Somebody confirmed us the video of a person dragging his spouse on the bottom by her hair and beating her mercilessly whereas neighbors watched! One other man in one other video was whipping his spouse the way in which you beat a cussed cow!
I received drained!
Aside from genotype check, HIV check, blood group check amongst others you do earlier than getting married, check his psychological well being too! I do not know the place they try this, in a normal hospital or psychiatric hospital!
Some males usually are not regular. Maybe the irritating Nigerian economic system is compounding their downside!
Be certain that man does not have some critical emotional, psychological and psychological points earlier than agreeing to marry him.
If he's on substance abuse or hooked on alcohol, you have already got a hazard sign standing proper in entrance of you. If he's cigarette or marijuana addict, he has critical issues!
Most males flip to these stuff to flee from the fact of their complicated issues! He's an addict! Addicts expertise withdrawal signs when they're starved. Something can occur throughout that withdrawal should you dare step on his toes!
Some males usually are not hooked on any substance! They're hooked on energy, management and abuse!
Some are hooked on feeding off different's cash! He takes your cash, leaves you penniless and beats you blue black should you dare increase an eyebrow! Some ladies are already useless  for marrying these mad folks!
Do your self some favour in courtship!
Research him effectively and guarantee he doesn't have critical, complicated, violent, harmful anger points!
Guarantee he has a job/enterprise that may deal with at the very least 3 individuals and he takes paying his payments critical!
Guarantee he isn't hooked on any substance or medicine!
Guarantee he isn't battling, acute, complicated, incurable, tremendous, mega, hyper low self-worth!
Guarantee he isn't affected by superiority, alpha and omega, god of your universe complicated!
Guarantee he understands what marriage is, who a lady is and who you're to him!
Guarantee he honours God, respects authorities and submits to the management above him.
Guarantee he respects your physique and isn't demanding for intercourse earlier than marriage!
Guarantee he has a robust relationship with God and has a sound, strong church he's attending!
Guarantee you could have at the very least a DPO's cellphone quantity, a military barrack and  ten hefty MOPOL in case you're already married to a person who has all of the above qualities and he retains misbehaving!
Knowledge is worthwhile to direct.

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