Warning Signs Of A Cheating Wife

Okay guys. Let’s do this and let's make it clear how to recognize warning signs of a cheating wife !

How can you tell if your happily-ever-after is imperiled by a possibly cheating wife?

To help you get a head start, I’ve outlined 37 telltale signs to take note of just in case you’re sniffing out what could be infidelity from her direction.

It’s difficult enough committing forever to a woman, much more when you’re faced with a staggering fifty percent divorce rate in the US, so I understand the paranoia.

Somehow, what was among the most binding covenants in the past has now been reduced to mere formality.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to fuel your already hyperactive imagination.

There could be tons of plausible explanations why your wife behaves the way she does, and these may have nothing to do with unfaithfulness.

Having said that, if you’re sensing, however, that she’s unto something fishy, there’s bound to be indications.

Unfaithfulness isn’t just physical. Get that straight.

Cheating can happen in the realms of the psychological, social, and financial.

The pains they inflict can be just as devastating as discovering she’s been making out in the parking lot with another guy at your expense.

What’s worse is if your cheating wife attempts to cover the evidence.

If she’s indifferent and doesn’t bother to hide them anymore, however, it’s likely doomsday for your marriage.

When the signs are staring you straight in the face, you’re left with having to confront her with it, which can be a harrowing experience, especially if you’re still content and happy with your marriage and relationship.

So, if you’d rather not investigate and stay happily unknowing, then move on to less somber marriage reads. Otherwise, stay with me until the end.

Signs of cheating wife

So, here are the 37 telltale signs of a cheating wife – most of which are based on sudden change of habit or behavior:

  1. She suddenly becomes territorial with her mobile phone.

It could all depend on your prior agreement with your wife, whether you’re all out in letting each other view phone information or if you preferred some form of boundary when it comes to sharing information. Whatever these are, if, all of a sudden, they change, and she’s evidently becoming less open with her data, be on red alert.

If you’re feeling uneasy, try to use your access into her files in iCloud. You may be able to spot something to assuage your fears of having a cheating wife or confirm it.

2.      Her social media activity shifts.

Most women swing from highly active on social media to becoming a spectator. If you notice that your wife shifts in social media content or frequency of posts have become unusual lately, you may want to check who her new followers are and what comments she has been getting from male followers.

3.      She suddenly alters her passcodes.

This one really sucks. Sure, she has a right to her privacy, but when this happens at a time when you’re frequently arguing or when other telltale signs occur as well, then it’s time to dig deeper. If your wife is distancing herself this way, then she’s likely unto something that doesn’t include you.

4.      You catch her lying even about trivial things.

          Small lies are indicative of big lies. If your spouse is lying about small things such as being late from grocery shopping due to heavy traffic when the app said that the car flow at that time was light, or when she offers a vague explanation of how the USD 75 from your bank was spent. Be on guard when this happens because if you can’t trust your wife with the littlest things, how much more for the important ones?

5.      She works out or visits the gym more frequently now.

          When it comes to getting in shape, people often go through cycles so it may mean that your wife could be into one of those workout phases or maybe she’s having a mid-life crisis. It could also mean, though, that someone has been paying attention and complimenting her on her physique or you’ve got a cheating wife on the loose. Who knows, it might be someone in the gym. Whatever it is, try to determine the cause based on your current situation with your wife.

6.      It’s difficult to reach her when she’s doing errands.

          If your spouse usually calls when going on errands, and then, suddenly stops or is difficult to get hold of when she’s out, then, that’s a red flag. While still open to plausible justifications, do ask her about it just to find out how she’s going to reply to such query. If you’re unsatisfied with the explanation, chances are you have a cheating wife who’s been making illicit detours in her free time.

7.      She spends a lot of time out with new friends.

          I believe in having a social life apart from your spouse. This often adds to unique experiences that you can share with each other, which can result in a healthier relationship, but if you notice that her social life revolves around a different crowd now, this means that she’s also exposed to new and different men whom you aren’t acquainted enough with. When she’s with familiar friends, they’re always easy to ask and fish information from about your wife’s comings and goings, but you don’t get that advantage with the new clique.


8.      You discover inconsistencies in your billing statements from the credit card or bank.

          Take note if she pays in cash more now when she usually settles the same expenses with a credit card. This could be one of the ways that your cheating wife is making sure she does not get caught. Also, if her explanations do not jive with what appears on your statements, you could be looking at a sign that she’s messing around.

9.      She gets a new credit card or applies for a separate credit line.

          Many couples maintain separate credit card accounts and this arrangement really depends on your prior agreement. However, if your wife suddenly applies for a new credit card or a separate credit line while your relationship has not been as glorious as it once was, be warned. This could mean that your cheating wife has got plans that do not include you.

