Why does my ex keep contacting me when he dumped me?

Why does my ex keep contacting me when he dumped me?

Girls have different approaches to this situation and it can differ for so many reasons. Being dumped can be depressing to somebody, maybe made an impact on yourself.

You wouldn’t have noticed that effect of getting dumped directly but oftentimes, there’s a certain change in the personality that slowly starts getting identified. There are other girls who tend to have a lower self-confidence now or being too self-conscious of the things she does cause it might get her dumped again. Also, the trauma of being rejected and not being enough with someone. 

Now, even when you’re trying to move on or have moved on, you now start receiving messages from your ex who dumped you. What does he need? There are so many answers to that and we’re discussing most of them about why does my ex keep contacting me when he dumped me?

Girl, he wants you back

When he’s trying to communicate with you in a sweet way, trying to relive those sweet memories, sweet old days, then he definitely needs you back then is ready to try again. He’s reaching you again cause he’s doing an effort to win you back and ask for another chance.

Or maybe texting you is just a habit?

Now that’s another story. If he’s so used to talking to you constantly, he probably is reaching out in a form of habit and isn’t something you should make a big fuss about. Take it as his/her adjustment period and maybe in a few days or around 2 weeks, he will not contact already.

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He can’t move on – why does my ex keep contacting me when he dumped me?

You’re too lovable and special to let go girl! Maybe he hasn’t really moved on yet and has not gotten over you. If you need him to get back with you, reciprocate his intentions but if you don’t like to already, help by ignoring his calls and help him/her get over you.

Some things he/she needs to talk about?

When a relationship’s over, questions in your head pops out and you can’t help but really ask him or her regarding it. This is what’s happening with him/her right now. Maybe there are things he/she needs to clarify or ask before he/she lets go. 

He needs closure, how about you?

In a mature discussion, when he is trying to talk and clear stuff out, he needs closure and that’s perfectly normal for every relationship. It should actually be done for helping each person grow individually as a better person. When you have closure, you talk about things open-mindedly. You’re willing to accept your mistakes and so does your ex. You’re both ready to talk about what really went wrong during the moments you were still together, what were the problems and if both are okay and have come with a mutual decision. The closure's about explaining each other and talking about their differences maturely. It’s actually a helpful thing to learn from your mistakes and stop asking yourself why does my ex keep contacting me when he dumped me?

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He’s just checking on you.

He actually doesn’t have any other intention but just to check in how you’re doing. He doesn’t need you back or anything, he genuinely cares on how things are at your end. This is a usual case when you have other problems in your life aside from breaking up with him like family problems or other things. When he genuinely cares, he’ll ask how you’re doing and will try to offer help.

Lol, he’s playing you.

You’re probably a booty call he thinks he can take easily. When he/she’s keeping you so that you’ll still be under his/her spell or he needs you to hold onto him and be his safety net when he doesn’t have someone to spend the night with or he’s bored and doesn’t have anyone to talk especially when he feels so lonely. Don’t fall for these tricks cause you will end up crying in your room all alone and repeat asking your self why does my ex keep contacting me when he dumped me?

Have another person in your life huh?

He/she’s got another lover and he/she’s in a relationship with him/her but suddenly hits you up because his/her relationship is chaotic at the moment or suddenly compared your past relationship and a new relationship with the other person. He/she’d probably tell you that you were better and regrets leaving you and things like that.

Or ex saw you holding your latest man then wants to annoyingly include himself/herself in your new relationship. There are also some cases who realize they made a mistake when they see you with someone else.

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But why does my ex keep contacting me when he dumped me? Does he miss you?

He misses you and misses being a couple. Maybe he saw a photo of you that day and suddenly can’t get his mind off you. There are things like that that can create a trigger that makes him miss you all of a sudden. Next thing he knows, he’s already dialing your number and trying to reach you. It might be a feeling for a day then the next day he’s okay again. Or that feeling grows and grows until he’s falling in love again.

He wants to be friends.

When you’ve spent so many memories with him or if you’ve gone through a lot together, there are those who want you and him to be friends which is an okay thing cause you both shared moments of your lives together and gone through it as a team so there’s a connection that binds both. Friendship is made and it’s one of the parts which sucks in a break up cause you to lose a friend too. It’s actually okay if you both mutually decided in breaking up and need the friendship you’ve had before. So it's enough wondering Why does my ex keep contacting me when he dumped me?

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