Am I Texting Her Too Much?

5 Common Mistakes and What to do if you have been Overtexting

Am i texting her too much can be something your start to ask yourself in one moment. Every girl dreams of finding a Nice Guy, however, with texting, being overly nice is often off-putting. Making this mistake can mean you get left out in the cold. To avoid this and other typical texting issues, continue reading and find out how you can successfully win a girl’s affection.

The term, “Nice guys finish last”, doesn’t really apply to legitimate Nice Guys. Girls have a reputation for ignoring the “Nice Guy”. However, a truly kind and respectful man who knows how to “play the game” is always going to be successful. 

Although it sounds counter-intuitive, being too nice in your texts could be just the thing that’s letting you down with the ladies. Reading about the following typical mistakes can help you to avoid this issue in future.

1. Giving compliments

Girls enjoy receiving compliments; however, they also need to feel any praise is genuine. Giving too many compliments can make women feel uneasy. If you want to give her a compliment, aim to be specific. Was there something about her laugh, or her smile that made you want to compliment her? Say so. But you should avoid saying things like “Hi sexy” when you only just met someone. They may think you’ve forgotten their name or you’re a player, both of which you should avoid if you want to come over as a Nice Guy.

2. Avoid acting too cool

Some people make the mistake of trying to play it too cool and come across as disinterested in their texts. Taking 3 days to reply to a text is not going to get a girl’s attention. Girls get this sort of treatment from mean guys, so you have to avoid being placed in this camp.

Avoid this common mistake by letting her know you’re into her and avoid going too far. Always be polite and reply to her texts.

3. Avoid being too eager

Avoid being too eager when answering her texts. Getting back to her right away will make it obvious you’re interested but it could make you seem like you are waiting by the phone for her message. Girls find this unattractive in a man

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To avoid this issue, wait a while after receiving a text. Finish what you are doing first. This will allow the anticipation of your reply to build, and it also gives you the chance to think about what you are going to say. Avoid pushing things too far, as no one likes a next-day-texter.

4. Avoid texting yourself into her “Friend zone”

It’s true that all good relationships are built on friendship; however, being too friendly right at the beginning of a relationship can spoil the romance. This can mean you get designated to the “Friend zone”. In order to avoid this issue, ask yourself if you would send your text to a girl FRIEND. If the answer is yes, consider spicing it up a bit. 

5. Avoid bending over backwards to accommodate her

So, you text her to find out if she’s free at the weekend, but she already has plans. A typical response would be to ask if she’s free on Monday. It’s great that you seem into her, but it can come across as needy. Avoid this mistake by letting her offer an alternative. If you need to rearrange your schedule to fit her in, don’t let her know this. You don’t want her to think you are too easily manipulated. 

What to do if you have been texting her too much

If you had built a good rapport through texting, but she has gone quiet, you may have been overdoing it. 

Continue reading to find out:

  • The signs you are overtexting
  • How to avoid overdoing it
  • What to do if she no longer replies
  • How to get her to go out on a date 
  • What to do next if you suspect you have been sending too many messages

Signs you are sending too many texts

The first series of texts you send to a potential romantic partner decide the future of the relationship. It’s all about timing and understanding her texting habits. If you text her too little, she may feel you’re not into her. If you send too many, you can seem too needy. When you get it just right, the magic starts to happen. 

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The best way to start is by covering what not to do first…

Am I sending too many texts?

Chasing a girl too hard is not going to enable you to go on a date with her.  Here are 6 signs that your texting is getting out of hand. 

  • 1.  She starts giving you very short and uninteresting responses
  • 2.  She replies in one word
  • 3.  She fails to reply for a day or more
  • 4. She stops answering you altogether
  • 5. The emojis suddenly stop
  • 6.  WhatsApp blue ticks are now grey

More about how you can avoid doing the damage in the first place follows…

Am i texting her too much?

Just to clarify, this is not an exact science, and while 7 texts in 3 hours may be too much, the definition of texting too much is no clearer than texting a potential mate until they lose interest. Texting too much depends on the context. The context is split up into 4 as follows

  • 1. What is your relationship with this girl?
  • 2. How does she usually respond?
  • 3. When does she expect an answer from you?
  • 4. What is your mindset while sending her a message?

1. What is your relationship with this girl?

There is a huge difference between a potential girlfriend and a match. A girlfriend and boyfriend will reply to each other’s texts on a daily basis. A match will feel no pressure to reply.

2. How does she usually respond?

When you text a girl, you have to work out what’s’ normal for her. How does she like to reply? Look for changes in her texting behaviour to find out if you’ve been overdoing it.

3. When does she expect an answer from you?

In an ideal world, you have to try to find out what kind of timing she likes and work with it. Texting faster or more slowly than she likes can lower your chances of getting a date. Try to work with her expectations when you send her a text.

4. What is your mindset while sending her a message? 

The ideal mindset to have when you send her a text is to desire raising her emotions. Aim to make her laugh, feel special, or tantalize her. Avoid being needy as this turns girls cold. 

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How to send the best texts

You can make a girl look forward to your texts by using the following method. 

1. Tease her

Women like a bit of banter in their text messages, so consider teasing her. You can literally tease her about anything. However, it needs to be pointed out that teasing is not bullying.

2. Show her you understand

Now and again she may take a joke the wrong way. If she does take offense this is no problem, just show her that you understand. Women hate to be insulted, and they hate it even more when you don’t understand what you did wrong. 

3.  Sexualizing

If you let it happen naturally, sexualizing can help you to get laid from a text. Avoid being too pushy as this is only going to push her away. But if you’re too careful you could buy yourself a ticket to the friendzone. Let her know you mean sex but don’t let it get creepy.

 4. Take the lead

Girls enjoy it when the man leads the conversation. Use your texts to lead her in the direction you want with the conversation. Want more fun? Tell her a joke. If you want more flirty chat, flirt with her. 

What to do if You Have Been Texting a Girl too Much

Here’s how to recover if you have been texting a girl too much and increase your chances of getting a date with her. You need to work on some texts which serve as a lure to elicit a reply from her. Once you see the life draining from the conversation, bring things alive again by using a lure text

There is a method you can use in order to win back her affections. This method involves actually talking less instead of more. For example, if she sends you an 18 word text, only send 12 words back and so on. Apply this method for the topics she introduces. Simply ignore a third of everything she texts you and reply to the rest. Consider replying by leaving on a cliff-hanger and take longer than usual to reply.

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