Preggophilia: A Fetish most Moms-to-Be don’t know about

Preggophilia actually exists! Have you been wondering why men have stars in their eyes when they look at you especially during pregnancy? It’s a real thing and it’s called preggophilia.

Bringing a baby into the world is always an amazing thing. It’s always good news for the family who’s about to introduce a new member. However, it isn’t only the family that gets happy when the woman pregnant. There are other people who are excited when they see her, but in a whole other way.

Have you ever noticed that people are immediately inclined to touch the baby bump of a pregnant woman, trying to feel the baby move? They’re ready to listen to every story the woman has to tell, every word she has to breathe. Many people are curious as to how pregnant women have sex. Now, there’s a certain class of people whose interests in pregnant women are more of intense attractions. They feel a strong sexual arousal on seeing a pregnant woman. It really gets them higher than they normally would be when they’re attracted to a woman that isn’t pregnant at the time. This is a fetish called Preggophilia.

Past a photo or video of your baby and relax to see the likes flooding in. They never end, people are instantly connected to the images and they just can’t get enough of it, you know. The extent to this affection varies, as with everything. There are people who are just happy for new life coming into the world, while others, who must also be happy for new life, have “extra” reasons. These people will easily lower their boundaries when a pregnant woman is in the picture. Their excitement and curiosity often overwhelms them.

What does preggophilia mean?

To name all the fetishes that people like will be virtually impossible as these fetishes are many times personal. It could be anything and cannot be defined by one single item or factor. For many people, it’s feet while for others, it’s peeing on people.

As said earlier, it could be anything; even things that have probably not been thought of. In this list is a fetish for pregnant women, which is known as preggophilia. This is what we’ll be discussing in this article; we talk about everything you need to know about preggophilia, how it is perceived in the society, and the possible reasons for this fetish. All of these and more will be seen below. Let’s get to it!

1. What is Preggophilia?

Preggophilia is the term used to describe a sexual attraction towards expectant women. There are many reasons why people would feel ultra attracted toward pregnant women. Like with everything else, this is unique to respective individuals. Asides the baby bump, which has already proven to melt all our hearts, people get excited by specific stages during a woman’s pregnancy.

This can be any stage including common changes in a woman when she’s pregnancy, or lactation, among others. In the role playing space however, you can see people who are turned only by pregnancies that came as a result of gang banging. It could also be an alien egg impregnation where something that rare is valued enough to trigger some emotions.

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Still in the role playing space, it can be male pregnancies; where the man has the baby bump. It cannot be overemphasized that the reason for the preggophilia fetish can be anything.

2. It isn’t for men only

Like with anything the modern world, nothing is gender-specific. In the free world we all desire, a woman can do anything a man can and this is not limited to only the conventional things. There are common misconceptions that many of the fetishes are restricted to men only, with women automatically overcoming the emotions.

 If you were thinking in this direction, permit me to tell you that you’re wrong. There women who are also members of the preggophilia fetish community, with just as heightened emotions as men. Remember that sexual excitements are unique to respective individuals and women are never exempted. A woman can be turned on by the stages of pregnancy like makes.

Again, the stage is entirely dependent on the stage of pregnancy that appears the most exciting to the woman in question. That said, the female faction of this community is not as populated as the male faction but they exist and they’re in the conversation.

3. Pregnancy being a whirlwind of hormones

When a woman gets pregnant, there are a lot of seen and unseen changes that she undergoes. The physical is easy to see – the baby bump – but the internal changes remain internal and unseen. The internal changes are hormonal changes in the body. The effects of this change are mostly uncontrollable.

One of the most popular effects being that the expectant woman becomes extremely horny; probably more horny than she had ever been before she got pregnant. Other people who understand the changes that happen to women who are pregnant will safely assume that the pregnant woman is horny and longs for sex. Some fantasies draw up in their respective heads and they’re already high up in their excitement levels they’re turned on.

Basically, the fact that a woman is horny is enough reason for some people to get horny and as stated earlier, pregnancies get women so horny.

