Flip Down Your Music – An Erotic Story

The baseball video games that summer season have been a battle to look at. They have been ruined by the thudding music within the house under.
As I had performed all that summer season, I had stomped my foot and banged my wood Louisville Slugger on the ground. The pounding didn’t work, as a result of the particular person under wouldn't flip off that music. Worst of all, there have been occasions that, when the final pitch within the ninth inning was thrown, the music would shut off. By then although, I used to be too pissed off to care or complain. I had gone by way of all the phases of anger: From throwing the distant management, to grief at my state of affairs. And eventually, dismissal set in. I simply slumped in my recliner. I had missed out on rest. However that one afternoon with the music thumping, I had had sufficient.
I slipped on my loafers and headed downstairs. I pounded on the house’s door. The amount dropped, and there was a shuffling and muffled discuss past the door. The deadbolt clicked, the door unlocked, and the deal with turned.
All of the sudden, a whoosh of warmth flooded out of the door. And that warmth wasn’t all as a result of summer season. It was her.
“’Allo,” the girl mentioned gently. “Como esta usted, señor? Er, the way you do, sir?” She switched to English, having mistakenly begun in her native language.
She was pretty. Thick, black hair, falling onto her shoulders. Clean pores and skin. Eyes, darkish as marble. A large, pleasant smile.
She patted her brow with the again of her hand.
She wore an off-the-shoulder shirt, short-sleeved with ruffles. The Mexican peasant shirt was white and trimmed in inexperienced and pink.
The entire summer season’s pent-up anger fizzled away, like steam disappearing above a pot of boiling water. Nonetheless, I attempted to be forceful. “I hear your music. It’s fairly loud.” It was the most effective I might muster because the harmless darkish eyes seemed again at me, or extra particularly, stared into me.
These eyes widened in shock. “La musicia. I sorry,” she mentioned meekly by way of her thick accent. “I, we, bailamos, estamos practicando, observe dance. Me and my associate.”
A tall man glided into view with lengthy strides. He leaned towards the doorframe confidently. His different hand snaked round her waist as if defending her, and he pulled her tight in a squeeze. She elbowed him playfully in his intestine. They began jibber-jabbering of their language briefly, flirting. Then she turned again to me.
“We quiet music for you,” she mentioned.
Her dancing associate was confounded. He wheeled her round. “We can not, we observe. We is not going to win if we stop now.” He broke away from English and spun into Spanish. I understood nothing they mentioned, besides, by way of their eyes, I understood they have been quarreling with one another. Lastly they paused.
She turned to me sheepishly. “We… Uh, do you want to look at?”
“Watch you two dance?” She shocked me. I didn’t care about dancing however due to her.
I noticed the bottom of her light-brown neck and chest glistening with a sheen of perspiration.
“I assume so, certain. Received nothing else to do. The ball recreation’s over now.”
The person reached past the girl, scrunching her between us, and shook my hand rapidly, firmly. “I'm Ricardo.” He rolled the Rs. He let go and patted the girl’s shoulders. “And he or she is Catalina.”
She curtsied after which took my hand to guide me contained in the house. The place had a lingering scent of perspiration and low.
The middle of the room was cleared out. The furnishings—a sofa, a espresso desk, a lamp, and that damned sound system—was pushed towards the partitions. That they had scuffed uncooked the hardwood ground from their hours of dancing.
Ricardo grabbed Catalina’s hand and confidently spun her. Her lengthy skirt rose in a flurry, exhibiting toned brown legs. Then he pulled her physique tight to his. Her skirt fell limp, as did her hair. Her eyes met his. They have been one. They floated throughout the ground, hand-in-hand, eyes locked, backs arched, necks lengthened, each dramatic of their actions.
I sat on the sofa to look at them twirl and dance. It was good to comply with them transfer. So sleek. Primarily it was her. Unexpectedly, there was a knock on the door. The pair paused momentarily in mid-move, and she or he shouted out, “Door opened!”
A person in slacks and a button-up costume shirt walked in with a big grin on his face.
“Hola, como estas?” he mentioned in a poor Spanish accent.
“Listo para vernos bailar,” Catalina mentioned, earlier than Ricardo whirled her throughout the ground. Her skirt rose up excessive, revealing her legs once more.
