A most common thought – Will silence make a man miss me?

Will silence make a man miss me? For sure you may have already seen several websites that are not realistic and flood you with utter senselessness. So I have decided to share concrete conclusions that are applicable to real life. Many girls have problems that they still love their ex and want them back, but that is normal.

Girls usually come up with a lot of questions, but mostly one I hear very often is, “Will Silence Make a Man Miss Me?”

Yes, they want to know if the no contact rule actually works or not, with your man or with your ex. And many people wonder how to initiate contact with your ex.

And there's a reason why this is considered one of the most effective strategies for getting your man back, but it's not as easy as you think.

I'm listing out a few reasons why silence kills your man and make him miss you a lot, even if it seems that he lose interest. So does silence help? Let's see!

Will silence make a man miss me?

1. It creates a feeling of losing in your man.

Of all the emotions, fear is the strongest feeling that constantly causes a person to worry, but does silence have that power too? Sure! And fear is the man's first emotion when you are quiet. Your silence evokes a variety of fears which are starting to haunt him. He also begins to think about potentially missing you. So we can say that man miss something, but it is still unclear what for him. Does silence cause that? Contact rule is to make radio silence, right? So yes, for sure that is exactly what you should do.

This constant fear in your man can, therefore, produce a powerful trigger that constantly fails him. The more scared your man becomes, the more he will begin to miss your presence.

2. It makes your man break his routine habits.

We continue to follow certain trends in life, consciously, or unknowingly. From your daily practice, you can continue with your rare occasional practice or play hard. If a man is used to teaching you every night, for instance, when he splits with you, his habits annoy him. Don't even think to initiate contact! All the answers will come by time. 

And as a woman who speaks to him every day, it instantly breaks his habits, if you're quiet. That's what makes him feel mad that you are so not available for him at that moment. And maybe that's too sudden way to find out will silence make a man miss me? Pay attention, good friends will help you to not feel lonely. There is no only way, there are many way to let time goes away.

3. It makes your man assess all previous incidents.

Tell me, what are you going to do when suddenly something bad happens? You'll analyze and try to fix everything you've done. The same applies to partnerships as well. Does silence became first on your to-do list? Guess not, right? But…

Your guy here seems to believe that your silence is the solution to everything he did wrong. Then he continues to analyze what he has done and certainly all the contacts, meetings, debates, and everything. Therefore, this appraisal process reflects the affection, curiosity, and respect that he has for you. And he'll soon miss you, especially the good times that he spent with you. So here you will find out will silence make a man miss me in a good way.

4. Creates uncertainty (most desirable aspect, which makes him think).

Attraction and uncertainty are two aspects that go hand in hand. Keeping your silence will build uncertainty and resentment in your guy. One hundred thoughts are beginning to haunt his mind like “Why is she silent?” Dint she likes me? “Has she lost interest in me?”. Here the quest will silence make a man miss me may go too deep?

And he continues to think about it over and over again, still remembering you. And it is a proven fact that the more things you think about, the more things you continue to forget. Does silence have power here? What you think? Own life should be priority, but does silence make job for you, that's something you want to know, I understand.

5. With time he realizes he's addicted to you.

Whoever it is, we humans know the meaning of one item only until it is lost. Does silence which coming from you now makes your man know some tough facts? It really gives him a break and time to consider his thoughts and emotions.

When you handle yourself passively, he will know he is addicted to you and can't be 100 % satisfied without you. This can even show him that he loves you and that he misses you so much.

How will silence make a man miss me, and how to accomplish this?

Avoid communicating with him and follow contact rule of no contact

It is hard not to reach out to that person when you miss them. You want to be in the daily, often hourly contact. Yet if you really want a man to miss you, then you need to step away and tune on radio silence, literally. Don't call him or give him a text. If you reach out endlessly, he'll never have anything to miss. And that is not something what you want what is perfectly natural.

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You have to offer a reason to miss a special person. If you stop calling him, Mr. Right is going to wonder why you suddenly ignored him. Does silence is caused by him? Rule one is cutting off contact. For ladies, this is a super hard job, because we want to be in constant contact with the people we care about, but guy miss what he don't see, hear or feel, right? Stop calling, simple.

Guys are so much easier not to reach out because they're not that good at talking, but that is not the case for us ladies. But if you want to make him miss, you need to master this craft and you will see will silence make a man miss me very easily.

Good news should be on the first place for you. Any kind. No negative things.

Let him wait for his calls and texts to be returned.

If you're like most people, you want to answer back immediately when that special person calls or sends a text, particularly if you've been waiting to hear from him for some time. If you make him wait too long, maybe he is going to lose interest, or is that just what you think?

