What to do when a guy cancels a date by text?

What to do when a guy cancels a date by text?

When a guy cancels a date by text what to do? When a girl gets ready for a date, it takes time to prepare, effort and money. It’s not cheap to get waxed, get the nails done, get a new dress or buy some new make-up. So when a guy decides to cancel, every girl will surely understand the pain it feels. It’s like all your efforts are thrown in the trash. You spent all those time, effort and money only getting ditched and it just makes you mad, I get it.

Facing this situation sometimes leaves you confused about what to do or what to say cause all the emotions of being confused and angry are clouding up your judgment. S,o when a guy cancels a date by text, here are a few things that can help you react and assess the state he is in.

The initial thing you need to do when he bails on you is to reply or respond.

When responding or replying, think about what you will respond, this part is going to determine whether you will see him again or not. Being too angry and aggressive will definitely give him the idea that you are not interested in him anymore and you will never see him again. Being too soft and understanding might also give him the idea that you’re easy and if even the relationship progresses, he might take you for granted or abuse your understanding personality cause he saw that in you.

So it’s best to stay in the middle, not too angry and not too soft because you haven’t heard his excuse yet. 

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Hear him out and assess the circumstances when a guy cancels a date by text

Because he bailed on you, you actually have the right to know why he bailed. Don’t be shy and ask for the reason why you placed all those efforts you made to the trash. Then, hear what he has to say. Listen to his reason or excuse and carefully assess the condition he is in.

He might have a sudden business meeting to go to, a family event he had to be in or any other emergency reasons. If his reasons are acceptable, try to understand his side too and adjust. Let him feel like you’re a person who listens to reason. 

Here are some good sentences you can send when a guy cancels a date by text:

  • “It’s okay, we can reschedule soon.”
  • “I understand, don’t worry, we can have it next week.”
  • “Don’t worry, we’ll go out if we are both free soon.” 

If his reason sounds like excuses, don’t be afraid to show him you’re mad. Let him know you’re upset with what he did and that it’s not fine when a guy bails on a date by text. Here are some sassy replies you can send to the jerk when a guy cancels a date by text:

  • “Okay, please don’t bother texting me any more.”
  • “If only I knew you’ll text to bail this date, I should have gone out with my friends instead.”
  • “Don’t ask me out ever again.”
  • “Please don’t bother me next time.”

You can then erase his phone digits and block him on social media and on your phone too. It depends on how much a jerk he is. 

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Essential to remember when rescheduling when a guy cancels a date by text

What is an essential thing to keep in mind when rescheduling? Do not make him think that you are free and available 24/7. No, do not give him that impression. So if he gives a date for the next date, do not directly agree to it. You can tell him that you need to check your calendar or schedule or you can also say no and ask if you can do it on the following week instead. Just avoid directly replying yes and agreeing to it. You also have things to do with your life and making him a center of it is not a good practice.

What when a guy cancels a date by text on the next date?

Now is the time to consider not giving him a second chance because that’s just rude now. Because ditching on the second date gives the impression that he actually is not interested in keeping you and does not care what you will about his actions. This is a red flag and you should realize it, this kind of action is not good to start a new relationship with. It would be a good time to accept that you guys aren’t going to date anytime in the future. You are not his priority and you need to accept that.

Did he ditch me? Have a day/night to yourself!

Do not put the night to waste! Go out and wear what you were supposed to wear, do not let the time and effort go to waste. If he bails on you, change your perception of the situation. Think of it as a “Treat Yourself Day” cause you to deserve some pampering instead of thinking down when a guy cancels a date by text

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Call the girls, get out, go dancing or go bowling, whatever the type of girl you are, just go out and do something fun. Do not allow you to just stay in bed cause you’ll end up sulking and crying over some old films. If you want to spend the night alone, go out, have a cup of good coffee, go to a restaurant you always wanted to taste, get some ice cream, go shopping, go watch the latest movie that’s out in cinemas, get anything you won't cause you have the day/night all for you and no one is going to stop you.


Have fun and don’t hinder yourself from experiencing what life has to offer over some guy who did not think of you as a priority, you are way better than that. Explore places you were not able to visit in your city or maybe near where you live, grab a slice of cake or take a walk in the park. Allow yourself to be happy and take those negative vibes away. Girl, do you and give time to yourself too.

So, with all been said about when a guy cancels a date by text, I strongly recommend you read an article about recognizing toxic relationships here.

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