Sagittarius And Sagittarius Compatibility – Love, Marriage, Intercourse, And Downside Areas

The rationale behind compatibility between the identical zodiac solar indicators, akin to Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility, is their overriding similarities. That is why Sagittarius and Sagittarius friendships and relationships work so effectively. Individuals born between November 22 and December 21 share glorious camaraderie. They make nice associates, and even when they disagree, two Sagittarius are unlikely to develop into enemies. 

They're delicate, impartial, and very trustworthy, to the purpose of showing impolite. But, Sagittarius when paired with one other Sagittarius, can create a relationship that can thrive whereas different zodiacs may really feel uncared for in such a dynamic. Let’s delve deeper into Sagittarius man and Sagittarius girl compatibility, with insights from astrologer and Vaastu advisor Kreena Desai.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility In Relationships

Sagittarius, like Aries and Leo, is a hearth signal. The match of two suitable hearth indicators leads to a union that's passionate, spontaneous, and aggressive on the identical time. However sparks fly when it’s Sagittarius at each ends of the connection. Why? As a result of its zodiac signal traits make it a rollercoaster trip all the best way. 

Individuals born underneath this signal don’t consider in conserving nonetheless or conserving quiet, for that matter. Kreena says, “Sagittarius is a mutable signal. They're always as much as one thing new and completely different. So, there may be by no means a boring day with them.” Therefore, it’s however pure for them to search out one other Archer in a room crammed with different folks. Here's what makes a Sagittarius man and Sagittarius girl compatibility so distinctive:

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1. 1-1 Mutable Affiliation – A fiery match of two suitable hearth indicators

A 1-1 affiliation is a relationship between two individuals who have the identical signal, on this case, Sagittarius. In a 1-1 affiliation, each strengths and weaknesses are intensified. Linda Goodman, in her guide, Linda Goodman’s Love Indicators: A New Method To Human Coronary heart, described this relationship as having “extraordinary potential for speaking messages of both peace or battle to a troubled world”. Briefly, when a 1-1 mutable affiliation is working favorably, it could generate an incredible relationship. However when it’s not, it’s hell. 

In such a scenario, it might be useful to contemplate moon indicators as effectively. 

A Sagittarius with an Aries-moon signal or Ascendant won't simply be blunt and trustworthy however hot-tempered as effectively

The presence of a Capricorn or Pisces affect within the horoscope of the associate might stability out these blazing fires

Sagittarius and Sagittarius relationships may even flourish when one individual has an Aries affect of their horoscope. That is tempered by the presence of an Aquarius or Libra affect within the associate’s horoscope

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2. They worth honesty and communication within the relationship

The hashtag #nofilter was made for them, for Sagittarius is infamous for its brutal honesty. Nonetheless, not like Scorpio, Sagittarius not often realizes the influence of their phrases and is genuinely sorry after they do. 

The disastrous #nofilter might make issues awkward as soon as they every begin explaining their sides of the story. However Sagittarius-Sagittarius marriage compatibility works precisely for that reason

They abhor dishonesty in a relationship and would reasonably have the blunt fact than candy lies. Such a relationship has a minimal communication hole

Nonetheless, Sagittarius is dominated by Jupiter and its affect offers this signal an inclination to magnify

As ironic as this may increasingly sound, Sagittarians are prone to describing issues just a little bigger than life. Particularly if they've a Leo or Gemini moon signal
Now Sagittarius might argue that they by no means lied however it's primarily mendacity by an alteration of details. And that will negatively influence Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility sometimes. Nonetheless, Kreena says, “The Sagittarius pair won't maintain grudges and consider in letting go of issues to maintain peace within the relationship.” So, it would work out in the long run. Living proof, the pair Michelle Hurd and Garret Dillahunt, each Sagittarians, have been going sturdy since 2007.

3. They type a beneficiant and idealistic pair

A Sagittarius won't worry exploring uncharted territories, they might reasonably get on the market with their bow and arrow at a second’s discover. In relation to compatibility with different zodiac indicators, it might spell catastrophe, particularly for an indication like Most cancers, who takes time earlier than beginning on a voyage. That’s not the case with a Sagittarius-Sagittarius pairing. 

