The best revenge on ex

It’s terrible when someone breaks your heart and leaves you.  You feel like taking the worst revenge ever.

Revenge on ex starts when you feel betrayed. Or you might feel frustrated.  It may feel that your ex seems to be in control, and you feel like the victim.  No one wants to feel like the victim in the breakup. Maybe you are thinking of taking revenge in order to feel better.  Not to feel like the victim any longer.

Or you might feel like sleeping in, eating junk food, binge-watching television.  However, this behaviour could lead to depression, and it’s actually better to get up and get some revenge!  

So make a decision to get up, get out of the house and start taking care of yourself.

If you are reading this article, you are probably the one who is suffering.  Read on, because I’ve got something guaranteed to make you feel better and not be the victim any longer.

Getting revenge on an ex might indeed make you feel better instantly.  There are plenty of ways to get revenge on your ex. Some people go to extreme measures in order to get back at someone, like:

  • Say something horrible to them (or write it in a text)
  • Share their secrets
  • Badmouth them to mutual friends
  • Getting a rebound 
  • Maybe date one of their friends
  • Or some things far worse

If you decide to do something like this, don’t wait too long.  If you wait too long, your ex is just going to think that you’re crazy.

Get revenge on ex and get over it!

Although these things might make you feel better temporarily, it won’t make you whole again.

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In reality, the more actively you try to seek revenge on someone, the more they still have an effect on you.

Here is where the interesting part comes in: In order to become whole and happy again you have to focus on yourself and your own well-being.  Focus on improving your own life. 

Focus your time, energy, and thoughts on something that will guarantee your future well-being.  Some of the important points are: 

  • Don’t stalk him/her.  In fact, forget about your ex.  Totally move the focus away from your ex, towards yourself.  This might be very difficult at first, but you have to actively choose your thoughts.  As soon as you think about your ex, remind yourself that you are thinking of yourself now.  
  • Erase the memories.  First, get rid of all your physical memories.  This might even be more painful, but it is necessary.  Go through your house, and burn everything that reminds you of your ex.  Erase the memories on Facebook too. This will be therapeutic cleanse for you.
  • Prioritize your passions and goals that were put off when you were in the relationship.  Reassess your life. Where do you really want to go with your life? Where were you going before meeting your ex?  If you have more direction now than before meeting your ex; acknowledge that there’s already something good that came from the relationship.  Be thankful for that, and start moving towards your goal.
  • Become more physically active.  This will make you feel better instantly, boost your self-confidence, and make you look better.  A good idea is to involve someone else to help keep you accountable to. Or hire a personal trainer.  Now is the best time in your life to invest in a personal trainer – believe me! It would actually my best advice to you.  And believe it or not, it will be the best revenge ever taken. Because you will start to glow!  
  • Make yourself look good.  Spend some time on your appearance.  Get help if you need it. Watch Youtube videos, read self-help books, enrol for a make-over.  There are professionals that can tell you which colours suits your skin tone better, which type of clothes to wear (and which ones to avoid).  It will be the best revenge if your ex accidentally sees you are looking fabulous. But, do it without thinking about your ex. If it happens, it’s a bonus.
  • Get a haircut or consider a change to your appearance.  Something that will symbolize that you are moving on with your life – for the better! 
  • Take a spa day as soon as you reach your first goal.  It is important to break your goals into smaller achievable pieces.  And celebrate for reaching each and every one! Because this is the absolute best revenge!  You are not the victim any longer. You are taking control of your life!
  • Start making more money.  For yourself! If you have a full-time job, you can consider finding an additional part-time job for the evenings.  It will also keep your mind busy. And you will feel wonderful when the money comes rolling in! If you didn’t have a full-time job before, now is the time to get yourself a full-time job!  If you don’t like what you’re doing, now is the time to make a change.  
  • Add new activities into your schedule.  Fill your time with people and activities that bring you joy.
  • Go out and mingle on weekends.  Say yes to anyone who asks you out.  Simply for the experience and enjoyment.  Make sure you look very good when going out! Spend some extra time on your appearance. That is proven revenge on ex.
  • Believe that there’s someone better for you.  You are a wonderful person and you have unique qualities that the right person will appreciate.  Come to the realisation that your ex wasn’t the right person for you. Otherwise, he/she wouldn’t have left you.  
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To sum up

The changes you make in your life should be done entirely for yourself.  The more you can do to help yourself stay light and emotionally lifted; the better! Immediately let go of any thought that weighs you down. 

Make yourself better and stronger.  If you do this, you will become happier than ever before.  This will be better than the worst revenge.

You are already a bigger and better person.  Realise what you are actually winning from the breakup, because you are living a better life than ever before!  

Realise that you actually get revenge on your ex by not even thinking of them any longer and by becoming genuinely happy and whole again!

So take this advice, get up from where you are right now and start taking action – for yourself and your own well-being.  You are worth it! And your life is precious.

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