Yet this obviously is not the case. Responding instantly to his touch gives the message that you're only sitting by your phone, waiting for him to reach out. Men love a chase so that you can't make it too fast. A good thumb rule is to make him wait twice as long as it takes for him to last answer you.

Such little games may be dumb, but they're working, and it's going to make him think about you and miss you. Patience can be of help when it comes to text and call.

Power of silence makes a man miss anything, so using silence instead of something else is what you want to know if you want to make him want you even more.

End the initial conversation.

Mr. Right will be back in touch with you. You should involve him in a discussion after you have let him wait. But note that you must always be the first to terminate the communication. Make sure you're the one who's hanging up the phone or the one who's sending the farewell email.

The goal is to prevent him from wanting more. The love for you will grow if you play hard to get, and he won't be able to get you out of mind. You're going to have him growing more and more aching for you. It is especially challenging because you want to keep the conversation going while he's sensitive, but it is just best to remain calm and end the conversation.

Shortly, he will be more willing to connect with you again, and you will have another chance to get to know him. Once you first finish the talk, he will also be more likely to meet you next.

Restricting the use of social media.

To get him to miss you, you need a bit of suspense, that's something not to forget. If you're an avid user of social media, don't update your status too frequently, limit the number of pictures you share, and pause for the moment on the Facebook quizzes.

Or, if you want to go ahead with a Facebook quiz but just don't post the results, because it can be very intrusive on your newsfeed for everyone. Further, don't communicate on social media with your special man. When he is posting a photo or status, don't comment or even like the message.

Had he told a Snapchat story? Refrain from seeing it. Hold the impression that you are too busy to bother about his social media behavior. It might be hard to do because his latest Insta photo looks so cute, but you're going to have to be tough. Resist him now, and he will later become yours because here you can be sure that will silence make a man miss me works?

Find a scent that will remind you.

Have you ever caught a whiff of something, and brought to mind a person or place? It can be the lightest scent in your life, which takes you back to a certain time. This is because we add our sense of smell to our brain. The brain will still associate those smells with specific memories.

When you want a man to miss you, you can do just that by bringing up those good memories of your past. Make sure that every time you see him, you wear your personal fragrance. You'll come to mind each time the smell hits his nose. It might also be a smart idea to spritz around his house a little bit of that perfume but be discreet for obvious reasons he shouldn't see you doing so.

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When you leave your smell around his house, it would be hard for him to get you off his mind and not miss you.

Add intrigue to your experiences with him and surprise.

Everyone loves a good mystery, and this is not immune to your special man. If you want him to miss you, then keep secrets to yourself. While there's a lot to be said about being completely upfront, if your aim is to make a man love you, that's not the intention.

You don't need to tell the story of your life in one sitting. Guys like a little mystery and just don't want to know anything about you right away. In reality, that's how a lot of them lose interest in what a possible love link might have been. And it never hurts, accidentally, to shock him.

Invite him to do something sexual. Ditch dinner and movie, and try out an adventure outdoors. Guys wander when bored, so keep him engaged and on his toes. If you're fun to be around, he'll want to be more around you, and he will probably miss you when you're not there.

Place stuff in his vicinity.

The guy you miss is sometimes yours, and you want to live in his head. There's a lot you can do to make sure that he'll think about you. Have you ever cleaned up your room, found an old movie stub or a little thing, and ran back to memories? Such a tiny object can do astounding.

Make a point of leaving in your man's car or house a little memento behind. You'll come to mind when he sees the earring or hair clip, and he'll want to see you a lot more. DO NOT leave behind a toothbrush or other personal things, as this would certainly cause him to panic.

Think adorable when it comes to leaving a little piece of you at his place, and he's not going to be able to keep his mind off.

Still leave him terrified.

Once you get a taste of something amazing, you're just going to want a new taste. People desire something they can not possibly get. Rather of making him fight for you, if you give him anything he wants right away, he'll know he made it on easy street.

Where's the fun of doing something without fighting? Be a little flirtatious, but don't give him anything. Surely don't give him a kiss on the first date, for starters. Let him deserve every bit of love from you that he receives. People want to win things, and they shouldn't be unequal to your affections.

When you find it a little hard for him to be in your good graces, he'll trust you more.

Don't just be there for Him if you want to find out will silence make a man miss me?

You don't want to give up all your time for him when you've won his love. When you're always available, your guy won't miss you. Take a night off instead of spending the entire weekend together, and go out with your friends. It will not just make you miss your man, and it will keep you alive.

