What to do when a guy breaks up with you over text?

When a guy breaks up with you over text what to do? In today’s age, people nowadays easily break up with someone by simply sending out a text and that’s not a good practice. Breaking up over a text message will feel like a slap in the face to the individual who is receiving the break up.

Why is ending a relationship worse when it’s done by text?

If you think about it, texting is the least form of communication compared to video calls or audio calls and telling her it is over is very bad news and they are both combined in one, now that’s just a bummer. When you’re texting him, it’s hard to tell the other end what are the things you want to voice out since there is already a gap in the communication between both parties and this is not a nice thing cause ending a relationship over text does not provide clarity and a peace of mind.

Did you notice how it is easier to understand an explanation when it is said face to face? That is how a good breakup should be, when the other person carefully explains his side to you. Also when you can talk about it in a mature conversation.

But ending a relationship over text? Now that’s childish, immature and selfish. It leaves the other person hanging and left there to carefully fix and figure out the puzzle you are laying down on her. A guy who puts an end in the intimacy over text is an asshole cause he selfishly thinks it is easier for him to do it then disregarding the fact that this is like a bomb dropped on you.

The gift in a different wrapping paper.

A guy who broke up through a text message is a gift in a different wrapping paper or simply coined as, the blessing in disguise. Why? Because with the action that he did, it simply and directly lay out that he’s not worth stressing about. If he really did invest himself in the love, the decent thing to do is to have a conversation with you on a video call if you’re far from each other or if you live close, go up to your house or meet somewhere to talk.

So when he leaves you over a text message, don’t worry, it’s a good thing because you were able to set yourself free over someone who did not put as much investment in the relationship as you did. You don’t need to go out with someone who values you poorly and sees your connection as little as a text message.

Check why he ended things.

When he did something as big as breaking up over a text, give some time to back read and check why it came to this. Maybe things got really heated up in the argument that he wanted to end your connection as an impulse outburst of anger. Check his reasons and the build-up of the heat why it lead to him ending it.

There are break-ups that end cause he was just really mad and it was an outburst of emotions. It might not a good action but maybe he just got full of everything and burst out, he’s human too, just like you.

Change your perspective too, swallow your pride because as human as we are, we let our what you said. Take a breather and relax. Reread and change your perspective. Put yourself in his shoes and try to think about the side he’s in, understand how he feels. Maybe you’re being too dramatic too or being too irrational, maybe you insulted him too much or maybe you said some offensive things that might have pushed him to stop the love. Just take time and try to go over everything, then assess the situation you’re in.

Give each other some time and space.

When he ends the bond between the both of you, as difficult as it can be, give him some space and time to clear his mind. Give yourself those things too cause you both need it.

A heated argument or a cold shoulder over the past days or weeks can mean something that often results to a breakup. Give the both of you time, give a thought about different aspects in the connection, weigh things out, look into pros and cons of the love. Give the both of you some time to think and use this time to check on yourself too, look at how you see the togetherness, figure out what are the things you did wrong too, check on the things that you’ve both overlooked in the company of each other.

Space is also needed cause when a guy or a gal makes a decision of breaking up, that can sometimes mean they got sick of the person. Think of it as only smelling pasta and eating pasta when you think of food, you sometimes get full of it and would want to have a break from it too, right? The same goes in love. You’d need to give some space for the both of you to breathe. Give yourself a break.

What if he really is a jerk?

Leave! He is not worth it! If he took you for granted and saw you in a little way, lose him and allow yourself to be happy. Let go of the negativity and toxic guy! You can also block out his mobile number and block him in your Instagram, Facebook and all other ways of communicating so you can avoid hearing from him. Aside from this, blocking him off will also help you to not be able to reach out to him or contact him.

Do not chase someone who is not worth it and do not go after a guy who does not see value in you. You’ve invested a lot in the relationship and you don’t need someone who can easily throw all your efforts out in the window. Don’t go for a guy who ends the relationship over text.

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