This newcomer took a seat subsequent to me and put his hand out. “Mark. Who're you?”
“How did you discover out about this?”
“I stay one ground up. Their music is so loud I got here to complain. I ended up watching.”
“Too loud, eh?” He huffed with amusing. “What else have you ever heard from up there?”
“Simply the music. One thing else occurring that I haven’t heard?”
“Oh. The music is the least of it, man.”
Catalina nabbed Mark’s consideration instantly, as she urged him over to her along with her finger.
“Mark, mi amor! Dance with me?” she requested along with her backside lip pushed ahead, like a woman frightened about not getting the sweet she desires.
“Oh yeah, Catalina!” He jumped up and did the worst shimmy-gyration to the center of the hardwood ground.
As she lured him away from the sofa simply, his eyes by no means left hers. The Flamenco dance that I assumed she and Ricardo have been training was completed. She started to grind her bottom into Mark. She bent over, tucking her hair behind her ear, so she might watch the person’s face. She raised her skirt over her knees and better up her toned, brown thighs. Any increased and she or he can be exhibiting panties.
Ricardo plopped down on the worn-out sofa, making the springs squeaky. “Pretty, yeah, amigo?” 
“Her? Oh sure, very,” I mentioned, startled by his sudden look. “You two have been training, so is that this man part of your dance routine?”
“No, no, Shawn.” He smiled broadly. “They, er, make …”
“Make what?”
“Likes to fuck her.”
I used to be confused and my contorted face conveyed my ideas to Ricardo.
“You too like Catalina?”
“You may. Her, now, right here.” Ricardo waved his palms, trying to make it plain and taking down any language limitations.
I laughed off the absurd notion that I needed to have misunderstood. “I got here right down to let you know to show down the music. Nothing else, nothing. I didn’t imply to do something to her.”
As I mentioned it, Catalina moaned hysterically. Mark was leaning over her. He had pulled up her costume and slid her pink panties into her butt. Then he smacked her ass.
“Mark, no pares, no pares!” she squealed joyfully.
Ricardo nudged me as he watched. “Good, eh?”
Earlier than I might reply, there was one other knock on the door.
“Are available,” Ricardo known as.
Inside walked one other pretty lady. Tall and dark-skinned with a full determine. Her wife-beater tank high was stretched tightly throughout her breasts and her shorts barely contained her thick thighs.
“Anna, chica,” he mentioned. He jumped off the sofa, making it squeak. “Good to see you right here. Prepared to bop?”
“Vamos a bailar,” she mentioned in an American accent.
Ricardo and Ana began their very own bump-and-grind whereas laughing and having fun with one another. Quickly, they have been glistening with sweat however nonetheless dancing laborious on the dance ground.
I remained on the worn couch, watching the 4 our bodies. It was awkward. My cheeks reddened from a combination of that awkwardness and the rising temperature within the room. Warmth was escaping off my scalp. Was it time to go away?
My temperature rose to a brand new top when Ana removed her shirt. She flung it throughout the room. Her massive breasts bounced and wiggled as even her bra barely had the energy to carry them.
“Look ‘ere, Catalina,” Ricardo shouted over the music and pointed to the highest hanging on the lampstand. “She beat you.”
Catalina wagged her finger. “She not beat me.” She reached deep underneath her skirt and out got here these pink panties, stained darkish with sweat or extra. She was about to fling them, like Ana, however caught my eye earlier than it left her fingers. Leaving Mark nonetheless gyrating, she sauntered to me, dragging her toe with every step.
She stood in entrance of me, staring hungrily like a wolf. Her breasts at eye-level. The panties dangled from between her thumb and forefinger, as if getting ready me. She slid the panties over my head and adjusted them so the wetted crotch was towards my nostril.
The scent was a mixture of moist towels forgotten on the ground and deep want. A stunning odor.
I drew in a deep breath and once I opened my eyes and shifted the panties, she bent over, took the underside hem of her costume, and pulled it up, prefer it was a flower petal. Catalina had a slender bush of thick black hair overlaying her pussy.
My jaw dropped. My coronary heart sped up, and I felt the heart beat in my neck beat lethal quick.
“You want?”
“I, uh … wonderful … Catalina.” I coughed out the phrases as a result of she had sucked the wind out of me from three toes away.
“Bailar conmigo?” she mentioned.
