Borderline, Narcissistic, & Schizoid Persona Issues with Carolyn Bankston – 410


Have you learnt the distinction between covert and overt narcissism?
Do you know that it’s potential to resolve a persona dysfunction by way of relationship?
Are you conversant in among the dynamics in a partnership the place one or each individuals have a persona dysfunction, and what's there for me to study myself and mirror on if I think I'm such a associate?
On this week’s episode I spoke with Carolyn Bankston, a scientific social employee who works with individuals with persona problems. Bankston explains {that a} persona dysfunction is, at its root, an attachment wound born from a traumatic dynamic with one’s major caregiver within the first three years of life. Carolyn shares with us the ways in which a relationship is therapeutic even underneath these pathological circumstances and speaks to the Borderline, Narcissistic, and Schizoid Persona Issues specifically.  
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