Don't think about spending the extra time with him. At first, your man may seem to enjoy the time alone, but your man will ultimately want more time with you. Giving him space to enjoy his time alone would, of course, make you look relaxed and less clingy.

Guys always like it because it's not necessarily his business where the girl they're interested in. Give him his room, and he'll call you up to hang out in no time.

Spend time with friends and share with him your adventures

Share your good times with your friend when you spend time apart. It is crucial that he knows you can have fun without him. He may be happy you're having a nice time after you spend a few nights away from your guy, but he'll also become jealous. You want him to wish he would be the one to help you have fun.

When you want to reunite with an old flame, this is a perfect plan. Let him see all the fun that he misses without you. If he sees how much fun on your next trip, you have his desire to come along. It is also a good time to start updating your profile for social media so that he can see all the fun you have.

Guys are obviously more visual creatures, so give him something nice to look at it, and he'll get hooked, which will take us to our next move to find out will silence make a man miss me.

Using social media to illustrate your self-employment

Often, you can take advantage of social media. Feeling confident is one of the best ways to make a man love you. Let Mr. Right see you via social media, this new, independent one. Should you take a cooking lesson, or do you actually mark skydiving off your bucket list? Make sure you're sharing it with your friends, and someone special.

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Do not fabricate fake, elaborate messages. Be you have fun, and be honest. For any new adventure, he'll want to be by your side. Guys want to make sure you have a life beyond him and what better way to prove him this than by implicitly sharing their experiences with him.

When you're always on your phone, sending him photos of all the fun you're having won't be successful. Typically, giving the guy in your life photos while you're having fun with your mates is not something you would be involved in since you're busy doing you. And use social media to post everybody's fun, and that's going to drive him nuts.

What else needs to be done from your end to find out will silence make a man miss me?

So by now, you would have realized how keeping no contact with your man can make him miss you more. But you need to use this period wisely. Like I said earlier, sitting around for a call from him or spending all your time drinking won't make him think about you and go, “Oh, I miss her … I wish I had the chance to talk to her …”. Yes, if he thinks you're not doing anything to change your life, he'll be less likely to have an urge to be near to you again.

However, if you use this time wisely and work actively to make your life better, you can spark his attention like never before. That's what decides your No Contact Period performance! Alone in the forests

So start now, if after a breakup you give him the radio silence, start concentrating all your energies on being a fresh and better version of yourself. That's easier to do than you thought and you gonna see will silence make a man miss me!

Now that you're not in touch with your ex, you can concentrate completely on yourself. Now is the time to really become greedy, but in a positive way! It's natural that you would devote much of your time and attention to your ex, but now you have to focus all of that attention on no one but yourself.

Think about what things were put on the back burner of your life when you were in this relationship. Friends, family, hobbies, work projects, physical fitness. Challenge yourself to fill your schedule with events you are lacking and make it a point to add new events too.

After a breakup, one of the secrets to feeling better is to fill your calendar with events and people that bring you happiness, and now is the perfect time to start dreaming about new activities. Want to do something you've never had the time for? Ok, it's time now!

The more time you spend doing things which will make you happy, the more magnetic you will become. Those who are truly satisfied draw people to a flame-like moth, and believe me, your ex will notice.

When you start reminding him first of all of the girls he fell in love with, his focus will sparkle. When you remind him of the girl, he fell in love with first and foremost, AND he thinks you have become that person's new and improved version, you will become irresistible.

This is when your silence will be best!

This just isn't enough to sever ties with him. It'd be too facile. The truth is you've got to become proactive and snatch life from the eyes. The more aggressive you are, the more he senses that something is different, and the more likely he's going to want to come near.

The next time you see him, everything will change. I know it sounds hard to believe because you feel so depressed right now, but when he knows he's taken you for granted, there's going to be a change. You may have served him everything on a silver platter up to now. The moment he learns that you are no longer at his beck and call and that if he feels like it, he will naturally begin to miss you, he won't get to talk to you.

That is when work on re-establishing chemistry and attraction will begin.

Now is the time to get your value determined. The more you respect yourself, the greater your ex would now be able to value you. If you live an exciting life out there, your ex will say, “Oh wow, I'd like to be a part of that! “They'll remember the good times you had, and their bad memories of the breakup will start to fade.

It is up to you to get your ex inspired. Giving a man room to skip would succeed if you simultaneously show him by your acts that you are building yourself a new future that he will be wanting to be a part of. Focus on having fun, being happy, being safe, and doing new things, and you'll see a difference in the actions of your ex.

Bonus tips

Also, be sure to recognise on time signs of a cheating wife, if you are in marriage.

And remember, double texting can also be a big trouble!

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