I miss my girlfriend

I miss my girlfriend shows the amount of her importance in one's life. You feel incomplete.

I miss my girlfriend state

Missing a person is a natural feeling which arises when an individual very near and dear to your heart is not with you.

The circumstances can worsen if two are in a long-distance relationship. Certain convictions might upset or disturb you. Humans often overthink a lot, end up fighting with their partner without any actual root cause of that. So here are some tips which might help one to cope up along this kind of affairs

Express one's feelings to her

Sharing your feelings through texts seems very obvious but it is really very good choice. Write something which gives a beautiful smile on her face and she feels lucky to have a partner like you. A text like ‘ I miss those moments when you stayed in my arms and I never wanted you to leave.

‘ OR ‘ The most terrible thing is when I try to stop missing you I end up missing you more.' A cute simple text can make you feel better and make her feel special. Moreover sometimes continuous texting might irritate one's partner. Another options follows….

Keep your mind busy to not miss girlfriend

When one misses a person terribly, it becomes extremely difficult to divert one's mind somewhere else. There are a number of tricks to keep yourself busy which will actually give no or less time to miss one's girl.

Enrolling into gym could be one way. Exercising actually helps to release energy when you are missing your girlfriend. A sudden anderline rush due to gym will clearly divert your brain from anything else up in your mind.

If somehow one is sure that you won't be able to enrol in gym, maybe due to shortage of time, there is another way. One can go for reading one's girlfriend's favourite book. At time one misses one's girl and wanna spend sometime, alone take her favourite book and read it.

It will give one her essence and one will feel she is sitting beside. If one is not sure about reading a book or your partner is not into reading, one can spend your time by going through photos of both of two.

Just remembers the pleasing and funny incidents which took place when you both were hanging out together.

Just write out what you feel, but don't write i miss my girlfriend

Many times writing out what one feels can relax thier mind. Journalising is one of the most effective way to get out all negative thoughts revolving in their head.

Sometimes one goes through a period of depression but do not want to share with your partner just because you don't like that your girl should feel guilty for being away. So best alternative is to write it down.

Hangout with other friends

Going out with friends is a great way to release all stress, worries and loneliness. It's not always good to stay all alone if you miss your girlfriend. Enjoying to your fullest with friends can be a perfect way to distract your thoughts.

Call some close friends at your place, plan a perfect night out and end up with jolly feeling for hours. Try making new friends, changing your daily routine can help you out.

Calling your friends at your place automatically means you have to cleanup your place. As it is scientifically proven if one is not getting any great vibes just do some cleaning, it gives a refreshing feeling.

Calls, but don't tell others i miss my girlfriend

Being in a long distance doesn't mean you both cannot communicate on regular basis. You just need to keep track of time which is suitable to both of you.

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Make regular calls or go for video calling alteast once a week. Asking her about her day and telling about yours can create a stronger bond. One may miss their girl after calling her but it can release a lot tensions which could otherwise bother you.

Not being close to your partner can develop certain misunderstandings. A feeling of insecurity is natural when one is in long distance relationship. Best way is not to overthink and be open with their partner.

One might see some pictures which disturbs you. Just try not to get jealous, your partner has full right to enjoy their life including you yourself too. Just have faith in your bond and if something is disturbing you be clear about it. It reduces the chances of misunderstandings.

Constant messaging and interruptions can make her uncomfortable which may result into disturbance in your relationship. Try to keep all negative thoughts away. If you're facing trouble dealing with overthinking try meditating. Join a yoga class or meditation classes.

Or just Netflix and chill

You do not feel like going out nor is in mood to write down and your girl is busy but you are in feeling i miss my girlfriend. You can pick up one of your favourite movie or web series and enjoy it.

Just try not choosing movie with some emotional content because it might result in increasing that missing feeling. Spending your sometime to relax down your hormones by watching your favourite content can be of great help.

Surprise visits

When you get a long weekend, try planning surprise visit at your girlfriend's place. Feeling her might help you overcome all the loneliness and sadness. Moreover she would feel special and lucky to have you as her man. Being together, cuddling might give one a great feeling.

Spend sometime with yourself

No one understands you better than you yourself. When you are in mood i miss my girlfriend that can bring sorrow. Try to have a nice talk with your own soul. Cry if it is necessary to.

There is nothing wrong in that. Let all the negative vibes drain out by path of your eyes and help you feel much better and relaxed. Staying in one's own shell and thinking about great memories one had with their partner can result to broken heartedness but try not to repress it, let it flow out.

You have a life to enjoy

Missing one's girlfriend leaves one with pity feeling.A large gap between places or your girl leaving you for another person, concentrate on positive side of that. Instead of sobbing for hours and drowning into sadness just try to live your life and enjoy it.

Just focus on the amount of efforts put by your girl in motivating and supporting you in all situations. Try to accept and try adjust to new environments. Write messages, show your love but learn to take care ans love yourself first.

Bonus tips

Also, be sure to recognise on time signs of a cheating wife, if you are in marriage.

And remember, double texting can also be a big trouble!

But now lets talk about it more:

I Miss My Ex-Girlfriend

Did you know that the brain reacts the same way to the loss of a person you care about as it does to withdrawal from a drug?

It’s no shock, then, that when you think about your ex, you might feel something akin to physical pain. No matter how experienced you are with dating, breakups aren’t an easy thing to go through.

