How To Get Over A Girl

How to get over a girl is fairly difficult but it’s not impossible. What are the ways and steps, are important while you want to get over a girl. Also read our article about I miss my girlfriend.


You sound like you've been fired in the heart, you're lost, and you don't know what to do with it. I realize there's a lot of famous content out there on this, but this post is different for one reason: I just got dumped too, and well, it hurts.

I compose this for myself as much as I am for you. I'm not a genius, I'm not an expert; I'm just a wounded guy next to you. And we're going to get each other out of this disaster.

What we are doing right now, bloodied and bruised, is what distinguishes us. We can choose to be frail, lie on the freezing field, and wait for the artillery to be full of emotion, or we can choose to become the product of legends.

So wrap a cloth around that fresh cut, remember it's going to give you pain and let's get the fuck out of this wretched spot. We charge forward, limp, and all of it.

Feel the agony of the sprinter enduring the burning of the final lap. Feel it! Consider the existence of it. Yeah, there is. Yeah, it's very intense.

Yet it remains to be overcome, and you're the only one to be conquered. Don't go back down, don't go back. You've been designed to conquer this.

Yeah, it's rough, darn it, so what? It is the rough stuff that grows us.

Take accountability for your own opinions and emotions, get your britches out, and never forget that this is the right thing to do. I assure you.

Your mission is to succeed without it; to be autonomous. The way you cope with this emotional wound will decide if it becomes a wonderful personal tale of enduring tragedy or a lifelong emotional deformity.

Antoine de Saint-Exúpery said in Wind, Sand, and Stars, “What saves a man is a step forward. Another move, then, it’s still the same step, so you have to take it.” So let's take the next few moves together:

How to get Over a Girl- Step 1: Accept It!

This is done, dude. They're finished now. This is the toughest part of it for me. And if she's coming back, do I really want a girl who rejected me?

You're never going to embrace someone who doesn't want to be your mate. If Eva Longoria doesn't see my ability, she's not right with me. It's just that easy. If you're discarded for the junk you need to pick up your life, so you need to repair things not for them, but for yourself.

Any time I find myself thinking about her, I repeat forcefully, “Insecurity leaving the body.” Don't bury in your loss. Be happy for the good memories you've had and use them as an inspiration to discover the next one!

Your importance has little to do with your acceptance. While you're worried about it, we don't necessarily miss it; we miss the thought of it. We lack a missing wax casting of them; we're not going to miss them as much as we miss their impact on us.

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We're losing to be with someone who's sexy, knowledgeable, humorous, and loves us. So guess what, huh? This isn't them today. Ironically, if we do wind up with them again, it can only be since we prospered without them.

How to get Over a Girl- Step 2: Don't Blame Yourself!!

It's too enticing to jump into the rabbit hole and ponder about, “What if I did X or I didn't do Y? Should things be different, huh? “Of course, that doesn't matter. It's part of history because it's a dead past. We are the ones we want to be now because that's the only thing we can manage.

Guilt about the past and anxiety about the future is both futile feelings that delay our ability to live in relaxed faith now. I'm screaming out loud, “No! Avoid it! Avoid it!

“Each time I begin to entertain thoughts of self-pity. Don't let anything mess with your opportunity to appreciate it today.

Just remember: this is actually a small occurrence in the trajectory of your whole existence, even though it doesn't seem like it.

 Step 3: Act Attractive

They would always want to be a buddy of yours. And, they might hate your guts. Also they could give mixed signals.

They will call and email all the time. Also they could never touch you again.

They could act aloof, and then call you to wish you a happy birthday (this happened to me at the time of writing). They can be confused and scared, and they can do any of the above. None of this is meant to concern you.

Public Enemy #1 is intended to overreact. Most individuals will act out of rage or anxiety; these are ways of unborn worship. Let him or her off the pedestal and don't read about their behavior. Don't wish to find out if they're going to do this or that.

There are too many factors to know the reasons behind this specific behavior at that particular moment. Over-analysis has never contributed a second to anyone's life. You're going to be all right with or without them. If you're starting to adjust your identity to get them back, so you're not ever going to win.

Be calm and concentrate on what's under your control, not on what they're doing. Don't go out of your way to talk to them, and don't get out of the way to stop them.

They're both reactive. Give yourself a limited range of relaxed responses to them, so it's no longer about them. It's just about taking care of you.

A simple rule of thumb here is to dial down your conversation to the severity of the pain—the more you hurt, the fewer you need to speak. If they keep contacting you, politely inform them, “Oh, I appreciate it, but I can't see the reason for us talking. I don't see you as a partner anymore, so please respect that.”

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Progress here is defined by the degree to which your emotional status is not disturbed. Don't communicate with them unless you would feel sure and comfortable.

Step 4: Don't Chase

Not only does this scare them further, but it also shows neediness and despair. That's not really what ties are for. Psychologist Wayne Dyer is perfectly summing up Your Erroneous Zones:

“A partnership founded on affection… is one in which each spouse encourages the other to be as he or she wishes, without any standards or requests. It's a clear association between two individuals who value each other so much that they will never expect each other to be someone that they would not want for themselves. It's a union with independence, not dependency.”

She's who she is, and you're not going to want and change her. Value her decision, and don't be tricked into behaving like she's the only person for you.

She might have had chemistry with you for that span of time, but she's not the last cup of water in the Sahara; you don't need it. As you may sound like you're doing it, but you're not. You need some food. You're going to need oxygen and water.

