Cool Techniques How To Tell a Guy You Like Him

We can agree that every girl wants to master this Cool Techniques How To Tell a Guy You Like Him but we all will be happy if we succeed in that without saying that.

The Modern-Day Travails Of Dating Later In Life

Many years after high school, I assume that your methods of finding out if a guy is into you have tremendously improved. So how to tell a guy you like him?

If, back then, shoving or teasing him worked, a more mature and refined approach would be suitable now that you’re in the later stages of life.

Many women lament that the chances of finding a single guy who’s not gay these days has declined as compared to 15 years ago.

Perhaps, this is why women hesitate to let a guy know she’s attracted to him for fear of rejection.

While we’re on this subject of rejection, did you know that men and women deal with rejection quite differently?

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Men tend to view it as a challenge to their manhood while women perceive it as a reflection of a lack in their person, so it's not easy to understand how to tell a guy you like him.

This is why women tend to blame the guy, resort to self-care, or work hard to get over the rejection while men see the need to get even when they’re rejected.

As a woman, it’s, therefore, comprehensible that you’re reluctant to expose yourself to a guy and run the risk of rejection.

At the back of your mind, you’d envision him laughing at your technique while, in real life, he’d likely just take it as a compliment and let you know that he’s already taken.

So, here’s a fact about dating later in life that you need to get over with – rejection is a given.

To conquer your fear, try to view it in this light how to tell a guy you like him

If the guy to whom you’ve just shown interest in turns you down, just take it to mean that he wasn’t meant for you, and you no longer need to waste time and energy, wondering if you have a chance with him.

Also, it means you have one man less to wonder about in the single and straight male population before finding your mate.

If you take on these points of view, you’ll see rejection not as an enemy to be feared but as an ally that’ll get you closer to your goal.

Agree? Good. Then, let’s proceed how to tell a guy you like him.

How To Tell a Guy You Like Him ?

Advantages Of Letting Him Know

Frankly, the best advantage of letting him know is that you’ll know whether he’s also attracted to you.

Besides that, here are some runners-up.

Enhances Expertise

The more you do it, the more you become an expert in reading signals, and the more you become more confident in the craft.

The more knowledgeable you become in deciphering signs, the more effective your decisions and actions become.

Boosts Self-Confidence and learn how to tell a guy you like him

In life, being self-confident is its own reward and you would do well to work hard on developing it.

Studies show that men are attracted to confident women. Seriously.

Well, aren’t you intrigued at men who appear as though nothing could faze him? He’s the type that exudes an aura that says, fearless and capable.

     Get the picture?

     Well, this is the same for men. Nothing says sexy to them than a woman who is fully aware of who she is and is not afraid to show it.

Hones Techniques how to tell a guy you like him

     Once you’ve done it often enough, you’ll learn things about yourself that you can capitalize on in the next attempt.

     So perhaps you’ve learned that the hair-twisting or lip-licking isn’t your style, and instead, having a great sense of humor gets guys to pay more attention to you.

     These natural strengths of yours can definitely be honed to your advantage. Keep practicing and get better at it.

Improves Your Chances

     They say you’re never going to win in the lottery if you haven’t bought a ticket.

     The same is true in finding your mate and how to tell a guy you like him.

     If you’re not putting yourself out there and taking chances, you’re most likely going to have a challenging time finding your mate.

     As I earlier mentioned, for each man that you’ve shown interest in, the probability of finding the right one increases.

Cool ways How To Tell a Guy You Like Him

After seeing the benefits of letting a guy know you like him, I hope you’re now all geared up and ready to try some of the following cool techniques that are sure to get him to notice you.

Rest assured, there are none of those cringy methods which you see in the movies or in teenage flicks where the girl does the hair twirl and pouts. Yup, as I said, it’s cringy, and might I add, predictable.

So, here are the strategies that you can definitely pull off naturally, with a bit of practice and self-affirmation.

Be Direct When You Flirt how to tell a guy you like him

Flirting is, hands-down, one of the most common yet effective ways to communicate to a man that you find him attractive. The difference in this technique is you need to be direct.

I know this comes as a surprise as women tend to prefer subtlety over directness.

