I miss my ex problem solved with motivation

I miss my ex is a common phrase for decades. But what causes that feeling of missing? And why there is no motivation to move on?

Many people have that weird feeling of loss, even physical pain, to not mention crying because they are in a state of “I miss my ex”. Many of them are not able to move on. Just stuck in place and slowly dying. In their eyes, of course.

Missing someone is not unusual. But before you continue with it, think like this: Is this one way feeling or is mutual? Yes, I miss my ex is one-way feeling otherwise, you two will still be together, right?

So, you should move on.

The First step is to be self-confident

Searching for new love in your life can be interesting. And painful. But let's focus on an interesting option.
When you start to communicate with a new man, what is your main goal?
For sure, even if you are not aware of it, you want to make him think about you when he is not with you. If you succeed this – he is all yours, and “I miss my ex” problem is solved.

So, when you are in the flirting phase of relation, your goal is exactly this – to make man thinking of you when he is not with you. Why? Well, it is very easy to understand men's nature – once when you can get him to have you in his thoughts for sure he is going to meet you and want to be with you.

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Don't run in a new relation easily. Fast moves can make new “I miss my ex” problems.

So to reach that goal let me give you a few cool tips on how to accomplish that.

Local reminder

This tip is so cool. Ask him where he lives, but don't go too deep. Just put the focus on some landmarks he mentions. Why? Well, this is why. If he mentions some shopping mall, coffee shop, swimming pool, use that in some story which is not connected (for him) and mention him your favorite shop, coffee or just mention how you went to trip where you swim naked in the pool. But never mention you ex, or that you miss ex in that period of life.

Sound silly right? But trust me, this motivation works!

Next time, depending on your story, when he goes to the mall, walking near a coffee shop or see the pool, he will have a trigger for romantic feelings about you, because mentioned landmarks will bring back memories on you. So you are one step forward to solve “I miss my ex” problem.

Cute remark

In this phase, you will avoid compliments. Instead of compliments you will give some innocent comments but be careful to not hurt his feelings. For example, if he shows you his new shirt, or tie or some other thing he wants you to see, you won't be impressed. You will comment on him back something like: “nice, my grandfather has almost the same” or “Oh cool, I see this 5 years ago on sale in the shop”.

So it is not insulting but will trigger motivation memory on you every time he touches some object your comment. So mean, but so powerful technique.

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Just be gone – put him in “I miss my ex” phase

Even this sounds opposite of your goal, it works. Imagine that you spend with him every day. Yeah, it will become so boring, I agree. So instead of running for him, you will run from him. That will cause a natural reaction in men to miss you instantly. But of course – you won't leave him, you will just have some things to do, more important than him.

Unknown in front of known

This is a very easy step. These means don't put your history in a subject, make him discover you instead. Because history can become an enemy even if he starts to think that you are still in “I miss my ex” phase. So in simple words – don't be open book, make some parts of you to be a mystery. Remember, as long as he trying hard to know you that means that he is motivated and you are in his head. And if you are in his head path to his hearth is easy to be solved.

Conclusion about “I miss my ex”

As you can see, this is a game full of motivation. Just follow this guide and you will find a person you want.

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