I Still Love my Ex: How Can I Get them Back?

I still love my ex to date. Many folks do!

I still love my ex, sounds familiar? The feeling about an ex-lover or someone beloved does not disappear into thin air the minute you separate. This is a soul that shared your world with, made many memories, a person who completed and made you whole. That is why you can't just erase what you shared, forget it all and move on like it just didn't matter.

At the moment of breaking up, you possibly said, “I deserve better, it is his/her loss, I don't need him/her, I hate you!” You probably said these words a thousand times hoping to get better. Instead, you felt irritation, nervousness, resentment, distress, loss, & guilt rather experiencing assurance, peace, then closure since you love your ex-partner. 

After breaking up with somebody, you start questioning whether they loved you. “why did they mistreat me when they were my companion? Is it because I was very obsessed with them that I did not see how toxic our union was? 

Nonetheless, some breakups are vital since they show what is refraining you including your impediments/obsessions. It helps you come to a realization you revamp your life. At this point, you discovered your true self and maybe you were the problem. This person was dear and  your love never faded. They helped you to go on a pursuit and realize why you were a near-perfect tie. The break up made you ask yourself some thoughtful interrogations which gave you transformative answers.

You keep pondering if there is any hope for you two to re-unite. It is very possible as long as your heart beats for them it’s time to try all in your power to rekindle the fire. Stop concentrating on who was wrong and who to blame, how and reasons it was over, and the what-ifs in your partnership. In love life, at no time let regret and remorse hold you from finding your joy by being with the one you love.


You may be asking yourself, “since feelings for my ex-love are still on, what if their love for me died, what should I do?” It demands hard work to re-unit with an ex-lover. However, making a little sacrifice with some effort helps you achieve your mission. Though, you need a strategy to help accomplish this. Calling your ex-partner and telling you reunite will not make them come back. Regardless of the time your union lasted or what caused the separation, it can be rekindled.

 Here is a strategy to help you in reviving your reunion  

As I said earlier, the love of your ex-lover does not die instantly. Before a person truly says that they no longer love or emotionally depend on their ex after parting, requires time. This varies between different persons or the situations which triggered the parting.

 Remember here you're dealing with two people who are diverse and handled the separation inversely and have exceptional different pasts and common memories. Therefore, timing is key when you're planning towards reuniting with your ex-lover. You need a strategy to successfully accomplish this mission.

  1. No Interaction Rule

Don’t communicate with your ex-lover too quickly once you breakup at it will help you comprehend the parting. If you try to make contact quickly you are still love my ex phase.

Use this period to establish and work on your weak areas, recuperate, and re-build your inner-strength. By understanding why, the split, work on yourself and change on areas that contributed the separation.

 Knowing the dos and the don’ts helps you build a solid union. Contacting your ex-partner too quickly denies them a chance to see and acknowledge the transformation you made.

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Therefore, avoid any interactions soon and rather work on these changes.

  Make them realize the changed you which will make them forget the ugly side and the negative characteristics of your past. 

  1. Work on Your inner-strength 

 Self-confidence is a requirement to persuade an ex-partner to comeback. You must constantly be certain that having your ex-lover back is you desire. Self-assurance helps you fight for love

Don’t think your ex-partner is better alone or getting reuniting is a bad idea. In fact, they may be hurting more and wish to revive the union with you so badly. 

This is why you shouldn’t allow fear to make you hesitant in beginning the process of re-uniting with your ex-lover.  Also, don't consider yourself inferior as it makes you lose self-confidence.

  1. Avoid Making the Same Faults

Every breakup is not out of the blue. It is caused by various reasons. When persuading to reunite with an ex-partner, don’t repeat mistakes you made earlier.

 Change accordingly to prove to your ex-lover that you can still be happy together. Drop all bad developed habits and figure out the don’ts in your union. 

No one wants to experience the same annoying issues. Avoiding these blunders makes your ex feel more inclined to make things better

  1. Review Your Separation and Accept 

This is an important phase to help you begin the process of reuniting if you are an i still love my ex phase.

Before your splitting, your union was not stable and you promised to change. Regrettably, nothing changed and parting was the only solution.

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 So, you have to think and fathom what is required of you.  As much as you need to change, do not change who you are and taint your personality. Just improve your habits to match to their personality. Don't just sacrifice your happiness to make the other individual happy.

  1. Win Back Your Ex’s Love

There is nothing more hurting than loving somebody who does not love you back. The final tactic is to make your ex -lover get the mutual feeling. You can revive their feelings in many ways and one of them is radio silence.

 This is cutting any interactions and communications with the other person which makes them to start missing you. Also, prove you’re no longer that person they broke up with and, they will love you back.

 Love is a beautiful thing to keep burning. Not even a breakup can stop it!

All the best!

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