I stood up, the sofa springs squealing, and she or he took my hand.
“You're very completely satisfied, happy, by coming to see.” She reached right down to rub her hand towards my hardness. Her contact charmed me, and I'd have gone anyplace at that second. And he or she requested me to.
“Quítate los pantalones, Shawn, pants off.”
Ricardo, Mark and Ana flip to take a look at me. They, little question, questioned if I'd actually do it.
I waited too lengthy for Ana.
“My high is off, Shawn. Catalina’s panties are in your head. Do it.”
“I need to see all, no pants, no underwear, no calzoncillos.” A depraved grin fashioned over her mouth. She knew she had me in her clutches.
“Come on, Shawn, present us,” Ana mentioned once more.
Mark interrupted. “I'll take my pants off for you, Catalina.”
“Me too,” Ricardo chimed in, already unbuckling his belt.
“I've seen all earlier than. I need to see new Shawn,” she replied with out taking a look at both of the prepared guys.
I used to be nonetheless frozen, however a knock on the door saved me. There was chit-chat on the opposite aspect of the door. I questioned how extra folks might come to this house.
Catalina’s eyes unlocked from my waist. “To begin,” she known as out and clapped as soon as.
I pulled her panties off my head and jammed them in my entrance pocket. I seen Ana was not in sight.
“’Allo! Are available, are available,” Catalina mentioned. She guided in 4 {couples}. I scanned the room counting the folks. Eight new of us, 4 girls and 4 males, Mark and Ricado, Ana and Catalina. I noticed that Ana returned along with her tank on once more and Ricardo’s belt was buckled.
The place was abuzz with the 13 folks, together with me, within the small house. We have been within the largest room and have been bumping shoulders and extra. I assume Catalina and Ricardo’s Flamenco observe was over. They may by no means observe right here with all these folks.
“Prepared everybody?” Ricardo shouted above the din. “It's time.”
A couple of of the women clapped and giggled of their pleasure. The group moved to the wall, a number of sat on the sofa and even on the sofa’s again. The springs had already screamed and have been fighting the extra weight.
Catalina stood earlier than the folks. “Welcome, thanks to come back. Tonight to be enjoyable. We have now a visitor. My … my … Mi vecino.” She glanced at Ricardo for assist.
“Our neighbor from upstairs.”
“Ah, neighbor, sure. He be part of us. You'll take pleasure in him.” She gleamed at me. “Stand, wave.”
I gave a half-cocked wave with a pursed smile. I used to be utterly perplexed. I had witnessed quite a bit already. Was it performed?
“He come right here as a result of music was excessive. He doesn't prefer it, however me and Ricardo lo capturó!” She mimicked herself strolling towards me with claws. “Tonight we present him what we do and nuestro prisionero de guerra.”
Ricardo interpreted. “He’s our prisoner of warfare.” He grinned after which continued, “We misplaced the studio. We have been too rowdy for it. So, thanks for touring this many blocks uptown.” The group cheered wildly, giving high-fives and patting one another’s thighs. “This can be our new play place, until we discover one thing else. For now, we meet right here. However”—he raised his finger, giving a warning—“we should persuade Shawn.”
The group eyed me. A couple of of them made their eyebrows dance with sinister data. “We are able to do this,” Ana mentioned, and different women and guys acquiesced.
Then Catalina took the lead once more.
“Who go first?”
“We'll,” a middle-aged lady mentioned, waving her hand above her head. “We’ve been training quite a bit.”
She grabbed the person along with her and dragged him from the sofa. “You’ll all will like this.”
Catalina took a seat within the heart of the sofa, subsequent to Ana, and she or he leaned towards Ricardo who was sitting on the again of the sofa behind her.
The group watched the pair transfer intently collectively. It was not Flamenco. It was no dance I might label. When completed with a bow, they applauded. Catalina, Ricardo, and the others gave type critiques. As soon as Catalina stood to exhibit some actions, and all I might consider was her panties. She had none on and a lot of the dancers didn’t even know.
And on went the {couples} dancing. I used to be there for almost three hours from the time I had first come down with a easy grievance. Throughout these hours, I seen when Catalina sat on the sofa to watch, her hand typically was on Ana’s thigh. It might run throughout Ana nonchalantly as she noticed the dancers.
