15 Important Tips on How to Text a Guy

How to text a guy is most common request we receive. Texting is not the same for everyone. Some find it easy while for others it is a very difficult task.

In this article I will not just be giving you a few tips on how to text a guy, but how to text a guy in ways that will not bore him.

Texting has become a norm, it has become so popular that it is taking over talking on the phone. In times past you talk over the phone to someone you're in a relationship with, but now it is more of texting. It's not like texting reduces or fades out at a particular point in a relationship, you text at the beginning when you're getting to know each other, and it continues even after the relationship has developed.

Just like most things, texting has its advantages and disadvantages. Texting gives you a chance to think and decide on your reply. But texts can be misunderstood, and late replies can leave you worried too.

how to text a guy

Texting and Dating

Texting plays an important role in dating, especially online dating. Dating sites have become a common way to meet guys today, and a lot of texting is involved. If you are a fan of dating sites, then you already know that texting is the main means of communication. You have to know how to text a guy if you want to get results from dating sites.

Through texting, you connect, find out if you like each other, before deciding to take things to the next level. If you like to use dating sites and you don't know how to text a guy, you have to learn how to. This article will help you.

If you have been following, by now you know texting plays an important role in dating. This article is not just for those not good at texting. Even if your texting skills are impressive, you can learn more from the tips below on how to text a guy.

1.  Avoid starting a text lazily

My first tip on how to text a guy is to avoid texting lazily. I'll explain what I mean by that.

Don't start your texts with plain ‘hello', ‘hi' etc. It is a lazy option to start a text with. Even if you're trying to get a guy's attention, you can do that in a better way.

Start in such a way that when he sees your text, you'll have his attention immediately and he'll have a reason to respond.

An example is,

“Hey handsome, hope your day is going well?”

When you start a text like this, you'll have his attention and also give him a reason to respond.

When you want to start a conversation, keep your goal in mind. You might want to know how his day went, or you might want to make plans for later in the day, whatever it is that you want to do, don't forget your goal.


2. Let your conversations have a purpose

My second tip on how to text a guy is to let your conversations have a purpose.

I already talked about this a little in the first tip. A conversation will flow if you have a purpose for texting. It is not advisable to start a text without having a goal or purpose in mind. You might want to check on him, you might want to make plans with him, you might want to get to know him, or you might want to tell him about something interesting that happened during your day. Having a goal when you start a text is very important because it'll help the conversation to flow easily and you won't end up getting stuck, not knowing what to say.

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3. Don't make yourself too available

This is another important point to note when learning how to text a guy. Don't make yourself too available, but show him you have a life.

When you're not always available, a guy will look forward to texting you whenever you will be.

Let him know when you will be busy, this will prevent him from texting you and not getting a reply. When a guy texts you and does not get a reply for hours, he might think you are not interested in him. Also, if you're not always available, you will have more to text about when you are.

4. Ask Questions

Another important tip on how to text a guy is to ask him questions.

Don't let him be the only one asking the questions, ask him questions too. This will help the text flow freely, it will also show that you are interested in getting to know him.

Ask about his family, his job, what he likes doing during his free time. Asking about him will show that you have an interest in getting to know more about him.

5. Let Him Start The Conversation Sometimes

Don't be the one that starts the texting every time, let him start the conversation sometimes.

Also, don't let him be the one starting the conversation every time, keep it balanced. This is another important point to note when learning how to text a guy.

6. Sometimes take time before responding

In my third tip on how to text a guy, I talked about not making yourself too available. Sometimes when you take some time before you reply, it'll show that you are not always available.

But you have to be careful when doing this, don't take too much time so as not to make him lose interest. You can study him, if he responds fast to your texts, you can do the same. But if he takes all day before he replies, then you don't have to reply too fast.

7. Avoid abbreviations

Another important tip on how to text a guy is to avoid abbreviations.

Try to avoid abbreviations while texting, it might make you appear like a teenager. Texting in full doesn't take time and it appears mature. An abbreviation like LOL once in a while is not a bad thing, just try to avoid abbreviations when it's unnecessary.

