Professional Recommendation: My girlfriend thinks that I’m dishonest on her, as a result of I like my feminine pals’ footage on Instagram. What ought to I do?

Professional Recommendation: Mel Williams
I've a variety of feminine pals on Instagram and on occasion I like their footage. My girlfriend thinks that I'm untrue. How can I clarify to her that I'm only a social individual?
Boyfriend’s notion: I'm a social individual and have many pals. Lots of my pals are ladies and they're additionally on my Instagram. Now and again I like their footage however for some cause, my girlfriend will get offended by that. She accuses me of fantasizing about different ladies. How can I clarify to her that my liking different folks’s footage on social media shouldn't be an expression of me fantasizing about them?
Girlfriend’s notion: If my boyfriend is lurking behind ladies on-line and liking their footage, it signifies that he isn’t trustworthy. My ex used to do the identical factor and I by no means mentioned something to him as a result of I didn’t wish to come throughout as possessive. He ended up dishonest me with one of many ladies he adopted on-line. I'm afraid my boyfriend will do the identical. 
Professional’s recommendation for the boyfriend: Attempt to see the place your girlfriend is coming from. It may not simply be about you liking different ladies’ footage but in addition about you not valuing her a lot. She would possibly really feel unappreciated by you and possibly, due to this fact, is getting jealous of the eye you might be giving to different ladies. Attempt to put your self in her shoe. Think about her liking and complimenting different guys’ footage. If you happen to don’t like this picture, you also needs to keep away from placing her on this state of affairs.
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Praise her, inform her you to like her and recognize her. 
Professional’s recommendation for the girlfriend: Introspect if you're overthinking the state of affairs. Perhaps you make a much bigger deal out of nothing. You might be defining your current and future on the idea of what occurred up to now. You might be now not courting your ex and your boyfriend is a distinct one that is much less more likely to do what your ex did. Attempt to see him for him as an alternative of fixating in your ex’s betrayal. Work in your insecurities and if the very fact your boyfriend likes different ladies’ footage hurts you a lot then speak to him calmly as an alternative of beginning a combat.

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