How She Dedicated Suicide As a result of Of physique shaming

I needed she was alive to witness at the present time, However sadly, My youthful sister has gone eternally.

Right here I knelt down infront of her gràve, Carrying stunning flowers on my hand, With tears rolling down from my eyes.

For greater than a minute, I couldn’t speak a single phrase, I solely bent down my head, crying uncontrollably.

Evertime, she can be crying, saying her magnificence has been deteriorated.

Earlier than I might elevate up my head, My fabric had been moist with tears.

“Dammy, My stunning youthful sister, Blissful posthumous birthday. I don’t know in case you’re listening to me or not, However in case you’re, I wish to let you know that you simply remained stunning in my eyes. I like you a lot! ” I stated, As tears began rolling down from my eyes once more.

Even after dropping the flower on my hand on her gràve, I nonetheless discovered it so very exhausting to face up and go away, As a result of I couldn’t consider dammy, My youthful sister has gone.

Damilola, My youthful sister, was born with an exquisite and fairly face. Her comeliness was engaging a lot that everyone in our neighborhood cherished to hold her round. All of them cherished to play with damilola, My youthful sister, when she was nonetheless an toddler.

However on one trustworthy and wōeful day, Damilola was simply eleven years outdated then, Neither me or my dad and mom was round. So Damilola needed to prepare dinner by herself utilizing the gasoline cooker, However whereas attempting to set fireplace on the gasoline cooker, It exploded, And Damilola’s face was būrnt. She misplaced one in all her eyes.

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Ever since that day, Damilola has been residing in sòrròw. Everytime, she can be taking a look at her photos; those she had earlier than the incident, and the one she had after the incident.

Evertime, she can be crying, saying her magnificence has been deteriorated.

As a brother who cherished his sister very a lot, I'd all the time attempt every little thing I might to make her smile and pleased.

“Dammy, You’re even prettier than earlier than. I like you want this. Maintain glittering, My stunning princess ” I all the time instructed her this.

At any time when this was whispered to her ears, She would grin cheerfully.

“Thanks, My irreplaceable brother. I like you too”

This continued for 2 years. Although, Damilola was all the time being būllied, bōdyshàmed and brōwbeaten by her pals and other people, However at any time when she instructed me, I'd ensure that I made her pleased.

On Damilola’s twelve years birthday, She was so very pleased on that day, She wakened early, she was all excited. I might see she was pleased, so I threw her a brotherly joke.

“Dammy, dammy,!! Gained’t you even anticipate me to sing for you? ” I stated.

She smiled

“Once I’m again. Don’t fear!” She responded.

Mummy and daddy had been additionally at dwelling. In addition they needed to shock her with items, However she didn’t wait in any respect. She went to highschool excitedly.

Earlier than Damilola might return again from college, Mum and Dad had gone out. I used to be the one one remained at dwelling.

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Damilola returned again from college at precisely twelve o’clock pm, with tears on her face. She was crying flowingly.

Damilola doesn’t come again dwelling from college at the moment, so I knew one thing was unsuitable.

“Dammy, what occurred? ” I requested.

She instructed me to not fear however I pestered her until she confessed.

On that day at school, Damilola, My youthful sister was būllìed and bodyshàmed by one in all their feminine academics at school. She referred to as her “one eyed stūpìd Lady” as a result of she couldn’t see what she confirmed her clearly. So the entire class exploded with laughter. This made Damilola, My youthful sister really feel bád and dèpprèssed.

“I don’t suppose I can maintain this anymore ” Damilola stated, Crying bìtterly.

“Widespread.. Cease that. I’m coming. I’ll go to your college now and she's going to règrèt it” I stated, as I stood up angrìly.

I went to Dammy’s college and I met the instructor there. Earlier than she might utter a phrase, I had slapped her two instances.

“Rūbbish” I stated, as I left.

The remaining academics had been even calling me, However I simply shouted

“She bodyshàmed my youthful sister”.

However sadly, as I received dwelling, I met Damilola rolling on the ground, Holding her abdomen, as she was groaning in ache.

“Dammmmy, what occurred? ” I positioned her head on my lap.

Then I noticed a bottle of pòisonous substance on her hand.

“Wait, Dammy, The place did you get this? ” I used to be sweating hotly.

All she might utter was

“Thanks to your love bro. I can’t take it anymore “.

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“Dammy, Maintain on, Please, You’ll be superb ” I used to be stammering, as I used to be crying.

As I attempted to elevate her up, she breathed down, And died.

Damilola, My youthful sister died on my hand.

Let speak no to body-shaming, No to bullyìng and No to emotional blackmailing.

Emotional trauma shouldn't be a baby’s play.


This can be a work of fiction. Names, characters, locations and incidents both are merchandise of the creator’s creativeness or are used fictitiously.

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