When a heart talks – motivation for a lovers

When a heart talks is a phrase as known as motivation speech for the lovers.

But, that is just an award. Before that, you have a long trip. Unfortunately, that trip in many cases is everything but easy. I believe almost all of us are in a relationship or have some experience related to it. And just imagine, how many times you find yourself in a situation that you have to choose between two people you love, or even worst, how many times you question yourself why no one loves you. Or before you start to have a relationship with someone, how many times you want to find some kind of guarantee that this relationship has all warranty and will last longer, or hopefully forever. When a heart talks it's very hard to be smart, experienced or tactical.

So let me try to explain this, trying to remember one old article I read a very long time ago. We will discuss this through 3 different scenarios.

There is no mutual love when a heart talks

When a heart talks and points on someone you start to love, but that person does not love you, many people start to feel desperate. But hey, don't judge yourself, because there is nothing wrong with you. As soon as you understand that you can not choose love, you will understand that love is one big secret no one reveals and no one never will. The only thing you can do is accept it. Many people simply don't want to accept the meaning of love. Love is one beautiful gift, and you can grow love only if you give love back or to someone. In every other case, it will simply die, the same as a small flower without water and sun. When a heart talks there is nothing you can do but more important there is nothing you should do.

In the opposite scenario, if you find yourself in a situation that someone loves you but you don't have feelings for that person, remember what you just read a moment ago. In other words, be thankful because someone's heart talks to you through love, but be very gentle and don't accept or abuse gift you can not return. Don't be evil, don't be so mean, don't hurt someone who loves you, simply don't put someone in pain and agony. Don't make your parents be ashamed of you.

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When a heart talks in two directions

Many people find themself in a situation when a heart talks in two directions. Many of you will think about how difficult this choice must be, to pick the one and not to make the wrong choice.

Yes, I understand. But before you keep being desperate ask yourself two most important questions. Choosing between two different persons is not always easy, even more, when a heart talks in two directions and you are not sure which one is best for you. Fact that you still didn't made your decision simply confirm how complicated a situation like this can actually be. But let me try to make your choice easier.

So what to do?

Ask yourself, when you smile and enjoy, when you shine and feel happy, who of them will enjoy with you the same, share your happiness and truly be happy just because you are happy? The person you pick is the person you love. But here process of choosing does not end. I will explain to you why after my next question. Before the final decision and direction when a heart talks, ask yourself one more question. When you are sad, cry, desperate, or simply feel down, who is the person who has a gift to make yourself feel better, to move on, to fill you inside with warm and happy feelings? In other words, to make you feel better. The person you pick as an answer actually answers on your main question – who to pick.

And it's very easy to understand why. When you are happy, you can share your smile and happiness with anyone. With friends, parents, the bus driver, workers in the store. Because everyone just loves to receive positive things. When a heart talks it always talks in the language of happiness. But when you feel sad, down, desperate you don't want anyone around you, except a person who makes you feel better. And that is the whole secret. If one of the people you need to pick matches this scenario, your choice is very simple looking in the long term.

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Good old lack of trust

Remember this. This part is more important than any paragraph before. When two people start the relation, they both want to hear that powerful promises from each other because they don't have mutual trust. Promises like I will love you until the end of time, I will give you my heart no matter what. I will be here for you even I need to climb over all the mountains in the world. But let's be serious. No one will live until the end of time, no one will walk through all the world, no one will pick all the stars for you. You can not even promise to someone that your love will never change, because you can't control when a heart talks. And that's the whole truth.

Simply, don't make promises you can not fulfill. You simply have to understand the basic rule of any kind of relation. All the things that you say are one thing, but your behavior and things you do is totally another thing. And that's it. Things you do are things that define you, not words you say. Many people do not understand this, and many relations fail on promises what you simply cannot keep.

The truth is – your relationship will end

Yes. Want it or not, every relationship will ends. And that is not tragic breaking news, that is a fact. There were two main reasons why every relationship ends. The first reason is death. The second reason is more complex, but it happens very often. And it happens when a heart talks in a different direction and you simply do not love that person you have a relationship with.

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And this can cause many problems. Let's say this happens to you. Remember you can not do anything. If you love that person you will let her/him go and allow them to be happy somewhere else or with someone else. In the scenario that you are the one who stops to love your partner, and your partner does not let you leave, that means your partner also does not love you but simply has no idea how to move on alone.

So when a heart talks, what you should do?

In previous paragraphs, I hope you realize that love is something you can not plan, predict, calculate or focus in some direction. With all that being said, when a heart talks there are only two possible scenarios. The first one will bring into your life joy and happiness. The second one usually comes with sorrow and bad feelings. No matter what happened, it came from the heart. And you simply can not control that. You can understand it, but you still can not control it. And that makes us grow. To be strong. Stronger. Mature. No matter what you do, just be careful that you don't hurt people around you. And that is the whole secret.

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