The Distinction Between Scriptural Doctrine and Church Dogma About Polygamy.

I learn the Reverend’s response to my success of his problem and I sympathize with him
To start with, he requested me to point out him from Scripture the place polygamy was talked about as a doctrine. I supplied him with greater than ten of such Scriptures. Now, he's shifting the goalposts and speaking about “head information”. 
That may be a very acquainted protection. The Pharisees used it towards Christ. After they despatched troopers to arrest Christ, the troopers had been in awe and couldn't arrest our Lord and Saviors. In order that they returned to the Pharisees within the Sanhedrin, who requested them why they'd not arrested Him
The response of the guards is telling. They mentioned “No man ever spoke like this Man!”-John 7:46. To which the Pharisees retorted “Are you additionally deceived? Have any of the rulers or the Pharisees believed in Him? However this crowd that doesn't know the regulation is accursed.”-John 7:47-49. 
You see, the unusual individuals understood and believed Christ, however the institution, represented by the Pharisees didn't perceive or consider him. Why? As a result of they had been counting on some esoteric information that solely they'd, however the crowd didn't have. 
The identical ‘head information and coronary heart information’ protection. 
The actual fact is that I've buttressed all the things I've mentioned about polygamy with Scriptures. However I problem you to go and browse the Reverend Father’s first and second responses to me. 
It is filled with the dogma of his church denomination and his personal private opinions. You'll discover he retains saying ‘if God needed, then why…?”. Utilizing human logic, and passing off his personal opinions as God’s Judgment. But he's the one speaking about head information and coronary heart information. For the sake of those that didn't learn my response to his problem, I discussed over ten verses the place Scripture accepted of polygamy, together with one occasion the place God himself said that He gave a number of wives to David:
“I gave your grasp’s home to you, and your grasp’s wives”-2 Samuel 12:8. 
I additionally gave one other Scripture, the place the main priest in Israel, Jehoiada, married two wives for the younger King Joash, who was put beneath him:
“Joash did what was proper within the eyes of the LORD all of the years of Jehoiada the priest. Jehoiada selected two wives for him, and he had little kids.”
Is that this Reverend Father now larger than God Himself and His priest Jehoiada, who helped the king of Judah do “what was proper within the eyes of the LORD”? 
I additionally confirmed that Moses made a number of legal guidelines regulating polygamy, together with in Exodus 21:10. 
After they can not defend their opinions which they've handed off as God’s judgment, they'll then declare you're utilizing ‘head information’. 
Now, you've gotten learn two situations the place God Himself, and God’s main priest gave a number of wives to individuals. Whose report would you consider? God’s or one Reverend Father’s?
In his piece, the Reverend Father didn't argue with Scripture, however with rhetorical questions reminiscent of ‘Adam had many ribs, why did God not take many wives for him’? The reply to his query is that we have no idea and we aren't meant to know. We're solely meant to know what God has revealed to us. We're not meant to know what He has not revealed to us. And we aren't meant to make use of our logic to determine the solutions to what He has not revealed to us. We see this in Deuteronomy 29:29:
“The key issues belong to the LORD our God, however the issues revealed belong to us and to our kids ceaselessly, that we might observe all of the phrases of this regulation.”
The argument that the Legislation was abolished by Christ after His demise will not be Scriptural. Christ by no means mentioned so. Christ slightly mentioned the exact opposite of that. We see this in Matthew 5:17:
“Don't suppose that I've come to abolish the Legislation or the Prophets; I've not come to abolish them however to FULFIL them.”
Christ Himself saved the Legislation. Paul himself additionally saved the law-Philippians 3:6. 
As we speak, we nonetheless promote and obey the ten Commandments and haven't jettisoned them as a result of Christ died. 
Many individuals who purpose like this Reverend Father prefer to cite Romans 6:14, which says: 
“Sin shall not have dominion over you: for you aren't beneath the regulation however beneath grace.”
Now, that's one other manipulation of Scripture to swimsuit private bias. 
In that chapter (Romans 6), Paul was not saying that believers in Christ wouldn't have to be guided by the Previous Testomony. 
That chapter (please learn it for your self) will not be speaking about abandoning the regulation of the Previous Testomony. It's speaking about sin, and the way as a result of Christ died for our sins, we aren't beneath the bondage of Previous Testomony legal guidelines that make us sinners and require us to supply animal sacrifices. 
Paul is saying that as a result of Christ died for our sins, we've got grace and we aren't obligated to carry out any extra sacrifices, as the traditional Israelites did (the Excessive Priest needed to kill a purple heifer as a sacrifice for sin-Hebrews 9:13). 
That verse doesn't make the Previous Testomony out of date. It solely makes the Temple sacrifices for sins out of date
The identical Paul who wrote that, additionally wrote as follows in Romans 2:14:
“Certainly, when Gentiles, who wouldn't have the regulation, do by nature issues required by the regulation, they're a regulation for themselves, despite the fact that they don't have the regulation.”
My counsel to this Reverend Father is that he ought to be trustworthy and let the general public know when he's instructing dogmas of his church denomination, and separate that from Scriptural doctrines. God didn't name us to observe dogma. He known as us to observe Scripture:
“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is worthwhile for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,”-2 Timothy 3:16.
Once more, I don't encourage or discourage polygamy. That's left for you and your conscience. I'm additionally not a polygamist, as some have falsely alleged. Nevertheless, to speak polygamy is a sin is a lie and I've proved that utilizing solely Scripture, with out ever including my very own opinion. 
These are Western constructs that had been added by the Romans to pollute the pure religion that Yeshua Hamashiach (Nabi Isa, or Jesus) introduced from God to the world. 
So, neglect me, neglect Reverend Father, neglect pastor, neglect Daddy and Mummy GO. Carry the Scripture and browse it for your self. Observe God’s Phrase, not a church denomination.
Written by Reno Omokri,Gospeller.
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