Earlier than accepting up to now any man, it's important to know extra about him, that is the significance of going out or visiting one another on the primary datehim.Beneath are the essential issues you must learn about your boyfriend earlier than accepting him to be his girlfriend.
1) WHERE OR WHO HE WORSHIPS. A Smart woman does not simply ask a Man the place he WORKS, however the place he WORSHIPS too.
~Do not simply be bothered by the automotive he drives, additionally discover out what drives him~
~Not simply the place he lives, however what lives in him.~
His place of Worship.
And regardless that he worships AT a Bible-believing church, discover out WHO he Worships?
Does he worship Cash, Intercourse, or Godman?
A person who worships God and does so in reality and in Spirit will not ask for intercourse earlier than Marriage.2) WHERE HE WORKS/WHAT HE DOES FOR A LIVING. A Younger Man @ 23 is driving Lexus Jeep 2020 mannequin, offers you N100k to buy groceries on a regular basis, and he by no means talks about his Job,
My expensive, discover out the place he works earlier than EFCC will discover the two of you.
Ask him how he will get his cash oh earlier than they use your pant to resume their cash ritual.3) WHAT HE WANTS FROM YOU.
Ask him
Let him speak it.. Do not assume what's in your thoughts is what's in his thoughts.
He is asking you out?
Ask him in return. “Out to the place?”
Out to bed room,
or out to Marriage certain Relationship,
or out to “let's have a look at the place it goes”4) HIS GENOTYPE
Let's not begin what we can't end.
His mindsets, and ideologies, this may have an effect on how he treats individuals and the way he'll deal with you.
Does he see girls as properties?
Does he consider dishonest as a traditional one thing?
His thought on premarital intercourse, ask BEFORE you begin, not AFTER.
How he thinks about girls, males, and gender roles.
How can a Girl know this stuff earlier than she begins courting a man?FRIENDSHIP.
Do not date individuals you simply met or know little about
Friendship First. Mixed with Watching (Remark) and Prayer (Revelation)
Want you all a Completely happy married Life.and 

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