You ought to have unconditional confidence in yourself. You don't require a guy or a girl in particular.

Besides, thinking that he or she is more than someone else is an injustice to potentially millions of other individuals that you will find desirable and knowledgeable. I recall when my girl left me, it felt that all the demographics of the girls were moving away with her.

“I'm never going to find someone like her.” Don't buy that shit! Whatever it's characteristics (black, white, athletic, Christian, Muslim, intellectual, humorous, loving, motivated, laid back, etc.), there's more to it.

Fuck that, there's a lot more than her. In no way your lack of exploration makes her unique.

Disclaimer: I strongly suggest taking some time alone to get over your ex before you jump back to the dating scene. The timing is different for everybody, but usually, you can wait until you can stop contrasting the new individual to your ex; the new person needs as much a clean canvas as possible. The worse thing you can do is suddenly start dating a new individual to “fill the void” the ex left behind.

Step 5: Get rid of any reminder of them (within reason)

Every day on my journey, I pass three road signs to the exit decorating her first name, accompanied by another exit with her nationality. These variables are out of my grasp, and I still give them a Jay-Z sweep off my back.

It's all under your control? Get rid of it, guy. You need to keep your mind off this girl. Life is too short to lose even one second of your sanity, so adjust the station right away when Gavin Degraw's “Not over You” – or some other lousy breakup album – arrives to torture your heart.

The history has been dead. Leave it to the cemetery instead of reliving it.

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How to get Over a Girl- Step 6: Don't feel jealous!!

Don't equate yourself to the individuals they're talking to and dating. Their decisions rely only on them, not on you. Your self-esteem is more important here, how you feel for yourself, not opposed to any other random sap. Jealousy is the product of having someone outside your power to dictate your feelings.

Don't even exhibit symptoms of envy. Only let them go. Ironically, this is the most sexist thing you can do.

Step 7: Go Out Every Day with Friends

It's self-explanatory. Exhaust the list of connections before you've hung out with anyone who stays in town and speak to someone who doesn't. Friends are a perfect resource to hold morale high.

How to get over a Girl- Step 8: Do Not Check Their Social Media Accounts!

If you can't stop staring through their social networking accounts, unsubscribe from their Facebook posts so they won't show on your News Page.

If you can't stop unfriend them gently; don’t make a huge deal out of it, please don't mention it to anyone. When anyone brings something up to you, you admit they were unfriended, because you did so because you feel like you wanted to.

There is no guilt in the hurt. You don't have to give clarifications to anyone and stand by with your decisions.

Step 9: Throw yourself into your hobbies/work

Write something on the wish list and do something today to take a step forward. You don't have a reason! Any big task that has ever been completed has been broken down into measures minimal enough to be accomplished in a single day.

If you're planning to be a pilot, locate the curriculum and the testing courses. So, if you're going to miss it, call and agree to a day. If you're hunting for a six-pack, concentrate on eating healthier and working out today.

Take a step towards your target, every day, and how can you not accomplish it? Don't let the capital keep you down. Establish a savings account and deposit a fixed sum per month (before you spend anything on food!) before you have enough. I'd sooner die starving than have unfulfilled hopes.

The strength of your goals should at least equal the extent of your emotional interest in the girl. If you're still captivated with it, you're not occupied and engaged enough.

How to get Over a Girl- Step 10: Refocus Daily!

Dr. Dyer said it perfectly:

“You have been used to mental habits that define the origins of your emotions as independent of yourself. You've placed thousands of hours of encouragement into those thoughts, and you're going to have to match the scale with thousands of hours of fresh thinking.”

Learn the lesson from it and continue forward, but never aim for the lesson at the cost of going forward.

Know, the smooth waters never show the power of a vessel. The way you handle the hurricane reveals what sort of stuff you're made of. You're going to make it.

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  1. Hey! Very good post that I think every man should read. Also, I completely agree with you and I believe that at some point in their life every man is dumped by a girl that they saw their future with. It sucks really hard but what you do next is what matters the most. Instead of staying in your own head self-flagellating, the best thing you can do is use all those emotions to better yourself. In the end, it’s all about you. Eventually, time will pass, you will heal, and you will look back to that very moment with gratitude knowing that the journey that took you to where you are at started there.

    Finally, I like how you speak from experience. I can imagine how being open about and write about can help you deal with your own battles. Props to you and I look forward to your next post!

  2. Interesting article on this topic. Break-ups are very painful and some people are stronger while others can suffer to the point where they feel it’s worth not living anymore. You have some very good tips here on how to get over a girl and this can be applied to girls that need to get over a guy as well. But what do you do if the person feels so low after a break-up to the point where they don’t want to live anymore? I have seen that happen to friends people around me…

  3. Accept it. This step a lot of the time seems to be the hardest!

    Don’t blame yourself. I think that sometimes taking a good and hard look at our own behavior is super important. Will Smith talks a lot about how taking personal responsibility is not an admission of fault.

    Act attractive. “Acting as if” or “fake it till you make it.” can both be game changers to some extent.

    Don’t chase. Sometimes the chase is what people want. I think a good question to ask is “Do I want to chase? Or to be chased?”

    Get rid of any reminder of them. Personally, reminders are not always a bad thing. Especially if it reminds you to be a better human being.

    Thank you for your perspective though! And I hope you the best as well!

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