Profitable marriages are constructed with efforts, willpower, commitments, sacrifices, and love, nevertheless these items listed within the article are primarily for constructing profitable marriage.They're;
1) GOD'S WORD. A Relationship/marriage not based on God's Phrase as its structure and compass is sort of a home constructed on sand.
GOD'S WORD is the Guide for Marriage. Know this and know Peace. 
Relationships and Marriages fail simply as a result of God's phrase is not part of their basis pillars. 
2) FRIENDSHIP. What's a Relationship with out Friendship? SITUATIONSHIP
What Is Marriage with out Friendship?
MISCARRIAGE. I am having fun with my Marriage day-after-day as a result of I married my pal and bestie.
Marry your Pal oh and Be Pal who you Marry.3) LOVE. Love as an EMOTION and Love as a DECISION are each very important for Relationships and Marriages to thrive and flourish.
Do not marry somebody you don't Love, that is MURDER 
Do not marry somebody who does not love you, that is SUICIDE
If God is main you, there will be love. God will not be a sadist.4) TRUST. When TRUST is low in a Relationship or Marriage, TENSION shall be excessive in it, and the place there may be stress, HYPERTENSION is close by.
Do not marry somebody you do not belief, you will spend your entire life as a PLAINTIFF.
Do not marry somebody who does not belief you, you will spend your entire life as an ACCUSED.
Written by Musa Reward, a wedding and relationship counselor.

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