35 St. Patrick’s Day Desserts for Two People

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and boy oh boy, do we have a treat for you! We’ve rounded up 35 of the very best St. Patrick’s Day desserts to share with your sweetie.

Each of these dessert ideas will help you channel the luck of the Irish and are so tasty to eat. Plus, they’re simple to make and will let you enjoy some special St. Patrick’s Day food with your significant other (or anyone special in your life!).

Keep reading to check out our list of St. Patrick’s Day cookies, cakes, trifles, and more!

A variety of St. Patrick's Day desserts for two people | The Dating DivasAn assortment of fun St. Patrick’s Day desserts

1. Puppy Chow (Gal on a Mission) – What could be more fun than watching a St. Patty’s Day flick with your sweetie over a bucket of Puppy Chow?!

A bucket of St. Patrick's Day food that is similar to puppy chow | The Dating DivasA bucket filled with St. Patrick’s Day food that is similar to puppy chow

2. Jello Cups (Mom on Timeout) – These jello cups are a sweet and silky dessert for two. Plus, they’re super easy to make!

St. Patrick's dessert ideas for jello cups | The Dating DivasA tasty St. Patrick’s Day dessert of jello cups with sprinkles on top

3. Shamrock Shake (Dinner at the Zoo) – Whip up a couple of these easy shakes, add two straws, and share with your spouse!

A St. Patrick's Day dessert of green shakes | The Dating DivasA St. Patrick’s Day dessert of cherry-topped shamrock shakes

4. Rainbow Frosted Graham Crackers (Butter With a Side of Bread) – How cute are these frosted rainbow crackers? It’s like a treat and a craft all in one.

St. Patrick's Day desserts comprised of frosted graham crackers | The Dating DivasRainbow frosted graham crackers being served for St. Patrick’s Day desserts

5. Leprechaun Popcorn (Mom Foodie) – This is another great treat to share with your sweetheart while watching your favorite St. Patrick’s Day film.

A St. Patrick's Day dessert made of popcorn and green candies | The Dating DivasA popcorn and green candy St. Patrick’s Day dessert

6. Mini Rainbow Cheesecakes (Life Love & Sugar) – Cheesecake is always a little romantic, and these mini rainbow ones are super cute to boot!

Rainbow cheesecake dessert ideas for St. Patrick's Day | The Dating DivasA rainbow cheesecake St. Patrick’s Day dessert idea

7. Mini Mint Cheesecakes (Created by Diane) – How sweet are these heart-shaped, shamrock cheesecakes?

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Fun St. Patrick's day food that looks like a shamrock | The Dating DivasCute St. Patrick’s Day food that looks like a shamrock

8. Mint Oreo Smoothies (Make and Takes) – Blend, serve, and sip with your sweetie!

A prepared St. Patrick's Day recipe for oreo mint shakes | The Dating DivasA St. Patrick’s Day dessert comprised of mint oreos and milk

9. Baileys Chocolate Whipped Cream (Life Love and Sugar) – These whipped cream pots are super sexy and indulgent. If you want to omit the alcohol, feel free to substitute Torani Irish Cream syrup in place of the Baileys.

A chocolate whipped cream St. Patrick's Day dessert idea | The Dating DivasA St. Patrick’s Day dessert idea of Baileys whipped cream

10. Whiskey Maple Bacon Sundaes (The Pioneer Woman) – They had us at bacon! For a non-alcoholic version, simply omit the whiskey from the sauce.

A St. Patrick's Day recipe for maple bacon sundaes | The Dating DivasA dish of maple bacon sundaes to be served as an Irish dessert

11. Lime Sherbet Shakes (Home Cooking Memories) – ‘Shake’ things up this St. Patrick’s Day by making lime sherbet shakes for two!

A row of lime sherbet St. Patrick's Day desserts | The Dating DivasThree jars filled with lime sherbet St. Patrick’s Day desserts

12. Oreo Treats (Crafty Morning) – Have fun dipping some Oreos in chocolate and sprinkles and then sharing them with your spouse.

Chocolate-dipped St. Patrick's Day cookies | The Dating DivasThree chocolate-dipped St. Patrick’s Day cookies

13. St. Patrick’s Day Parfait (Sincerely Jean) – Layers of decadent pudding, brownies, whipped cream, and mints combine to make this a truly luscious dessert.

