21 Weirdest Kinks You Did not Know Folks Have

Everybody has not less than one kink, nonetheless delicate it may be. Whether or not you’re into praising, spanking, or some BDSM role-playing, every little thing is wholesome when practiced safely. However there are some bizarre kinks on the market that you simply won't be conversant in. So, let’s discover among the weirdest kinks individuals have.

Intercourse as a Lady

Some straight/bisexual males fantasize about experiencing intercourse as ladies. It has nothing to do with their sexuality or gender. It largely focuses on the expertise of being dominated by their companion whereas being in a physique of a lady, which they think about to be smaller and bodily weaker than theirs.

Some individuals actually benefit from the thought of their companion sleeping with different individuals as a technique to humiliate and damage them with a purpose to be sexually aroused. It may be both with the companion concerned, watching the dishonest companion have intercourse with different individuals. Or, typically, solely the thought is sufficient to get them turned on. 

Folks with this kink like to observe different individuals have intercourse (consensually, in fact). A good way to discover this kink is throughout intercourse events, because it’s the proper place to seek out different individuals having intercourse overtly and watch them in motion. 

Voyeurism’s cousin, exhibitionism, is a kink while you take pleasure in being watched throughout intercourse. As soon as once more, intercourse events are the proper locations to be for individuals with this kink. Folks with this kink may also discover intercourse in public locations like loos or seashores a gorgeous place to have intercourse in. Nevertheless, earlier than you strive public intercourse, keep in mind — in most international locations, it’s unlawful and can get you arrested. 


This kink manifests in two methods — an individual with a penis enjoys their companion gagging on them throughout intercourse. Or, an individual is sexually aroused once they’re those gagging. Gagging may be induced by numerous actions: stuffing fingers inside somebody’s mouth, urgent on their tongue, or just utilizing toys, like mouth gags that an individual can put on throughout intercourse. 


Humiliation may sound just like the weirdest kink. And it’s precisely what it appears like — individuals with humiliation kink are sexually aroused when their companion humiliates them. Humiliation can occur both bodily, by slapping (all the time consensually) your companion or being slapped by them your self. Or, it may be verbal, which is a softer type, when your companion calls you “slut”, “whore”, “bitch” and another degrading phrases you each agree on.

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Folks with this kink are aroused by receiving enema. Now, enema is a course of while you squirt heat water inside your anus, and it’s most frequently practiced as a technique to put together for anal intercourse outdoors of its unique medical use. Nevertheless, there are additionally individuals who discover it arousing in the event that they’re those giving their companions enemas. 

CNC or Consensual-Non-Consent

That is one in every of many BDSM practices and a kink that some individuals have while you and your companion agree on one or each of you participating in sexual actions anytime with out consent. For instance, your companion may begin having intercourse with you when you sleep with out first waking you up and having to ask for consent. Rape fantasies additionally fall below this kink and permit individuals to discover their fantasies in a secure and managed surroundings.  

When you take pleasure in ache throughout intercourse and discover it sexually arousing, you then may need a masochism kink. The extent of ache one tolerates varies from individual to individual, as do the popular methods of inflicting ache. It could possibly be that you simply take pleasure in bitting or being bitten. How laborious you go along with that is dependent upon how excessive your ache threshold is, however some individuals prefer to chunk so laborious it attracts blood. 

Spanking, slapping, and hair-pulling are all kinks that go below the broader umbrella of masochism kink. Degradation/humiliation and different emotionally painful conditions fall below this kink as properly.


When you’re turned on by inflicting ache, humiliating, and degrading your companion throughout intercourse, you then may need a sadism kink. So long as each events consent, there may be nothing incorrect with desirous to punish your companion by spanking them or calling them “your little slut”. 

Being pregnant Fetish

Some individuals have a factor for pregnant ladies. They could really feel very sexually aroused on the thought of getting intercourse with a pregnant lady, which is all nice, so long as each events concerned are consenting to intercourse and it’s secure to have intercourse for the pregnant social gathering. 

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How does having intercourse with ghosts sound prefer to you? Folks with this kink report having sexual encounters with ghosts and different creatures that go to them at night time. An instance of that's individuals who declare that demons within the type of the succubus (feminine intercourse demon) or incubus (male intercourse demon) go to them at night time and have intercourse with them. So, spectrofilia is unquestionably on the market on the weirdest kink listing.

Getting off on pee is an urophilia. This will occur two methods — both an individual enjoys being peed on by another person. Or they take pleasure in peeing on their companion. And typically, it’s each. This kink could possibly be a part of humiliation/degradation kink play. 


An in depth cousin of urophilia is coprophilia. It’s a kink when individuals discover poop play sexually arousing. For instance, you may take pleasure in pooping in your companion or need them to do it on you and discover that sizzling. Finest to have some towels round or do it within the bathe. 


Some individuals discover it extraordinarily arousing to observe themselves save intercourse or masturbate in entrance of the mirror. It’s fairly a standard sexual kink, and many individuals discover it horny to place a mirror over their beds or subsequent to it, to allow them to watch themselves have intercourse on a regular basis. 


Sure, some individuals take pleasure in smelling different individuals’s farts throughout intercourse and discover it sexually arousing. 

Pet Kink

Pet kink is likely one of the weirdest kinks on the market, and it’s part of role-playing when an individual enjoys and finds it sexually arousing to be handled as a pet by their companion. It may contain carrying a collar and consuming from a bowl, being denied entry to furnishings, and having to crawl on all fours. 


This time period stands for cock and ball torture. It’s a kink that some individuals have that features inflicting ache to male genitalia. Typically, it could possibly be something from stomping on it along with your foot or just utilizing cock cages as a part of your play. It additionally may manifest in both having fun with the ache your self or being the one who will get off on inflicting the ache.

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Monetary Domination

There's a entire neighborhood of males who take pleasure in being financially dominated by, most frequently, ladies. These males discover it sexually arousing when ladies demand cash from them in a really degrading and demanding manner. It’s not solely that these males take pleasure in being requested for cash. Additionally they get off on giving their cash away, which is a type of the powerplay dynamic.

Semen Kink

Folks with this kink are sexually aroused by sperm. It could possibly be that they may take pleasure in it when their companion finishes inside them, “filling” them up with their sperm. Or, they may prefer it when their companion finishes on numerous physique components, like stomach, mouth, or face. This kink additionally goes one other manner, when an individual enjoys seeing their companion showered of their semen or ending of their mouth and different locations. 

Knife Play

Knife kink can also be a apply that’s fairly widespread within the BDSM neighborhood. And it’s not as scary as it'd sound at first. Most frequently, individuals are aroused by their companion holding a knife at them throughout intercourse. It could possibly be holding it over their throat or just dragging the tip of it over their pores and skin. After which some individuals are sexually aroused by doing it to their companions. It’s a powerplay factor, and the hazard of such exercise makes individuals sexually aroused. 

Bizarre Doesn’t Imply Unhealthy

It’s essential to say that even when you've got a number of of the weirdest kinks on this listing, there isn’t something incorrect with that. Most kinks and fetishes on the market are wholesome and okay to take pleasure in so long as you’re being secure, respectful, and training it with a consenting companion. 

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