8 Effective Ways How To Tell A Girl You Like Her

It’s hard enough not knowing how to tell a girl that you like her, much more if that girl happens to be someone you’ve been friends with for quite a while.

[wpdiscuz-feedback id=”9hxe0jopn7″ question=”Do you agree with this??” opened=”1″]In the latter case, since you’ve settled into quite a comfortable relationship with your female friend, the chances that she will be oblivious to your feelings are high.[/wpdiscuz-feedback]

If not, she may have decided to ignore them because it could mean saying goodbye to your precious friendship.

In both cases, your chances of success may be unclear, and you’ll need to press on further to find out if she’s willing to take your relationship to the next level.

How To Tell A Girl You Like Her?

Here are some of the subtle but effective ways to approach this situation, whether with a crush or a long-time friend.

Since you’re unsure yet of what her reaction is going to be, you’ll need to be less forthcoming and more deliberate in dropping hints, especially if it’s with a longtime pal.

This way, you give her the opportunity to think about your proposal and maybe process her own thoughts and feelings about you as well.

If you get the feelers that she prefers to stay on friendship zone, at least, you’re able to know without having to necessarily end your previous friendship.

You’ll also be able to spare yourself the losing investment of time and energy, and you’ll be able to save the friendship you had with, hopefully, less of the awkwardness than if you straightforwardly declare your feelings.

So, here are the 8 subtle yet effective ways on how to tell a girl that you like her.

1.    Start by performing small acts of kindness.

At this point, I recommend that you set aside any grand or romantic gestures. There’ll be plenty of time for those in the immediate future if you’re lucky and reciprocated.

Right now, your goal is to test the waters before diving completely in.

Some examples of these subtle acts of kindness that tell a girl that you like her are asking how her day went and giving her your full attention when she shares the details with you.

Another effective move is to buy her a nice but simple present which you know would delight her, explaining to her that you bought the present because it made you think of her.

These are simple acts, but they send the right signal and place the ball on her court.

Now, she’ll need to think about how to react based on her feelings about you.

2.    Invite her to have coffee with you.

       Another way of telling a girl that you like her is to casually mention that you’ll be on her street this afternoon and would like to have some coffee with her if she’s available.

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       This casual invitation takes out the pressure of a real date because it’s just an afternoon hangout and just coffee, but it does the trick because you get to spend time with her alone.

       If she refuses or makes some excuses, at least you now know where you stand, and then, you can pretend that it was just a harmless gesture and revert to friendship mode.

3.    Drop subtle non-verbal cues like a lot of eye contact and smiles.

       So, how else can you tell a girl that you like her if you feel you’re not yet ready to go on a solo coffee date or are nervous about choosing the right present?

       Go for non-verbal cues.

       Yea, these may seem easy to do especially if you’ve been crushing on her for quite a while and can’t get enough of her face, eyes, smile… etcetera, etcetera. You get what I mean.

       Making long and persistent eye contact matched with a lingering smile sends her the message that you’re tuned into her, and that, you find her interesting.

Believe it or not, women are experts at non-verbal communication, and they can understand these signals.

If she’s feeling it too, you’ll get the same non-verbal responses.

Pay attention to her body language. It speaks volumes than words.

4.    Tell her you’re incredulous as to why she’s single.

       This is one suave way of telling a girl that you like her.

       Everyone loves a compliment every once-in-a-while so why not let your crush know that you think she’s an amazing person.

       If you’re all geared up, you may add that you can’t believe she’s unattached when she’s obviously girlfriend material.

       If she replies in a self-deprecating mode, especially if she’s been unattached for quite a while, continue to lift her up.

       When the perfect time comes up, you may add that you’ve been, in fact, a little infatuated with her.

5.    Keep your professions low-key.

       As illustrated earlier, even if you’re madly in love with her that you’ve been having insomnia or eating disorders, don’t tell her that just yet or you may freak her out.

       Try to keep it low-key and settle for the ‘little infatuation’ line. You can still let a girl know you like her even if you keep it less intense so as not to scare her off.

