I can’t stop thinking about him! Help!

I can’t stop thinking about him! I need help!

How many times you hear this: I can’t stop thinking about him! Having him constantly in your mind can be cute for getting a crush on somebody cause it’ll give a sense of inspiration, and just daydream, finding yourself smiling then saying “Oh, I can’t stop thinking about him!”. But for people who feel frustrated that they can’t get him off their mind, a lot of ways exist to stop this from happening and we’re going to discuss each one. 

Having him in mind can be a hard thing to avoid if you miss him, when you guys just broke up, when he did a mistake you just can’t shake off or when he passed away, in this case, we are sorry for your loss and we hope this blog makes you feel better. With what I said, there actually are many ways to have him off your mind then there’s no need in worrying now. 

Here are ways to avoid having him in mind too much:

Identify the cause why he is on your mind!

Before having to avoid the stuff you have related to him, you initially need to identify why you’re feeling this way. Why do you have to do it? Cause in avoiding stuff, you must know what you’re avoiding, right? If he’s in your head cause he cheated, or when the relationship just stopped or he’s acting coldly then you just can’t stop wondering and stop saying I can’t stop thinking about him!

Change habits.

If you’re in a relationship, there are already habits or some routines in a day that you’ve done for him. Like sending a message when you’re going to leave the house or letting the other know that your day is over. Change the habits or routines you formed. These are small acts that’ll easily help think to make you think of him. And when it happens, consciously hinder yourself from doing it.


Hideaway the things he gave. 

I know you’ve got some photos or a thing that he gave displayed in your room. Hide it and stash it away to a corner. Do that because it’s going to allow you instantly to have him in your mind when you see it. Waking up looking at his photo will already have an effect for the whole day. And the emotions just get all riled up, and won't make you far from I can’t stop thinking about him – state.

Find a distraction from I can’t stop thinking about him!

Have something that’ll distract you and keep you focused on other things instead. You can attend some workshops for poetry, singing, dancing or other activities that you believe you’re talented in. Enroll in a gym. Distracting yourself but in the meantime, you’re actually making yourself better too. That’s a win-win case right? Better than “I can’t stop thinking about him!” miserable state.

Avoid communication with him.

Stop communicating with him to avoid having him in mind. Do not allow communication with him. Simply cause when you’re interacting with people, it makes you like to converse with them more. It makes you remember some details he said during the conversation. Block his social media pages and block his number on your phone. Help yourself avoid the temptation of responding to his texts or chats.

Don’t talk about him with friends.

The girlfriends will always ask what happened and try to get more details. But if you’re not ready to converse about him yet. Let them know. Don’t get him involved in conversations, don’t allow him to be a topic. Cause if you do, you then start to hear opinions about him. It may get you mad or sad, in whatever case, you’ll feel the urge to talk with him again. 

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It may be really simple to say but can be really hard to do. It’s a challenge you must overcome cause when you let go, you lift off a heavy weight in your chest and that’s not a good thing for your inner peace as well. Let go of all the pain he has done to you. Avoid having questions that were not answered. Move on, you can do it step by step. There’s no rush, move on at your own pace. Forgive in your own time but just be sure you’re progressing and growing.

Do something for yourself! 

Is there are movie that you really wanted to watch but was not able to cause he doesn’t like to watch it? Or a restaurant you wanted to dine in but he’s not into that cuisine? How about a place you wanted to visit but he’s just not into that scene? Come on, it’s time for you to do it. Explore those places and do things you’re into. Have these for yourself and not for somebody else and for sure not for I can’t stop thinking about him! state of mind.

Attention’s on you.

Get stuff done that’ll help you focus reinventing yourself. There probably be some skills you can develop while you’re trying to have a distraction or there probably be some hidden talents you never knew you’re good at until you’ve tried it. Go out with friends, bring your social life back and live in the moment. Avoid worrying about what could have been and start focusing in the now. We trying to move from “I can’t stop thinking about him!”

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Life without him may not be easy at first but you’re strong and independent. Remember what life was before him? Now you can have it again but living it better now that you’ve grown and learned a lot of things that’ll be applied soon. Think of the future and plan ahead on things. Make new memories with new people. The world is too big to explore. And there is only a little time to do so you better get started. There’s no rush or pressure, don’t worry. Just promise yourself that you’re progressing to a better version of yourself.

So as you see, you can make yourself far from “I can’t stop thinking about him!” state, but you need time, effort and hard decision. Want to find out how to leave toxic relationships? Do it here.


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