What You Need to Know About Dating a 50-Year-Old Man

Dating a 50-Year-Old Man should not be complicated.  There’s always that prospective of a life partner when joining a dating site. This applies to everyone irrespective of race, beliefs, or age. Age, in particular, becomes less relevant by the day. Today, seniors enjoy a longer and better quality life than they could have in previous generations. The common saying “Age is just a number” is now true. The forecasts are looking good too, without the average life expectancy for a man, as of 2020, was 80 years old.

Age can be defined by a person’s attitude and perspective. So, today, a 50-year-old might as well be 40 years old! You can now meet an unlimited number of singles and try all experiences out there. Below, we address all you should know when you date a man that’s 50 years of age.

What it’s like dating a 50-Year-Old man

Before my current relationship with my dating a 50-year-old man, I had dated men within the same age group; long-lasting relationships. Some things that can easily be recognized in men within this age group exhibit Generation X characteristics, with impressive personal qualities. Based on experience, I can tell you that a dating a 50-year-old-man is open to more things than he probably was when he was younger. As you’ll see in later sections, this isn’t always the case. For now, know that he tends to be:

Ready for his time

Men in their 20s through 40s are usually more prone to distractions, attempting to prove themselves. Many of them have young kids they’re raising. A middle-aged man, who may have battled a midlife crisis, is likely to be interested in those things he missed at a younger age. This man is far more likely to prioritize his interests while balancing them with quality together time.

Less concerned about status and career

Every man has decades before hitting 50 to be bothered about these things. By now, he should have his accounting and finances sorted out. He should have or at least be close to paying off his home. So, he’ll have all the time in the world to explore the dating world. His career won’t need so much attention anymore, even if it’s at the highest point it’s ever been.

Close to his family

He has been in a long-term relationship in the past. He might be close to his kids from a previous relationship and even his little grandkids. He’ll hold these connections dear and understand their value while accepting that his kids are responsible for their respective lives.

Thinking about retirement

The time remaining for him to work may be anything from 15 to 20 years. His earnings and savings will now be the determining factors in his later years. He may choose not to opt for a relationship that requires him to change his current location or employment. Financial wisdom is a giant plus; making a budget for attractions and splurging on special occasions.

Slowing down

He’s still able to perform many physical activities and intense intimate adventures, though he may tire out easily. Men around this age usually go for medicals to improve their sex lives. However, they do remain active and interested. Be a source of support and make sure he never forgets that you’re dating him – the entirety of him. There are just as many ways for you both to have a fun sex life at this age. So dating a 50-Year-Old Man should not be trouble at this matter.

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Set in his ways

We’re habitual creatures and we tend to stick to them. As time passes though, we lose the flexibility we once had at a younger age. A 50-year-old can choose to stick to established habits including his grooming process, how he spends his free time, his mealtimes, whether to or not to leave home on weeknights, if it will be conflicting with bedtime, pretty much anything you could think of. Hobbies that may be dying out, such as motorcycle-riding, could also resurface.

Romantic and loyal

If he only just left a long relationship or marriage, he’d have enjoyed the stability and will still covet it. He could still have his previous partners as friends. Maybe he doesn’t want to get married yet, but he’s likely up for a serious relationship and seeks a lover. It could take him some time to adjust and commit but closer to him is one way to speed the process up.

Knows his preferences

He’s old enough to decide whether to go in a relationship with a younger partner, age mate, or someone older. He has his preferred values and traits in a partner to go along with his preferred lifestyle. A man this age knows what he’s looking for.

A more measured approach

He’ll reflect and learn from previous relationships and reflect. If there are kids and grandkids in the beautiful picture, expect that they still do keep in touch. He can always settle down even if he wasn’t planning to. All you need to do is be relaxed and let it all happen naturally.

With age comes wisdom

There are a number of things he must have tried out or done regularly, so he knows what he wants to be actively involved in. He may be on the lookout for a partner with similar interests when in reality, what he truly needs is a person with compatible values and attributes. He might not even realize this.

Men and women face their respective challenges dating middle-aged men. This man feels responsible for little ones and aged parents. It can be quite tasking to be a member of the sandwich generation as trying to help everyone out can be exhausting for anyone. Give him the room and time to show you what characteristics really matter to him. He could be quite reserved; holding back his emotions, but you could both be perfect for each other.

Keep your mind open when dating a 5-year-old man. With his insight and experience, it’ll be loads of fun and such a wonderful experience!

We’ve already established that age is only one of a number of considerable factors in a bid to find yourself a match. It is necessary to iterate that the difference in the number of years spent between two people shouldn’t be a factor at all.