Remember, though, that you are dealing with a man and men prefer a direct approach.

     One study asked men and women about their preferred approach when flirting.

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     The men preferred direct approach where the woman cites the man’s sexiness as the reason for her preferring to sit with him.

     Women, on the other hand, preferred the line where the man asked open-ended questions. Of course!

     Both genders agreed on one thing – they didn’t like pick-up lines.

     So, instead of inquiring about a game he’s watching, take courage and get your forward game on and learn how to tell a guy you like him.

Smile, smile, smile

     Research reveals that women who smile are seen as more amiable and approachable. So, practice your best smile on your target to let him know you’re approachable.

     Smile while conversing with him. Smile when you see him across the hall. Smile when you meet each other in the office. Just smile at him – generously – and he’s sure to get the message.

How to tell a guy you like him ? Just say it.

Okay, I know this is hardly a strategy, but come to think of it, how many of you can actually express your attraction as it is?

I’m sure the idea sounds mad but it’s forward, which is key as I earlier mentioned, and honestly, it’ll save you time, which you don’t have as much right now.

Let’s assume that you like someone in your circle of friends.

You wouldn’t want to lose any friends so do it when you’re not with everyone in the group.

Once you’ve got himself all to yourself, say, “I think we’d make a fantastic couple based on how much we have in common,” or “I sometimes wonder about us dating. How about you?” or “To be honest, you seem to have all the traits that I’m looking for in a man. What can you say about that?”

If he doesn’t react the way you expected, don’t take it right away as rejection. Maybe the way how to tell a guy you like him was wrong.

It could be that he’s never considered you as a potential girlfriend because of your friendship or he just needs to process your direct confession first.

If he does reject you, go back to our earlier discussion about rejection and then switch back to being friends after you’ve recovered and are ready to resume your friendship.

Naturally, there’ll be some awkwardness but it’s temporary. Once you’ve moved on, things will revert to how it was because of your established friendship.

Invite Him Out & Be Clear About Your Intention.

     I know most of you are skittish about this one. It’s understandable, but what I want to ask is why wait for him to ask you out? What if he doesn’t? Then, you’re left wondering and waiting…

     At least, you’ll know right away how he’s feeling about you or if you’ve got a chance.

     If he is, in fact, attracted and would love to go out with you, well, wouldn’t it be grand to go on a real date with him this soon?

     Besides, a woman who asks a man out is considered self-assured and fearless. So that makes easier to know how to tell a guy you like him.

     Here’s a tip. A man who’s taken aback by your unexpected assertiveness will likely say yes out of curiosity, if not because of similar attraction.

     One thing to remember is that do let it be clear to him that this is not just a friendly hang.

     This is especially important when you are friends. This way, there’ll be no misunderstandings about your message.

     For instance, asking him out to join you on your lunch break or coffee break does not necessarily live up to what a real date is, and if you’re already friends, this might be taken as just a friendly invitation.

     So, opt instead for an all-out evening like dinner, drinks, or concert. Make sure you do not let anyone else tag along.

Hang With Your Friends

     Okay, so you’ve not worked up the courage to invite him out to a full-on date. Fine.

     Invite him, instead, to hang with you and your friends. Understandably, this item is applicable only if you’re not yet friends.

     For example, you really like this gorgeous hunk in the gym but are too scared to approach him and invite him out for a real date.

     Your next option is to invite him, instead, to one of your hangouts with friends. This may be more to your taste as it’s a little less intimidating plus there’s less pressure.

     When you’re out in the restroom, you can arrange for one of your friends to tell him that you invited him because you are attracted to him. Your friend can also do the deciphering for you.

Tune In When He Talks

     When you’re talking, would you rather that the other person interject in the middle of your sentences or that he ‘d give you his full attention and affirms it by asking you about what you just said? No brainer, really.

     Suffice to say that when we feel valued and affirmed when a person pays attention to what we say.

     So, block out all other stimuli and give the guy your undivided attention already. when you plan on how to tell a guy you like him already.

     This way, it’s easier to carry on a witty and engaging conversation.

 Show Interest By Asking Engaging Questions

     Asking questions about what he just said communicates interest.