Sagittarians present one another with the most effective firm since they like to journey and embark on adventures

Sagittarians additionally make nice greatest associates when paired with one another. When one is feeling depressing and downtrodden, the opposite one will attempt to cheer them up

Sagittarius is, by nature, cheerful and optimistic. They’re not the type to maintain a ledger of what different folks did to them and discover it straightforward to forgive and express regret
Nonetheless, it’s one other matter in relation to apologizing. Sagittarius finds it troublesome to apologize. This tendency doesn’t work with indicators like Most cancers or Leo, who're prone to take issues personally. However with Sagittarians, it really works splendidly. As a substitute of apologizing with phrases, their cheerful disposition says all of it. And identical to that, with just a few hearty grins, Sagittarians make up after a heated argument.

Sagittarius And Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

A wonderful thing about relationship a Sagittarius is that they cloak you in consideration once you’re in mattress, providing you with the most effective intercourse of your life. However Sagittarius might typically get bored, particularly in the event you can’t meet their sexual power. As a result of they'll meet one another’s sexual power, in relation to the matter in between sheets, Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility is FIRE.

1. They're keen to strive something

Archers love journey. And like every little thing else, their intercourse life is adventurous. Sagittarius likes to be spontaneous. Kreena says, “Each know the way to flip the warmth up within the bed room. Each of them are extraordinarily experimental and wish to make certain their associate has a great time.”

You could know when in love with a Sagittarius that they like to strive new issues in new locations. Consider the aircraft washroom quickie in A Lot Like Love

Sagittarius isn't excessive on foreplay however could also be up for making an attempt all of the Kamasutra positions in a row

They could be up for orgies, open relationships, and just about something so long as it’s an journey

This angle might not sit effectively with different indicators, however for an additional Sagittarius, it’s a dream vacation

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2. They get bored simply

They love to do a number of issues on the identical time, so life isn’t boring for them. An awesome purpose why Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility works is that they by no means become bored with making an attempt new issues in mattress. 

Kreena says that boredom within the relationship is a serious purpose why a Sagittarian couple will combat. She explains, “Sagittarius hates predictability. Even in mattress.” Based on Kreena, the sexual chemistry between folks born underneath this signal is fiery as a result of: 

They thrive on experimenting and journey 

They'd completely hate being with an individual who prefers order and needs to comply with the identical routine until the tip of time

When it does get boring for them, they’re not above operating away on the first signal

3. A divine affair

In relation to intercourse and zodiac indicators, Sagittarius leads as a result of it revels extra within the expertise than the act. As Kreena mentions, “This makes Sagittarians best for one another in mattress”, as a result of:

They go all out in not solely establishing the temper but in addition taking sufficient time to construct as much as the ultimate phases of love-making

They’re of fireside power, so their passions run excessive

Anybody that will get in mattress with a Sagittarius can have an expertise that they may always remember from begin to end

Downside Areas In Sagittarius-Sagittarius Relationship

In a solar signal sample like Sagittarius, the strengths and weaknesses are amplified. Such a relationship must be dealt with with care. The connection will both bloom or crash and burn. With a pair as dynamic as this, issues typically come up as a result of neither can keep nonetheless. Once they’re not altering areas, they’re present process a change internally. The connection will survive provided that each companions can sustain with one another’s tempo. Right here’s what might result in issues between them:

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1. They could wish to management their associate’s freedom1

Whereas it’s a recognized undeniable fact that Sagittarius loves freedom, are they keen to offer their associate freedom as effectively? Kreena says, to an extent. She clarifies, “Whereas they're free, they want a associate who's supportive and motivating. Somebody who acts like an anchor for his or her free spirit after they most want it.” Right here is how this want for freedom and being anchored performs out: 

They don't wish to be intruded upon however additionally they like a associate who may be very delicate and excessive on EQ

They search somebody who can perceive issues they discover troublesome to precise

Additionally, they're management freaks of types and will wish to be up to the mark, which makes it troublesome for them to offer their associate full freedom
Since each companions want the identical issues to thrive in a relationship, it could develop into a degree of battle in a Sagittarius-Sagittarius relationship.