The final pair—a twenty-something couple, she with massive breasts that moved attractively—completed, bowed and obtained their critique. Then Catalina stood.
“Good, everybody. I see observe and rising talent in your dance and in your love-making,” she mentioned.
Love-making? I assumed. An odd description.
“Now, to the kitchen for drinks!” She raised her palms and cheered.
The sofa emptied. It squeaked loudly, possibly over the thrill of the group of happy-go-lucky novice dancers. Wine bottles popped open. Beer caps clattered on the counters. Glasses and bottles clanked earlier than being sipped or chugged.
Ana introduced me a bottle of beer and raised her glass.
“Cheers.” She radiated pleasure. “It is a good place to have discovered so ‘unintentionally.’ The music bothered you that a lot?”
“It was loud. I might have danced to it, if I danced.” I took a swig. “I had no concept what was occurring down right here or who it was.”
“No concept, huh. That’s the ‘unintentionally’ half?” She smirked. “You have been fairly shocked if you got here down.”
“To speak the least. All I heard was the music by way of the ground. And now, effectively, I’ve seen so, a lot. The 4 of you dancing after which this—what's it, a dance class?”
“All of us dance, sure. And extra.” The perimeters of her lips curled upward. “You’ll see.”
“I’ve seen far more than I anticipated. I noticed Catalina’s you-know-what and she or he wished to see my …”
Ana had a tough time stopping her guffawing.
“And also you.” I pointed at her. “You had your tank high off already tonight.”
All of the sudden, she shrieked in laughter, unable to carry again. Her physique rocked forwards and backwards in her match of hysterics. I stood there awkwardly, beer in hand.
She slowly composed herself. “That was nothing.”
Nonetheless gathering herself, she patted her chest and wiped a tear from the nook of her eye.
“I need to be with you first. However I'll must combat off Catalina.” Her eyes darted sideways. “She has her claws in you already. You’re hers.”
“Me?” Now I laughed. “I can’t dance. I don’t need to dance. I simply wished to look at baseball and loosen up.”
“You may, you possibly can dance. Include me.”
“The place to?”
She took my hand and began to guide me from the group to a quieter nook.
“Ana,” Catalina sang her title. “I'm first with him. You took final one.”
Ana dropped my hand instantly and huffed her title.
Ana whispered her heat breath into me ear. “One other time, tonight or later.” 
“You had what final?” I requested. I used to be much more confused.
“You and me, later,” she mentioned and stepped away consuming the final drops from her wine glass.
“Now, my neighbor, Mr. Shawn,” Catalina mentioned, taking my hand. Hers have been chilly from the drink she had been holding. “I need to present you round. First to my bed room.”
With all that I had seen, I attempted to get a semblance of the relationships, particularly as she was about to guide me into her bed room. To me, bedrooms will not be rooms to point out off. I attempt to keep away from others’ bedrooms, being they're very private areas.
“To whose bed room? Yours and Ricardo’s?”
“It's mine, as you at the moment are mine.”
“Is he your boyfriend, husband?”
“I like all these women and men. These is shut pals as I hope you to be.”
She led me forward.
The room was match with an enormous king-size mattress. The mattress had an extravagant mirror headboard and a mirror on the ceiling. It was too over-the-top to be in a easy, small house. To be trustworthy, the house total had as its essential piece of furnishings a squeaky sofa.
Then Catalina immediately confirmed what she deliberate to do.
“That is our true dance ground,” she instructed me, leaning towards the mattress and patting the thick comforter. “Now to study your dance talent.” She slid her palms down my chest to my pants. Her eyes had turned masterful. She was not the small Mexican lady who was nonetheless engaged on her English. My imaginative and prescient adopted her palms as they discovered my hardening cock. Trying down, I noticed the deep darkness between her pretty breasts.
She undid the button on my khakis and slowly pulled down the zipper. Having peeled me open, she knelt down. The unique lady glanced up for a second as if getting my permission to proceed.
My thoughts instructed me to object. It shot me warning messages. What if Ricardo discovered? What would he speak? What would he do to me? I didn’t need to stay in the identical house constructing as a person who can be so infuriated sufficient to hunt me down. However my mouth wouldn't communicate to Catalina, telling her to cease.
Seeing no objection, she targeted on the dick she had wished to see.