Look at you! You’re still saying I miss my girlfriend as if it isn’t over. You’ve barely let reality hit.

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Well, it’s no rush, friend. If you want to say I miss my girlfriend, you do that. It may be time to admit, however, that you miss your EX-girlfriend.

I Miss my Girlfriend – What does that Mean to You?

Sure, you miss her, but what exactly do you miss?

Generally, after a breakup, we miss the companionship, the affection, the certainty that we had a partner in life. These things are different from actually missing the person you were with.

I miss my girlfriend, you say, but why? Do you miss the way she went about her day, her thoughts, her impact on your life, or do you miss the benefits of being with another person – that good ol’ dopamine rush!

Before we go about considering how to overcome your heartbreak, we need a clear idea of whether you miss her, or whether you just miss being in a relationship.

If you miss her as an individual, you have two options – you either get her back or, if that’s not possible, you get some closure and move on. We’ll deal with how to go about this later on.

If, however, you just miss being in a relationship and it doesn’t really matter if it was with her or anyone else, I’d say your only shot is to get over it. You don’t want to drag her back and waste her time if it isn’t HER you ache for, but a vague missing presence in your life that could probably be filled with a hobby or chocolate. Bear with me, though, I’ll help you out with this one too.

I Miss My Girlfriend … Seriously, I miss HER

First, we’ll look at what to do when you miss your ex because of, ya know, who she actually is.

Like, I said, if you really miss her and want her back, there are ways to do this. I think you’ll find that most writers in this niche, however, tend to give advice that is really just manipulation tactics to make her doubt her choice to end things. You might hear about the ‘no contact’ technique where you refuse to reach out, posting on social media to show off how much better you are without her. Blegh.

Listen to me and listen well: if you really care about a person, manipulation tactics are the exact opposite of a good idea.

If you want to win back her affections, the starting point is asking yourself why the relationship didn’t work out in the first place.

If you did something wrong, the only acceptable apology is changed behaviour. You would need to show that you’ve taken responsibility for your mistakes. This may require going to therapy, figuring yourself out, and exhibiting that you have taken your own personal growth seriously.

I miss my girlfriend – but what are you doing to be the man she deserves?

Maybe it was no one’s fault that things didn’t work out. Maybe you two are just different people, seeking different things in life. It’s hard, but sometimes there’s no way around this. If getting back together means that you would have to compromise on things that really matter to you, trust me -it’s not worth it. Your ex may be great but there’s someone out there who wants the same things as you do, and if your ex isn’t that person it might be time to move on.

If you’re hurting, don’t be afraid to reach out to her. Ask if there’s any way to seek closure in a polite and mature way. Don’t be manipulative and don’t make her responsible for your feelings, but she’s a person too, and if things didn’t work out because of something out of both of your control, she could probably use a final goodbye too, to allow you both you go your separate ways on good terms.

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 I Miss my Girlfriend… Well, I miss HAVING a girlfriend…. That counts, right?


There’s a difference between missing a person and just missing being someone’s boyfriend or partner. I get it, relationships are nice, they are good for the ego, but if you want a relationship and don’t much care about who is in it with you, it’s probably time to work on yourself and leave your ex out of it.

You need to ask yourself what is missing in your life that you are trying to fill with relationships. It’s probably companionship or a means of fulfilling your self-esteem. Instead of dragging your ex back into that, consider these alternatives:

Keep your mind busy with other things:

Take on a hobby; go to the gym, read a book. Whatever you like doing, do it.

If you keep yourself occupied with tasks you enjoy doing, you’ll slowly start to become content in your own company. No longer will you feel like you need a relationship to be fulfilled, but you can seek fulfilment from other things.

Ask yourself: ‘Do I miss my girlfriend, or do I just miss having things to do?’ And be honest with your answer!

Try journaling… But try to avoid writing about how much I miss my girlfriend

It might be cathartic to get your thoughts out by writing them down, and a task like this may even give you some needed perspective!

When you start writing down how you feel, it might become more clear to you that your feelings of longing have very little to do with your ex and a lot more to do with you.

Instead of writing I miss my girlfriend, write down the activities you miss doing with your ex and consider whether they can be done on your own or with friends.

Lean on Friends

If you have a good friend group or even one or two good pals, spend some time with them!

You may realize that you can get the same amount of companionship, compassion, and even love from your platonic friendships and that relationships aren’t necessary if this is all you want.

Hanging out with friends will also keep you distracted from your recent breakup and remind you that you have a life outside of your romantic pursuits.

Spend Time Alone

As human beings, we are social animals, and we tend to avoid being alone. However, becoming comfortable in your own company is very important.

If you stop relying on others to make you feel okay, your next relationship will be based on the things that really matter.

Feel your feelings, have a cry if you need to.

Ask yourself: ‘Do I miss my girlfriend, or do I miss a version of myself that I haven’t seen in a while?’

Try to enjoy your life

Whether you are in a relationship or not, life is worth it. You need to learn to live for yourself, and not for others.

Love yourself as you would like to be loved, take yourself on dates.

Once you learn to love life when you’re single, relationships will be a great addition to life instead of a basis for it. Your partner should be a teammate, a party buddy, a friend. They should never be the reason that you get up in the morning – that has to be all you, pal!

So keep going. Pursue things, and don’t let the thought of being in a relationship distract you. Get on with your life and love will come when it’s time.


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