       You may say that you think she’s cool and add a ‘no pressure’ line.

       Let a girl know that you like her by saying that you think she’s interesting (yes, downplay your feelings a bit), puts her in a position where she needs to respond.

       Again, the goal here is to determine your batting average, without having to disclose anything outright just yet.

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6.    Seek a friend’s help.

       I know this sounds high school-ish but you’ll be surprised at how it always works on letting the girl know you like her and knowing if she likes you too – or not.

       If you and your crush have a mutual friend, ask this person to tell her about how you feel and then let your friend tell you about her reaction.

       As the third party, your friend will be able to provide an objective perspective and a sneak peek of what her reaction would be if you had told her yourself.

       If your crush does not feel as intensely as you do, at least, there’s not much awkwardness because the disclosure did not originate from you, and so, it’ll be easy for both of you to resume your usual camaraderie, hopefully.

7.    Tell her you regard her friendship before spilling the beans.

       This is especially important if you already have a great friendship going.

       In this case, how can you tell a girl (who’s your best friend) that you like her?

       Before you spill, first start with how much you enjoy her company, your conversations, your shared trust as friends, and how thankful you are that you became friends because she has been an amazing one.

       This way, you keep things comfortable and pleasant before you venture out to tell her that you like her, provided that the timing is right.

       Don’t forget to take a long, deep breath before you do so, by the way. You’ll be amazed at how this’ll make you feel calmer and more collected when you eventually tell her that you like her and that you’re interested in going beyond friendship with her.

       Also, make sure that you two are by yourselves and in a conducive place. By this, I mean in someplace quiet and nice.

       This way, she isn’t distracted or pressured which is likely the case when you’re in a crowd of people who can easily overhear your conversations.

       After telling her that you like her, end your statement with an assurance that she does not need to respond immediately and that you’re willing to wait and give her as much time as she needs to think things over.

       I guarantee you’ll feel much better having finally told her that you like her but without making her stressed-out or pressured into giving you an immediate response.

8.    Ask her in person and not through text messaging.

       I know this is far from subtle as subtleties go, but I just want to emphasize that, if you want to tell a girl that you like her, you must do it the proper way – personally.

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       This goes without saying that you should not text your declaration. It may be misunderstood as lack of regard for her as a person. I’m sure this isn’t how you want her to think in the first place.

       Before asking her out and confessing to her that you like her, arrange to have a real date. Have specific alternative schedules in mind just in case she’s unavailable on your suggested dates.

       Also, when you the girl you like in person about how she feels toward you, you’ll be able to see her immediate reaction and non-verbal language, which can’t be done through text message alone.

       There’s also the possibility of your text message not being read, accidentally deleted, routed, or altogether missed.

       When it’s a friend you’re crushing on and she happens to be a loyal and dedicated one, know that there’s a risk that you may lose your friendship after this so be prepared to face the consequences.

       These, of course, include the fortunate possibility of her liking you as well, and what better place from which to build a loving relationship than a good friendship.

So, there you go guys.

These are the 8 subtle but effective moves to let a girl know that you like her which have been proven to work in captivating your girl’s heart because it’s not hard-sell, and often regarded as thoughtful gestures that perfectly connect to a woman’s psyche.

It’s a huge step to let a girl know that you like her, especially if you’ve already achieved a perfectly comfortable friendship with her. So, it’s best that you pace yourself and allow her that opportunity to do so as well.

Just think that if you had these feelings develop over time despite the comfort and security of your friendship, it could also be possible that she feels or has felt the same tugging too.

Besides, if you keep postponing the inevitable, or worse, ignore your feelings, you may end up wondering for the rest of your life what might have been had you took the risk, and that’s a burdensome thought to carry in a lifetime.

So, if she is as wonderful as you regard her, then, you can take a gamble and let her know that you like her in subtler yet just as effective ways, as given. The least she can do is to give your proposal some consideration and thought. Whether your feelings are requited or not, at least you’ve succeeded in letting her know that you like her and are now able to move forward not wondering whether you had a chance or not.

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