10.    Your wife ensures that she’s the one who receives the mail.

          If your wife is usually the one who receives your mail, then this probably does not apply in your case. However, if you’re usually the one to grab the mails and suddenly she’s the one who’s volunteering all the time, or if you observe that there are mails that are suddenly addressed to her alone, it may be best to question her about it just to find out how she would react.  If you happen to catch your cheating wife off guard doing something in relation to this, it may no longer be easy for her to justify her actions.

11.    She’s indifferent to your social life.

          It’s natural if your wife, who used to eagerly listen to your stories about your hang-out with friends, no longer pay as much attention. This usually happens, especially after the kids come into the picture or if you’ve been together for quite a long time and have become familiar with each other’s activities. However, if your wife keeps tuning out by feigning a migraine or sudden sickness, or if she keeps encouraging you to hang-out with your male friends more often than usual, this could be a warning sign. It could be that your wife is doing this so that she can be free to do other stuff without you finding out.

12.    She doesn’t want to see or hang out with your friends.

          If your wife shows signs of avoiding your friends, whether physically or mentally, this is a clear sign that she’s unhappy. You may still be lucky if this is what’s behind her dislike for your male friends’ hang-out at home because then, you’re still the only one in the picture for her. What’s worse is if this could mean you have a cheating wife who’s avoiding being interrogated by your friends. Your male friends are quick to notice if your wife is not in her usual element and your wife is, likewise, aware of this. So, not wanting to be put in a situation where she has to fake something or lie uncomfortably, she’ll prefer not being with them at all.

13.    Her patience with you runs thin.

          If your wife is always mad at you, she may be unhappy, and that, her constant outbursts may have nothing to do with cheating. It is also possible that she’s consciously doing it so that she can justify her infidelity. In her mind, she’s may be thinking that she needs to do this unfaithful act to assuage her anger. I know it isn’t fair but it’s one of the things that occur often enough in marriages and your situation could be one of those.

14.    She no longer relishes spending time with you.

          You and your wife used to enjoy doing things together and being with each other all the time. You were each other’s best friend. You endure the two-hour chick flicks just to be with her, while she would go with you to watch football even if she does not understand everything that is going on in the game. When you no longer enjoy this companionship, your wife may already be mentally divorcing you and is taking steps toward the inevitable, if not already in the thick of it.

15.    Your wife prefers to be alone in another room.

          There are times when we prefer to be by our own self and thoughts, and this often happens more to husbands. When your wife suddenly retreats to the other room so she can do her own thing on the laptop or cellphone, while you’re on your own with the TV, it’s a bad sign when it happens long enough or often enough. While it is a symptom of a growing gap between the two of you, it could mean worse – that you have a cheating wife who’s engaged with someone else just steps away from you.

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16.    Her conversation topics changed.

          Some husbands may enjoy gossiping about neighbors or other friends’ lives while others don’t. Whichever it is, you may agree that there’s some advantage to knowing a bit about these things, so you avoid acting foolish in social situations. So, if, all of a sudden, you no longer hear these stories from your wife, it could be that you’re now the topic of their conversations. Think about it.

17.    Your wife notices other men often.

          Every once in a while, both husband and wife check out other species, but a cheating wife is said to be more likely to look at other men than do faithful ones. If it becomes too often and too obvious, this could mean that your wife has opened herself up to other intimate possibilities already that’s it has become a habit.

18.    She has lost interest in planning for family investments.

          This loss of interest could be in planning for a family vacation, house renovation, or building your dream house. Most wives love to plan and shop to reach these goals and build a comfortable home for the family. When they suddenly cease to do so, it could mean that you have a cheating wife who is already looking beyond and planning, instead, for the new change.

19.    Your wife is averse to doing errands or home chores.

          If your spouse is observed to become less and less interested in doing errands for the family or doing her part in the chores, it could mean she has her mind on other things already. She may have already taken the initial steps toward mentally separating from you, which means that the physical separation is just around the corner.

20.    She’s no longer enthusiastic about family affairs.

          If you notice that your wife no longer fusses or looks forward to family trips, holidays, or special events like she used to, she probably isn’t feeling the need for it anymore. In this case, divorce may happen sooner than you think, and your cheating wife may have already moved on long before you even detected it.

21.    Even if you flirt or say something about other women, she no longer appears to care.

          If, in the past, your harmless flirtation or another woman’s flirting with you have been met by jealousy or spousal correction, and now, she’s indifferent. It’s a warning that your cheating wife could be using this as a way to rationalize her behavior or turn the tables on you and accuse you instead.

22.    She’s bored at anything about your life.

          This could be a symptom of depression, but it could also mean that your wife has long given up on you and your relationship. While you’re still thinking of growing your family, your cheating wife may already be planning to start another one.

23.    Your wife tells you that she’s no longer happy with the marriage.

          This is one of the most telling statements and no husband wants to ever hear this from his wife. They say that a happy wife makes for a happy family life, and the same goes for an unhappy wife and an unhappy family life. If your wife tells you she’s no longer happy, most likely this has already been her feeling for quite a while, and she has just finally found the right moment or courage to voice it out to you. What’s worse about this is when she follows this up with the revelation that she’s been seeing someone else.

