Myths about intercourse your teen wants debunked (Half 1)

When matters turn into taboo, it breeds misinformation. And there are few matters extra taboo – particularly in relation to speaking with younger individuals – than intercourse. However youngsters can and do have intercourse. And younger individuals have a proper to correct, age-appropriate details about their our bodies and relationships earlier than they enter this a part of grownup life. With out it, they’re extra prone to expertise teen being pregnant, STIs and ugly sexual experiences. And since this matter is so shrouded in thriller, there’s numerous misinformation on the market. A lot, in reality, we needed to cowl it in two weblog posts. Listed below are the myths round intercourse that oldsters have to debunk with their teenagers.

Fantasy: Solely ‘adults’ get STIs and teenagers don’t want to fret

Truth: Many STIs are literally extra frequent in younger individuals than older age teams. For instance, in Australia, these aged between 15 and 19 had the very best charges of Chlamydia diagnoses than another age group. Condoms are the very best technique of safety in opposition to STIs.

Fantasy: The Tablet protects you from STIs  

Truth: The Tablet doesn't shield in opposition to STIs, that are both transmitted by way of bodily fluids or virus shedding through the pores and skin, nevertheless it does minimise the chance of being pregnant. Hormonal contraception would possibly cease you from ovulating – nevertheless it’s not a barrier in opposition to STIs.

Fantasy: You don’t want to fret about STIs till you might have signs

Truth: Many STIs don’t all the time current with noticeable signs. Chlamydia and gonorrhoea each usually don't have any signs, and most of the people don’t realise once they have herpes. That’s why it’s so essential when you’re sexually energetic to get examined recurrently.

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Fantasy: Males have their ‘sexual peak’ at 18 and ladies at 30

Truth: This fable relies off the truth that for individuals with male biochemistry, testosterone peaks at round age 18, and people with feminine biochemistry peak in oestrogen a decade later. However research present that sexual want continually fluctuates in individuals of all genders. In addition to, there are various extra components past age and hormone ranges to consider.  

Fantasy: The larger the penis, the higher the intercourse

Truth: Penises are available all types of sizes and styles, as do individuals’s preferences. There are way more essential components for sexual compatibility, such pretty much as good communication and caring about your companion’s pleasure.

Fantasy: It’s regular for intercourse to be painful, particularly the primary time

Truth: That is one directed extra in the direction of individuals having penis in vagina penetration, however even then, it’s merely not true. Intercourse ought to by no means harm. Ache is a warning signal from the physique that you simply may not be comfy or are pushing your physique bodily, and would possibly need to decelerate, take a break or cease fully. Ache throughout intercourse may also be brought on by medical points and must be appeared into by a health care provider if it doesn’t go away after just a few weeks.  

Fantasy: Solely homosexual males can turn into HIV optimistic

Truth: HIV can go between individuals of all genders and sexualities. It may be unfold by way of anal or vaginal intercourse and not using a condom when you’re not taking Pre-Publicity Prophylaxis (PrEP) medicine. Whereas PrEP is normally prescribed for homosexual males, anybody can ask their physician for a prescription. However once more, condoms are nice for stopping the transmission of HIV.

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Fantasy: You may solely get STIs from penetrative intercourse

Truth: STIs unfold from bodily fluids, which may get blended up in different methods past penis-in-vagina intercourse. Whereas vaginal and anal intercourse are the most certainly to create transmission of STIS, many can even unfold from skin-to-skin contact. Oral intercourse, intimate pores and skin contact and sharing intercourse toys can all unfold STIs. That is why utilizing safety like condoms (male or feminine) and common sexual well being check-ups are so essential.

Fantasy: You CAN’T get pregnant if it’s your first-time having intercourse, you wash afterwards, or you might have intercourse in a spa

Truth: If somebody ejaculates inside a vagina, no quantity of water can totally wash out all of the sperm (sorry everybody). Though, it may be good to scrub after intercourse to scale back the chance of UTIs (urinary tract infections). The ‘first time’ isn't any magic barrier both; individuals can – and do – get pregnant after having intercourse as soon as. 

Fantasy: You CAN get pregnant from oral intercourse or floating semen in a pool

Truth: The digestive and reproductive programs are separate. And sperm aren’t like sharks that scent blood within the water; they’re not going to hone in on an individual’s eggs and swim by way of a pool, by way of each units of labia and into their vagina. You may cross these ones off your pregnancy-scare checklist.

Fantasy: You may’t get pregnant in your interval

Truth: Whereas that is technically unlikely or unusual, sperm can dwell contained in the physique for as much as 5 days. So, there's a small probability of changing into pregnant after having unprotected intercourse throughout menstruation, as a result of the surviving sperm can impregnate an individual as soon as they begin ovulating once more. In addition to this, some individuals do ovulate throughout their durations. (Once more uncommon, however doable.)

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