Layered St. Patrick's Day desserts topped with Andes mints | The Dating DivasA couple of layered St. Patrick’s Day desserts topped with whipped cream and mints

14. Slice & Bake Cookies (Lil Luna) – When it comes to desserts, we’re all about the simple, and these St. Patrick’s Day cookies are it! Slice and bake the amount you need for you and your honey, and then freeze the rest.

Slice & bake St. Patrick's Day cookies | The Dating DivasRound St. Patrick’s Day cookies with shamrocks in the center

15. Rainbow Cupcakes (Dinner Then Dessert) – How cute and colorful are these rainbow cupcakes?!

Rainbow cupcake St. Patrick's Day desserts | The Dating DivasRainbow-layered St. Patrick’s Day desserts

16. Mini Baileys Chocolate Cheesecake Trifles (Life Love and Sugar) – These cheesecake trifles are smooth, sexy, and practically sinful. Replace the Baileys with milk or coffee for a non-boozy version.

Jars filled with chocolate cheesecake St. Patrick's Day desserts | The Dating DivasChocolate cheesecake St. Patrick’s Day desserts

17. Shamrock Macarons (Raspberri Cupcakes) – Try ending your St. Patrick’s Day by sharing one of these St. Patrick’s Day cookies with your sweetheart.

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Green shamrock-shaped St. Patrick's Day cookies | The Dating DivasA stack of shamrock-shaped St. Patrick’s Day cookies

18. Rainbow Cookie Parfaits (Pillsbury) – Layer on the love (and the fillings!) by making this fun St. Patrick’s Day food.

Rainbow layered St. Patrick's Day desserts | The Dating DivasWhipped cream and cake layered St. Patrick’s Day desserts

19 . Shamrock Shake Cheesecake Cones (Inside BruCrew Life) – Who needs ice cream when you can have cheesecake cones?! So so cute.

Three St. Patrick's Day desserts that look like ice cream cones | The Dating DivasSt. Patrick’s Day desserts that look like cherry-topped ice cream cones

20. Fruit Board (Aint Too Proud to Meg) – If you and your spouse are looking for healthier Irish desserts, this is it!

21 . Rainbow Meringues (Ideas for the Home by Kenarry) – This St. Patrick’s Day dessert idea is so sweet – just like little kisses!

22. Homemade Gum Drops (The Worthey Life) – These gumdrop dessert ideas are just as sweet as can be!

23. Dessert Pizza (Grandbaby Cakes) – Why settle for delivery when you and your honey can whip up a delicious dessert pizza?!

24. Chocolate Pots De Creme (The Cafe Sucre Farine) – How elegant and enticing are these chocolate dessert ideas?

25. Golden Oreos (Sprinkles for Breakfast) – Get dipping and nibbling with these iced golden Oreos.

26. Shamrock Pretzels (The Spruce Eats) – If you’re short on time, be sure and give this easy St. Patrick’s Day treat recipe a go!

27. Leprechaun Cookies (Homemade Interest) – We’re obsessed with how adorable these St. Patrick’s Day cookies are!

28. Sugar Wafers (Southern Made Simple) – This is another amazing Irish dessert if you need something quick and easy.

29. Leprechaun Hat S’mores (The Cake Blog) – These would be so fun to make with your sweetie, but we think little ones would love them too!

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30. Chocolate Mint Trifle (The Slow-Roasted Italian) – This chocolate trifle deserves to be in the Irish dessert hall of fame!

31. Lucky Charms Ice Cream (Like Mother Like Daughter) – How do you make an ice cream date even better? Add a little Lucky Charms to the mix!

32. Rainbow Pretzel Wands (Mom on Timeout) – These rainbow pretzel wands are a really fun St. Patrick’s Day food to whip up with your honey.

33. No-Bake Cheesecakes (Miss in the Kitchen) – These Irish desserts are not only tasty, but very quick as they don’t require baking!

34. Fruit Rainbow Angel Food Cake (Finding Zest) – This St. Patrick’s Day food will have you tasting all the colors of the rainbow.

35. Meringue Cookies (Tastes of Lizzy T) – This St. Patrick’s Day recipe for meringue cookies is fun and festive. What could be better?!

Is that a lucky list of St. Patrick’s Day desserts or what?!

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