     If you’re already friends, make your memory work for you, and mention past conversations with him or what he’s said.

     For instance, if he mentioned to you many years ago that his dad took him to see the Northern Lights once, ask him if he has revisited it or if he’s gone on a recent expedition with his dad.

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     He’ll be flattered and pleasantly surprised that you remembered.

Show Thoughtfulness.

     Let him know you care by doing thoughtful acts such as buying him his favorite drink, baking him some goodies, booking tickets to watch his all-time favorite singer, texting him that you’re thinking of him, or getting him a book that reminded you of him.

     There’s no need to be lavish or grand with the gesture. The intention is to get him to notice that he’s special to you and that you regard him as more than a friend.

     Hopefully, he’ll respond positively and get to think about you more often too.

Seek His Assistance.

     This is difficult if you’ve been single long enough to be quite competent at taking care of yourself, but here’s a tip. Men, in general, love to rescue a ‘damsel in distress.’ So, why not let him?

     Besides, any healthy relationship is based on mutual support and interdependence. If you’re not used to this, then this is your baptism of fire.

     Surely, you can think of other original ideas to ask for his assistance than opening a jar or killing cockroaches.

     It can be anything such as asking him to get something at the top of a cabinet or seeking lessons on tire changing.

     Whatever you can think of, do not forget to thank him afterward. If the timing is right and the favor a big deal, you can tell him that you’ll buy him lunch as a way of expressing your gratitude.

Reveal Your Other Sides.

     If your male target is a friend, he may have already witnessed you at your worst such as unkempt hair, pajamas, and licking on the junk food leftovers on your fingers.

     I think you get the picture how to tell a guy you like him.

     If this is the case, rein in that side a bit and reveal to him a more exciting side of you.

     Try pretty clothes, basic manners, and add a little flirting. I know this might puzzle your friend, but this’ll get him to think of you in a different way too. If you do it right, he may probably think how in the world did he not see this hot beauty before.

Open Up.

Opening up to your guy is one of the ways to show him that you like him enough to let him see you vulnerable.

Talk about something that you do not always share with your other friends like a past teenage experience or your most cherished dreams and aspirations.

Men do not usually take these gestures casually and may feel privileged to be made privy to these things.

If you’re lucky, he might respond by opening up to you too.

Look For Something To Compliment Him With.

     We all love it when someone notices something nice about ourselves and pays us a sincere compliment, men included.

     Let’s see what things you can compliment him with. Try his looks, plumbing skills, charisma, smart decisions, or how he makes you feel content or happy.

     I know you can find a million things to gush about someone you’re attracted to, but the thing is, you’ll have to keep it within what is normal or he’ll think you’re just flattering him or being insincere.

     When you see him and think that his shirt color perfectly matches his electric blue eyes, then, tell him so.

Keep Off The Friend Zone if you want to succeed in how to tell a guy you like him

     I know you’ve heard that friendship is always a good starting point of a relationship, but the thing is, there are gray areas in this situation.

     Yes, it’s good to be friends but don’t overdo it, lest you risk being classified in the friend zone, or, better yet, refuse to be seen as just a friend.

     He may be accustomed to seeing you as a shoulder to cry on that’s all you’re going to be to him.

     So, go ahead and spend as much time together but avoid mentoring him about how to date other women or you trying to date guys and so on.

     Just be mindful not to go that path.

Ask A Friend To Break It To Him.

     Okay. If you still haven’t mustered the courage to tell him you’re attracted to him, you can recycle a strategy from your teenage years, which I’m sure you or anyone you know then has used.

     Ask a friend to tell him.

     If she’s also your guy’s friend, she can bring up the topic by inquiring if he’s seeing someone, and if he’s not, she can, then, ask him what he thinks if you two go out.

     If he’s being dense, she can say that you make a wonderful pair, and then, suggest to him that he take you out for dinner.

     This way, you do not need to face rejection upfront if he’s not into you.

     You can revert back to your usual life and pretend you had no clue.

Make Contact.

     Touching him while talking or conversing is another method of sending him a message that you’re attracted to him.

     You can take a step closer and touch his forearm or elbow while conversing or if it’s appropriate to hole his hands, do it!