2. Conflicts might come up attributable to blunt, heedless honesty

About conflicts, Kareena says, “They're straight arrows and hate it when their companions conceal issues or attempt to manipulate the reality from them.” This may be each an asset and a weak spot for a Sagittarius-Sagittarius pair.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility works due to their heedless honesty 

Whereas Sagittarius likes trustworthy confessions, they could not suppose completely in regards to the implications of attending to know their associate’s previous

In order that they typically ask their companions questions. Nonetheless, when this associate can also be a Sagittarius, they get some very trustworthy solutions
This will likely make them jealous and make it troublesome for them to just accept their associate’s previous.

3. They modify an excessive amount of for the Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility to work

The factor a couple of Sagittarius that makes them seem flighty is that they have an inclination to alter quite a bit in little or no time. Don't consider this as a novel high quality, as each individual adjustments over time, nevertheless, a Sagittarius might: 

Find yourself altering a lot that they may seem as a totally completely different individual the following day

If their associate can’t sustain with these adjustments, there’s little or no in frequent with them and that may create some friction within the relationship
One thing that will very effectively be true with Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. Each Sagittarians had been seen on and off with one another after Holmes’ divorce from Tom Cruise. Although they seem on nice phrases with one another, they haven’t been capable of forge a significant relationship.

4. Not keen to work for the connection out of insecurity

Kreena provides, “They can't take it when folks attempt to conform them to societal stress and norms. They wish to maintain their individuality and would lose it if somebody attacked it.” This results in:  

Feeling that dedication is actually confinement 

With one other Sagittarius, freedom is probably not a problem as with different zodiac indicators

But when there are any disagreements over dedication, neither will wish to be the one that's left behind
So, as an alternative of making an attempt to make the connection work, each will begin packing their luggage on the identical time.

Key Pointers

Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility is great, be it by way of friendship, love, or intercourse
Any conflicts between two Sagittarius will come up if one in all them feels the opposite is making an attempt to curb their freedom
They could take longer to comply with a dedication, even when they’re in love with the individual
If both of the Sagittarius companions feels that their associate isn't into the connection, they're prone to break it up

Once I requested Kreena how she would outline Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility in a single phrase, she stated, “Dynamic. They're each adventurous, charismatic, free-spirited, keen to take dangers, and do what must be carried out.” Think about a duo with all these qualities. It will likely be an explosive pairing. Individuals typically worry a 1-1 mutable affiliation as a result of whereas it’s certain to have double the enjoyable, it would have double the difficulty too. However a Sagittarius pair can overcome any hiccups within the relationship offered they’re able to work towards it. 


Does Sagittarius fall in love shortly? Not likely. Even when they do, it would take time to say it. Kreena says, “They love their individuality, freedom, and objectives. They'd not compromise at any price on these elements. That is why they may check their potential companions until the very finish to make sure that they're proper for them. Sagittarius exhibits indicators of a commitment-phobe, however they’re not. They simply take a whole lot of time to speak “sure”. Are Sagittarius and Sagittarius soulmates? It could be incorrect to speak they aren’t. Nonetheless, that doesn’t imply that Sagittarius-Sagittarius marriage compatibility shall be good. It simply signifies that a Sagittarius can have somebody who will perceive them with out getting labored up about their want for individuality or freedom. They could or might not wish to be dedicated, however they may actually be one another’s greatest associates. Do two Sagittarius make good lovers? That is dependent upon the form of Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility. With a 1-1 mutable affiliation, {couples} might have an awesome relationship or none in any respect. However after they do make issues work, they make an awesome and satisfying relationship. They perceive one another, they’re open-minded and delicate. Plus, they’re GREAT in mattress.

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