As my thoughts warned, she drizzled a little bit of sticky saliva onto the top of my absolutely erect dick and smeared it round along with her tongue. And not using a look, she gently kissed the tip. Then, her mouth opened achingly sluggish. I waited for her to wrap her mouth round me.
Her lips enclosed me, and I felt her tongue rub towards the underside of my cock. It was a smooth rub. Earlier than my thoughts comprehended the state of affairs, she was already deep-throating me and bobbing wildly. After I might open my eyes, I seen her breasts like pears hanging from a tree.
My thoughts overtook my mouth. “Catalina, please, don’t. I can’t … “
She stopped abruptly, pulling her mouth away from my cock. She seemed up, her lips plump and her chin glistening with drool. “You don’t like my job?”
“It’s not that, it’s Ricardo. What if he … “
“Don't worry about Ricardo.” She naturally rolled the Rs within the title.
Considering of the rolling Rs, there was a brand new presence within the room. I turned my head, and he stood within the doorway together with his arms crossed over his chest.
“Neglect Ricardo, he won't ever discover out.” He virtually growled the phrase exaggeratedly. Then the lean man strode into the bed room.
Catalina stood up rapidly, immediately in entrance of me. I remained towards the mattress, in shock.
“Ricardo, I didn’t know, I simply … I got here to ask you to show down the music, not all this. You imagine me, proper?” My tongue fumbled in my mouth and appeared to go away as a lot drool on my chin as Catalina had on hers.
Ricardo stepped behind Catalina and flung up her skirt so it was on her head. Her ass was nonetheless naked.
“You want her sucking?” He stared into my face. “She does good. She will do higher, proper, Catalina?” He smacked her butt laborious. The flesh jiggled.
I didn’t reply. I nonetheless feared {that a} violent fallout may erupt.
“I do higher,” she mentioned to me. “Higher with two.”
I gulped. Ricardo had his dick out and was rubbing it up and down her ass. He discovered her rosebud and urged himself in. She winced with the start of anal, however quickly relaxed and exhaled in pleasure. When he began to rock forwards and backwards, she went again to me. She, in truth, labored tougher than earlier than. She sucked a lot better with a person fucking her ass. She sucked my dick and rubbed her tongue over my head and throughout it.
Very quickly, I felt the deep surge of delight boil and rise within me. I attempted to suppress it, to calm my physique. However she was too good.
“Catalina, I’m going to…” I cringed in pleasure. My thighs tightened. My butt tensed up. I grabbed the blanket on the mattress, pulling it towards me.
“Fuck her face and cum in her mouth. She like it like that,” Ricardo ordered, easing his thrusts.
So, I grabbed her black hair and pulled it forwards and backwards, gagging her with my size. She gurgled deep in her throat. Her eyes rolled up as she felt the strain of two males. All of the sudden, I exploded in her mouth. She swallowed all of it, her tongue slurping within the remnants out of the corners of her mouth. Then she licked the final little bit of ooze from my head.
I collapsed towards the mattress, however Ricardo returned to his fast-paced rhythm and fucked Catalina laborious. Her cheeks had a rosy hue of warmth, and her brow beaded with sweat. Richard’s face and neck have been tensed as he rammed her mercilessly from behind. Catalina braced herself towards the mattress, her palms round me gripped the sheet. I noticed her breasts flailing and swinging wildly. Her hair had lined her face, some sticking towards her overheated cheeks. All of the sudden, she shrieked as they each climaxed.
They eased themselves out of their state of erotic fury. Ricardo regained his breath and checked out me. “She at all times do higher with two dicks. Agree?”
Her eyes nonetheless sought my approval. I smiled at her. “Sure, she is finest with two.”
Having gathered my wits about me, I made a decision to move again upstairs. I wanted to relaxation, to regain my senses, to find out if this was true. However once I stepped out of the bed room, I used to be shocked once more.
Ana sat on the ground, leaning towards the sofa. Her arms have been unfold large. That white tank high pulled excessive. Two males have been on their sides and sucking and nibbling on her massive breasts. I gasped once I heard her exhale a low, sluggish moan.
“Mama’s right here, able to feed you,” she mentioned dreamily, operating her fingers by way of their hair. 
She, Catalina, Ricardo, the entire crowd, have been an excessive amount of. This all was an excessive amount of. I solely wished to have my neighbors flip down the music.

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