4. Pregnancy symbolizes that she’s off the market

You know how people generally crave for what doesn’t belong to them or how they want things more when they hear No? When a woman rejects a man, it makes the man come back even twice as determined. The same applies in preggophilia space. The pregnancy of a woman is an autonomous way of telling men that she’s taken.

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 And as stated earlier, when a man feels you’re pushing him away, they hardly ever quit. From the angle of a man who has just sighted an expectant woman, he has seen a woman who is telling him to stay away because she already has a man whose baby she is carrying.

Now, this may not necessarily be the case in terms of the woman, but it is the safest conclusion to arrive at, which is accurate more often than not. This can also lead to Preggophilia.

5. The argument of being a sexist fetish

It is safe to assume that childbirth is naturally designed to fit the system of a woman. There are many who believe that a woman who has committed herself to birthing a child can hardly be seen as sexy or sexual.

They go on to say that preggophilia is not a real fetish but a method that men employ to appeal to women to keep bringing children into the world, seeing as men have no hope in doing it themselves.

I will not be picking a side in this argument, but will leave you to make decision on whether or not you believe it is true. However, in making your decision, be honest to yourself and ensure you consider both approaches.

6. Do NOT mistake preggophilia for pedophilia

This article would not be complete without addressing a common misconception that has been aimed towards members of the preggophilia community. This misconception is bore by people who are of the belief that mean are in fact not attracted to the expectant woman.

They believe that he is instead attracted to the little one in the woman’s womb. This approach to preggophilia is completely wrong, as it has already been established that certain stages can turn a man on, even before the baby is completely formed. Even the lactating stage excites people so it can’t be the baby growing inside her that causes the attraction.

7. Preggophilia is not wrong

There are many people who belief that preggophilia is wrong and disrespectful but is it really? Is a sexual attraction towards a pregnant woman disrespectful to the woman in question? I think not!

Preggophilia can only be wrong if it happens without the consent of the participating bodies, like every other sexual activity , really. If the pregnant woman embraces the affection that comes with preggophilia.

Then there’s really no wrongdoing in that situation. Immediately she accepts it, it becomes more of a relationship that began as a result of a person’s affection towards her when he was pregnant, or something like that. With that said, actions like stalking or hacking into her phone or computer is wrong and criminal. No one should ever do that to someone else.

8. Control it if you don’t want to be a subject to it

There are a number of reasons to be happen when you’re pregnant and it’s more than understandable to want to post pictures of your baby bump on social media. However, you should remember that social media posts are public by default; it’s the whole point of being social.

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So, it’s always best to make sure that your profile is as secure as necessary if you see reasons to be extra careful. If you have no worries as regards the people that can view your postings, you can decide to leave the postings and your profile public.

However, should you feel the need to keep things on the low because you don’t want the pictures used for preggophilia, it is completely understandable and you should keep them private or limited on your profile.

9. Preggophilia is about respect not

Contrary to the belief of many people around the world who have stumbled on the concept of preggophilia, people of the preggophilia community actually have regard for pregnant women, maybe even more than most.

This has to be addressed because there are people who believe that preggophilia is a result of some idea that women are dirty or bad. Such opinions should never even see the light of day but they have found a way to plant themselves in the minds of people.

However, I’ll do our part by saying preggophilia is not disrespectful. People in the preggophilia community are only in awe of the idea of pregnancy, the dynamism of a pregnant woman’s changing body, and the strength that she must yield. With these said, it is absolutely fine if you’re not comfortable with this fetish.

10. People are fetish for many different reasons

Once again, people are unique in their desires. There are some things that just cannot be explained or defined by a formula that was cooked up in a lab or class. If you’re wondering why there is an entire community of people who are excited by this fetish and you’re seeking an explanation, let me save you the time of seeking words that do not exist – there is no single definition or explanation as to the existence of the preggophilia fetish.

The reasons however can be understood for some. That is, preggophilia may be a coping mechanism for some people who have sadly gone through some traumatic experience that they’re trying to recover from, with the sight of a pregnant woman seeming to be the only effective cure, even if temporary. For others, it could be that they experienced an event that just happens to get them that much more open-minded than they were before. It really can be anything!

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