24.    She prefers to go out with single friends.

          Single ladies attract men who are on the prowl. If your wife tends to prefer her group of single lady friends now, it can mean that she enjoys doing what singles usually do. If you catch your wife leaving her wedding ring behind as she steps out for her night out with her single friends, it’s an indication that she intends to behave as an unattached person, or worse she’s already been a cheating wife and has just enjoyed being so now.

25.    Your wife is going through a mid-life crisis.

          Hormonal changes can alter even the most faithful of wives. Your wife may be emotionally vulnerable when she’s in this stage in her life, and if you’re not vigilant, she could end up finding comfort in another man’s arms. So if you’re sensing that you’re likely to have a cheating wife, act fast. She may have already been thinking it mentally.

26.    She ditches her usual professions of love more.

          This may be among the more obvious warning signs. Even if she’s not necessarily hooking up with another man, she may be in a state where she’s already into someone mentally, so, technically, a cheating wife. She may not be the type to say ‘I love you’ to you. It could be the little thoughtful things that she does that are missing like she no longer calls to ask if you’re coming home for dinner or cooks your favorite breakfast during the weekend. If it happens after a quarrel, then it’s expected, but if it happens often enough, be forewarned.


27.    Your wife volunteers to do all the laundry.

          This is a warning sign if you used to take turns doing the laundry, and suddenly, she does it all more often now, if not all the time. This could mean that your cheating wife is painstakingly covering her tracks by washing off indicative stains or scents from her clothes.

28.    She no longer shares stories about some guy who flirted with her.

          If your wife had been hit on by a guy and told you about it, and then, noticeably she has been mum about such encounters, then you’re justified for suspecting she’s unto something. If she no longer considers these things funny enough to tell you, then most likely she’s taking them seriously now.

29.    Your wife accuses you of being unfaithful.

          A cheating wife tends to attribute and accuse their spouse of her own sin. This is done so that the focus is not on herself but on her husband. This way, the poor husband becomes too occupied in processing his emotion and defending himself that he can no longer focus on the behavior of his wife.

30.    Whatever you do, your relationship does not improve from its rocky state.

          Whatever you do to improve the state of your relationship with your wife, you keep screwing up, or at least that’s how your wife wants you to think. If you’ve noticed a pattern, know that your cheating wife may be intentionally making it appear that you’ve failed so that she can eventually blame you if you catch her red-handed.

31.    She had an extra-marital affair once.

          It’s been discovered that a spouse who has cheated is most likely to do it again. Enough said.

32.    She seems to jump at every opportunity to fight with you.

          Mentally, your wife may be making a list of reasons to justify why she sought another man’s comfort. So, technically, this is just one of the other ways that cheating wives do to turn the tables on you and make it appear like it’s your fault that they cheated.

33.    She acts restless, anxious, depressed, or worried – than usual.

          Whenever you ask for an explanation, a cheating wife will behave unusually distraught, anxious, distant, or anything other than the usual reaction. Take note also if she has been acting depressed or losing sleep. These feelings eventually rein, and she would be eventually be powerless to control them.

34.    She’s ambiguous in her reassurance about being faithful to you.

          If you’ve known your spouse for quite some time now, you’re most likely able to tell if her reassurance isn’t genuine. If she starts awkward conversations, it’s likely that she’s been up to something fishy.

35.    She develops a new interest that takes up so much of her time and commitment.

          It could be anything out of the ordinary like signing up for a long-term workout program or taking up an evening dance class. Hopefully, she’s just into this phase that she wants to learn something new. If your wife usually shares with you all her day’s activities and then shuts up when you start talking about her newfound interest, take heed. She may be doing something more beyond what she ought.

36.    Your wife shows low self-esteem.

          This is an unfortunate case as it is harder to treat and often result in either you, being burdened in validating her often as a person, or her looking for someone else to do it in your stead. When she’s this vulnerable, even the most casual of encounters can turn into a full-blown affair if she’s this needful.

37.    You’ve felt it in your gut.

          So, ladies have this gut feel. Well, so do men. If you can’t shake off this feeling that you’ve got a cheating wife, it may be best to take heed of it, and find out the truth for yourself.

So, here we are. If you’ve read this article from start to bottom, you may probably be getting the feels. One thing that you should remember is that a marriage succeeds not because of the efforts of one, but of both spouses.

If your marriage is on rocky ground and have been so for a long while now, you must, at least, own half of the accountability for its being.

Take heed of the red flags and confront the problem at the right time.

Once your fear is confirmed, you’ll then need decide if you want to fight for your marriage or let go. Take the necessary time to process the situation. This is a life-altering decision and it will not only affect you but also your entire family, most especially your kids.

I encourage that you consult a marriage counselor, pastor, or therapist to help you through the process.

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