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Below, you see a detailed list of merits and demerits that come with dating an older man, as reported by our experts.

It’s different at 50 from what it is at 20

An older man with a younger woman doesn’t raise as many eyebrows as when the relationship is between an older woman and a younger man. This dynamic does come with its stigma, most especially when the age difference is substantial. Courtney Thornton is a young woman who was strongly criticized in 2016 for having a relationship with a man who’s 25 years older than she is and succesfully dating a 50-Year-Old Man.

This online and offline flak resulted in Courtney starting the #husbandnotdad campaign as support for people in similar positions to be vocal about their respective stories. Three years after this, an Instagram search of #husbandnotdad has results being pictures of couples smiling. Similar results do appear on Twitter, but with some intensely critical comments from users. This ultimately proved Courtney’s point.

Women aged 40 and above who find themselves attracted to an older man are not targeted half as much in the “daddy issues” cry from critics. The co-founder and CMO of the popular dating app, Lumen is Charly Lester. Lumen is designed for people over 50 and Charly had this to say, “In your 50s and 60s, most women are independent and financially stable. They’re less likely to experience the same judgments and stereotypes if they decide to date an older man at this age.”

A number of issues that were born as a result of generation gaps are easier to address once you cross the 40-year-old mark. Charly went on to say, “The older you get, the less of a challenge it’s likely to pose… In terms of life experience and maturity, an age gap of 50 to 60 years is not particularly dramatic.”

A worthy man knows what he wants to have in a relationship

A sense of self, advancement in career, and stability are a few of the things that older men offer in a relationship. These attributes are not as common in men still in their 20s or 30s. Paulette Sherman, a certified dating coach, and psychotherapist, once said, “People often ask whether an older man is more mature than a younger one.” Sherman replied saying, “It depends on the individual, their development, and history. That said, additional years of life experience often lead to greater maturity in relationships, and more life wisdom.”

A woman around the age of 40 years or more must have had her fair share of lessons and accomplishments. She’s probably just interested in being with a person who’s also established on similarly solid ground.

With kids out of the nest, an older man is likely to give more attention

If you’re a single mom who decided to go into the dating space after a divorce, a previously married man may just be the perfect fit. For one, there are no carpool schedules to steal his time from you. This results in having more time to plan and go on incredible dates. If you’re with a person whose age is 10 or more years more than yours, he’ll likely have children who are not wholly dependent on him. This will be blissful for you and your partner as you both have more time for yourselves or your kids if they are still very dependent on you.


If he’s retired and you’re not, challenges could arise

If he’s hung up the puts and left his working days in the past while you have a job to focus on, the woes, time, and ambitions can be demanding and take a toll on your relationship. In the end, communication may be shaky. Lester explains that relationships are often built on relatable life experiences, further stating that the difference in lifestyle between retirement and daily work can be quite significant.

Find out if your future plans are aligned

If things do start to get serious, you probably want to have discussions on what you both see in the next one or two decades. The discussions should address details such as future family goals, traveling possibilities, relocation, basically anything that could affect your lifestyle.

Sherman advises that it is important to talk about these important life decisions to see how mutual support can be established. You definitely do not want to dive into a relationship without knowing whether or not your partner wants to have kids, for instance. Remember, it must be mutual, one party progressing is only half the journey; both parties succeeding is the goal.

Cultural differences

Imagine being in a relationship and he doesn’t know Cardi B, or you support his perspective of politics. These are just examples to paint a picture of what cultural differences may need to be addressed. Once a 5-year-old man has an idea installed, he might not be as open-minded to other ideas as he may have been when he was younger. This is particularly a warning from Paulette, and Charly Lester agrees. He believes that a person who was born 20 years before you were is very likely to have unique cultural references and a more-welded view of social and political events. This can lead to some disruptions in the earlier days when you introduce your partner to your family.

Communication habits may differ

Some say an older man will prefer that you reach out through voice call, others believe that’s not exactly the case. Charly tells us that there are not as many differences between the communication style of a  30-year-old man and that of a 50 or 70-year old. There are even 90-year-old men who communicate smoothly with it. Charly said this while speaking on her experience running Lumen.

Two different individuals, not different ages

The age difference may bring about some disturbing remarks and assumptions, but you’re sure to overcome these temporary trials once you both prioritize each other’s feelings over all else. Paulette Sherman says that couples should focus on remembering the attributes that made them interested in their partner. Never allow judgments and stigma from strangers to make you uncomfortable in your relationship even if you dating a 50-Year-Old Man.

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