8. Don't Go Overboard With Emojis

Emojis are commonly used these days while texting, and it is not a bad thing. Emojis can help clarify your intention behind a text, it can also help him understand the text better. But you have to be careful not to go overboard if you like using emojis while texting.

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If the guy you are texting is not someone that uses emojis, you might want to decrease how much you use it if you are someone that likes using emojis. If you use too many emojis, it might present you as a teenager just like using unnecessary abbreviations.

9. Ask and Talk about his day

Another tip on how to text a guy is asking and talking about his day. Don't let him be the only one asking about your day, and don't end up talking about just your day. During the conversation, ask about his day too, let both of you text about each other's day.

Sometimes it's a great conversation opener when you ask about a guy's day. It also shows you care. You can both talk about the ups and downs you had during your day. From there you get lots and lots to talk about.

But you mustn't make this the only way to start your conversation, doing the same thing every day might let your texting get boring. So don't forget to change the way you start your conversation when texting to prevent this.

10. Avoid Texting Before He Responds

Another tip on how to text a guy is to avoid texting him before he responds. It is a turnoff to keep sending texts to a guy before you hear back from him. Sometimes you might be worried that you have not heard from him, but you just have to be patient. He might be busy and unable to reply to your texts. You may also be worried that he is no longer be interested, just be patient and don't jump to conclusions. When he texts you back, he'll explain why he took so long to reply.

11. Know When Texting Won't Work

Everything is not just about knowing how to text a guy, you also have to know when texting won't work. Texting doesn't work in every situation, although the conversation might have started via texting. Other means of communication like a phone call or talking face to face might help the flow of a conversation.

Talking face to face, through a phone call or video chat can prove to be more engaging when it's a serious conversation.

The guy might not suggest another means of communication, but if you think texting is not working, you can suggest another means of communication.

12. You can  Send a Photo sometimes

Just like I said in the previous point,  it isn't always about knowing how to text a guy. Sometimes what you need is not texting but a picture.

A picture can help you in communicating, and it can be sent via texting or other means. But be careful not to overdo it because sending too many pictures at a time could be a turnoff.

Pictures can help you show a guy what you are telling him about in a text. You may be texting him about making dinner and then send him a picture when you are done. You can also text him to send you pictures of himself from time to time.

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13. Keep Your Texts Concise And Sweet

Another tip on how to text a guy is to keep your texts brief and sweet. Long texts can prevent the free flow of conversation. Short texts help the conversation to flow. If you want to text a guy and realize it is going to be a long text, it is better to change the means of communication to one that'll support it, preferably a phone call. But if you do not want to change the means of communication, you can break your texts into bits to make it easier for him to read and respond.

14. Avoid Complaint

Another tip on how to text a guy is to avoid complaints.

The more you get to know a guy, the easier it becomes to talk about more personal things because you become comfortable with him. But despite becoming comfortable with him, you have to avoid complaints. Let me explain.

You can talk to a guy you're comfortable with about something bothering you, which is different from complaining. Don't complain about your work, family, life, or happenings around you. It may make the guy uncomfortable and make you appear as a negative person.

Complaints are better when it's a face-to-face conversation, but not during a text.

15. Banter

Here is my final tip on how to text a guy. Be good-humored and have playful conversations with him. Won't you love a guy's friends asking him why he is smiling at his phone when texting you? Also banters might be just what a guy needs after a stressful day. When a guy knows your texts will make him feel better after a long day, or put him in a great mood throughout the day, he'd look forward to chatting with you. But like most things, it must be done in proportion. You must pay attention to the conversation to know when it's appropriate to banter and when a conversation is too serious for banters.

how to text a guy

Conclusion how to text a guy

It’s more than just learning how to text a guy, as I've said before. Texting in general is a medium of communication you cannot avoid these days so understanding how to wield it gives you power over everyone, especially men.

You've been texting a guy for a while, trying to get to know him but it's leading nowhere, maybe it's time to move on. Find and text another guy that shows interest in you, so that the effort you put into texting will not end up being a waste. Also, these tips are not only for when you're just getting to know a guy but also when you have gotten to know him. Since texting does not cease to be a means of communication even after you have gotten to know a guy, these tips are important anytime you need to text a guy. Apply the tips above and you'll be fine with any guy of your choosing.

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