a sure sign he’s into you.

If he never looks at you, it’s probably best to move on.

  • He will try to look good and big in front of you.  He’ll either adjust his hair or he will try to look bigger: Maybe by stretching himself out long or straightening his back and neck.  Think of the animal kingdom: A male peacock or any other male animal will look so puffed up in order to get the attention of the lady he’s interested in.  Most animals will also make a loud sound in order to attract the opposite sex.  The male wants to make 100% sure that the female takes notice of him.   
  • If he’s interested, he won’t turn you down.  If you’ve ever asked him for something, he will try his best to do it.  He will try to be there for you – even if he had other plans he will cancel them in order to be there for you.  This is what true love looks like.

There can off course be exceptions for very important reasons, but then the guy will make up for it afterwards.

If a guy disappointed (or dumped) you before, don’t even think of him for one second longer.  Get over it.  You deserve more.  There is no question about it.

  • The man who likes you will try to make you happy and satisfied.  His ego depends on it.  Men fear being a disappointment for their girl.
  • He will also try to make you laugh.  Teasing can be a sure sign that he’s interested but hiding it.  Even if it isn’t a funny person, he will try saying things that make you (at least) smile.
  • He will remember small detail of a previous conversation you’ve had.  So if a guy remembers something you told him in the past it is a sure sign that he is giving attention. 

Hopefully you’ve now identified some definite signs that he likes you.  And your hopes are rising, because you really like him a lot. 

What should you do? 

Remember that this is powerful information that you should be using for your own advantage. 

If you want to get closer to this guy then take the following advice:

  • Don’t throw yourself at him.  Make him work for you!  That’s what makes men fall even harder for you.  Men attach more value to something he has to work hard for.
  • Be open and honest with him.  Enjoy the conversation.  But keep it light.  Be yourself!  Don’t try too hard to impress him.
  • Follow you gut-feeling.  Women have a sixth sense.  If it feels right, and you have complete peace and serenity, it is right and good and probably meant to be.

Having read this article you don’t have to feel frustrated any longer.  You don’t have to guess whether he likes you, or not.  You will identify these signs in the future, and know that a guy may simply be hiding the fact that he actually likes you.

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