     Know that there are many ways of communicating and the more senses you address, the clearer your message.

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Get Him A Drink.

     If you see someone you like in a club or a bar, you can buy him a drink.

     Here’s how to do this: inform the bartender that if the guy you like orders, you’re paying.

     As soon as the bartender informs the guy, he’ll surely glance over to you.

     Acknowledge him with a smile or a hand wave or both. If he responds in the same way, you can wait until he joins you or you can brave up and walk over to him.

     It’s a bold move but this’ll definitely pique his interest.

Notice His Activities.

     If you’re not close with the guy you like, stalk and find out what his interests or activities are and inquire about it.

     If he loves surfing, inquire about how he got to love the sport. Did he take up lessons or did he learn on his own? Is it easy to learn? Where do you begin if you need to learn it?

     Why do this? As soon as you get started on talking about it, you are opening yourself to the possibility of asking him to help you learn, which brings us to the next point.

Allow Him To Mentor You.

     This strategy leverages on the truth that men, in general, love to teach women, either in understanding something or learning something. I’m not going to explain why because it’s going to take us on a long winding conversation that’s not relevant here.

     So, anyway, pay attention to what his interests are, or you can pick up on the subject about his surfing hobby, and ask for some lessons.

     If he adores cars, suggest that he take a look and help you with a minor problem with your car when he’s available.

     The key here is sincerity. Don’t pretend to be interested to learn about something you’re not. Pick out something that he does which you really are interested to try and ask him to teach you.

     The good thing about this is you’ll learn a new hobby or skill even if you two do not end up together.

Don’t Let Him Mix With Your Friendly Circle.

     This is related to the previous tip about being careful of being ‘friend-zoned in this how to tell a guy you like him walkthrough.

     With this, it’s the other way around. Make sure that he does not mix with your friendly circle as this may ruin your chances of going out with him.

     If you’re always around your friends, it’ll be difficult to be romantic around him and vice versa. Besides, it’ll be embarrassing to switch into that mood with people around you.

     If you happen to be out with your circle of friends, try to isolate him from the group by taking slower steps so that you lag behind, and then, apply the previous techniques I mentioned here.

     You can also suggest to him that you grab something after drinks, like a great burger you know, or meet up the next day.

     Don’t let the rest hear you so they don’t tag along.

Risks If You’re Interested In A Friend

When you decide to bring your friendship to the dating level, know that you’re actually deciding to end your friendship, regardless of whether you hit it off or not.

Things will change.

So, if you’re still not 100% sure about him, think about that possibility and if losing your friendship is worth it.

I suggest you wait your feelings out for several weeks and find out if they’re as strong as they have been or if it was just a fleeting emotion.

Since you are friends, you’ll get to share a lot of bonding moments, so it’s understandable if you sense some chemistry or sparks at times.

So, devote time in thinking this one out before you decide.

Additional Tips If He’s Not Your Friend

Don’t rush too much. If you’ve just met this stranger and feel instant attraction, try to find out more about him before investing your time and emotion on him.

You can start your research by Googling him. One can never be too careful these days.

I know of married guys who play around and even get busy with dating apps so if you stumbled upon a hunk you link through this app, be prudent and dig deeper.

Keep an eye on criminal or police records. You can reverse search his picture for validation.

For those whom you met via the app, you can upload his picture on Google Search by clicking the camera. If the picture has been posted somewhere on social media, you will find out more data about him and validate his claims.

Don’t go overboard, though, and find out too much that you’ll need to fake your reactions the next time you see each other, or worse, blurt out something he hasn’t told you yet.

Conclusion about how to tell a guy you like him

It takes time and practice to be proficient in this ‘art,’ especially if you’ve been out of the game for quite a while.

Confidence is also built in time, which you’ll need if you’re playing the field, because, as I once said, there’s a possibility of rejection.

When you’re confident enough of yourself, you’ll be able to manage this when it happens and move forward to the next.

Also, the more you do it, the more you can already tell whether a guy is also interested or not in you.

So, keep practicing!

Also, if you have problem with self confidence or overweight, here is simple trick how to lose weight fast.

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